why is apple so goddam sexy?

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Ah. Mac vs. PC. The conundrum continues.

Not that anyone asked or anything, but I look at it this way. I have a Mac. Using that Mac, I can make Mac, PC, C64, Amiga and Atari demos. Hell, I could make a Sega Master System demo if I really really wanted to; and I'm still using OS9. So what's the big deal. If it works... use it.
added on the 2003-01-09 11:04:52 by Derision Derision
derision - Some people really need to feel accepted. It is not enough with using a type computer, people feel threatened if someone approaches them with something that they don't know or that it is different. For me it is like you, I use what I like and that works. If people criticise my choices or my computer is up to them... after all, it is me using it, not them. I would rather be demostrated that I could do what I do better and faster in another machine then being told so... If I would get a dime for everytime I am told that Macs are crap and the person that is saying it saw one for the last time 10 years ago I would be retired. ;)
added on the 2003-01-09 11:34:26 by poves poves
like.. i dont't care about pc vs. mac... i just love the industrial design that apple keeps pushing out... and again..if anyone know a pclaptop thats somewhat as stylish please post an url....
added on the 2003-01-09 12:55:13 by nelius nelius
poves: shifter is a living proof that you're absolutely right :)

why is the guy whining about apple not being innovative, does it even matter?
they make good computers and that's enough.

(in the same way as small children shouldn't be allowed playing with matches - perhaps "pouet-regulars" who have problems concerning rational-thought shouldn't be allowed argumenting in forums :D)

added on the 2003-01-09 12:59:12 by sofokles sofokles
I'd love to see a demo on the Apple flatscreen 23" cinema display. I saw one and was floored. I know it's $3500 - I still WANT one. Bigscreen demos are one thing - this would be like having one right there in front of you.

And yeah, I'd like to see some decent osX demos too.

I'm impressed with what Apple is doing. I thought the toilet seat Imac was stupid. I didn't like the Iwhack when it came out either. Then I saw osX, and it was a decent Unix desktop.

It will go places and I sure hope one of them is the demoscene.
well, if the feckin sonystyle website would work i'd post a url to a viao laptop that looks every bit as nice as the apple titanium. Oh, and titanuim's don't like heat, i know, i've seen one blow at a macromedia conference, it aint a pretty sight hehe

and for pure power you can't beat the latest dell's, geforce4 an all
added on the 2003-01-10 01:01:38 by graffik graffik
graffik - read the specs of the laptops, they have better looks than the vaios and have geforce4 and all. Have you noticed that they have buil-in Bluetooth and DVD burner?

CPU is not everything in a computer.
added on the 2003-01-14 12:22:51 by poves poves

i really dunno about macosx but macos9 is as good as windows 3.1 + its damn resources greedy at that... definately not a computor of universal use, rather for some specific task, perhaps video-editing with final cut pro is the only thing mac is worth for..

added on the 2003-01-14 13:40:03 by raver raver
Please someone lend me 4250 euros for a new Mac!
added on the 2003-03-03 03:06:06 by jenni jenni
Amiga can do it too ;P

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