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Sure! This was the "scan / no scan" pediod. When copying others, some artists provided several pictures to show the progress of the artpiece's creation (to prove the picture was not scanned). A lot of people were using scanners on macs, then photoshop to blur and remove scanner frames, and finally used tools to reorganize the palette so that the picture didn't look "scanned". The picture was then transfered on Amiga.
Note: I'm not saying this picture was scanned.
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I also remember a mod with just one (compiled) sample where the all the notes were played with sample offset -- can't remember the name of it though.. Whatever; I used to think that was rather nifty. :)

I was trying to think of this module too, but can't remember what it was called or who it was by. Anyone remember?
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I found a 1-sample mod on Amiga Music Preservation by Maruku Baranu called Abrupt.
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Forgot to add Robotic Liberation by PwP (Viznut) (amazed just like with gwEm's stuff)
Another taste/preferences/whatever thread - shouldn't we just leave this alone and stop discussing it? ;)

Well, I used to be veeeery much into Lizardking...well, doskpop of any kind, really - but these days I must say that a guy like Little Bitchard really impresses me. Not only is he very friendly, he also builds the machines he is making music on - and, in my book, his music rocks.

But, then again, it's so damn hard to judge music - there are many genres and each genre has its gems.
he also builds the machines he is making music on
Never built your own PC, have you? ;) Building his own PC isn't why I love el-bee, that's for sure; it's because of his massive talent and his ability to do lots of styles of music so effortlessly it makes me mad inside. :)
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gloom: I wasn't talking about his PC ;)
Besides, he has probably nothing else to do than making music up there in the cold north - amongst the reindeer and in the darkness - all winter and with no neighbours around.

One would think that I know exactly where he lives, wouldn't one?
Sadly, I have no clue. I might want to visit a certain shoppe. ;)
Actually, right next to him are two seedy bars and lots of poor people. It's an area of Helsinki that's in pretty center of the city but looks like something from East Germany.. a lot of people not-so-fortunate in life live here.. and then young people and the elderly. I live upstairs :)
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Build? Nah, he just buys machines from me and then repairs them ;)
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Interesting question Phil.

From a gfx point of view, I nominate anything by Ra. The man invented a whole new style of dithering, used strange palettes never seen before in pixel graphics and was one of the first to really perfect those cool twisted and distorted logos. The moniker "French god of pixels" was so apt. He was a revolutionary in terms of pixel graphics who inspired a whole generation of computer artists.
added on the 2008-01-07 09:47:19 by Wade Wade
i'm a coder, so will only talk about code shit, and only technical geekery:

i was probably most impressed on ST by defjam's stuff.. suretrip and posh. i would also nominate holocaust demos, but seeing they actually worked on only 2 ST models or so.. nevermind.

on falcon: EkO system has some great code, so does the Stocasto intro from NoCrew. Mikro's stuff (Moai and the Chosneck intro) is very impressive in terms of speed. Even some code that doesn't need to be fast is optimised. Escape's stuff (hmmm, illness, siliconcarne, '_', chotro) has original effects, but is mostly not so heavily optimised. I like some of my own stuff too btw *grin*

on C64 I wouldn't really know, because I have never looked at a C64 demo from the debugger. Mathematica by Reflex looks damn cool to me, tho.

on PC, probably Uttumuttu's stuff as listed in this thread earlier on. and maybe Farbrausch, for boosting the whole size limited stuff.

Amiga.. technological death by mad elks.. in terms of originality i prefer hardwired.
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I found a 1-sample mod on Amiga Music Preservation by Maruku Baranu called Abrupt.

That's 1 sample?! It sounds like way more. If so then that's god damn amazing! I wish I had a tracker program on my PC to check.
added on the 2008-01-07 21:34:14 by Flunce Flunce
anything done by myself.
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coderwise... mmm... all AND prods.
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That's 1 sample?! It sounds like way more. If so then that's god damn amazing! I wish I had a tracker program on my PC to check.

yes, one sample, length 65534,
a crapload of Sample Offset Commands,
and other assorted effects :-)

ModPlug Tracker for 32-Bit Windows
added on the 2008-01-07 22:56:15 by CrzyClst CrzyClst
Heh, that one sample module is nice, but what is the point?
I mean, if you're gonna take up 65535 bytes anyway, why not use single samples and give yourself an extra FX slot to work with, instead of spending zounds of time on putting in offset values?
Of course it's a nice showoff of "See how much spare time I have", but it somehow fails to impress me on the artistic side...
nutman: You _really_ missed the point, didn't you? :)
added on the 2008-01-08 08:54:56 by gloom gloom
Banana Split by Dizzy was technically pretty interesting module. I also liked a lot Bruno's modules from his Music Boxes (from Gate and Anarchy).
yes, one sample, length 65534,
a crapload of Sample Offset Commands,
and other assorted effects :-)

Maan, that is impressive!! The one I was thinking of originally was a chiptune, but this is a real fancy piece of work!

Banana Split by Dizzy was technically pretty interesting module.

Very nice yep. Dizzy was among the best musicians in the scene in my opinion but not very versatile.
added on the 2008-01-09 02:20:55 by Flunce Flunce
nutman: You _really_ missed the point, didn't you? :)

Gloom: I might have. I just don't see the artistery of playing with offset commands - I mean...once you've pinpointed the offset of a specific sound, it's pretty easy to go on replicating that offset later on.
Now, had you created, say, a 4KB sine wave (or some other waveform) and was able to create all kinds of instruments from that one, now, THAT would have impressed me - oh, remind me again: what WAS the point again? ;)
Back in the day, I remember there was at least one whole compo for one-sample-and-offset-tweaking modules.. Could've been in some BBS. Anyway, there's more of them out there for those interested. Damn, I now feel sad I gave up on my ambitious one-sample mod back then, lacking the needed attention span and nerves :)
added on the 2008-01-09 07:51:20 by break break
Buttler: Not very versatile? Get a grip, man. Dizzy made chamber music, disco, jazz, blues, pop-oriented stuff, folk, experimental, "humppa" (finnish schlager), prog, audial landscapes, bossa nova, covered Keith Emerson and A. C. Jobim and did all sorts of hard-to-categorize-feelgood-music... I mean, what more do you want? I think it's time for you to take a visit to the clue shoppe, right next to Amiga Music Preservation

added on the 2008-01-09 17:16:33 by tempest tempest
A sidenote: Dizzy's distinctive style is not very easy to imitate. Ukulele, who is a very underrated musician btw, tried, but I see it as a failure. Any schmuck can make World of Dragons (there have been numerous Lizardking parodies. He's just too easy target. I heard Dizzy has made one aswell, but never released it=), but who else could've made Walk'n'Titanize, except Dizzy? There's just something special in his musical language, but I dont have enough theoretical knowledge to dig deeper into it.

I bought his band Kentauri's CD few days ago. It's a band that plays/played music composed to late finnish poet Pentti Saarikoski's poems. Dizzy's compositions stood out from the rest. He's just fantastic. Speaking about him next to some tracker hobbyists just seems ridiculous.
added on the 2008-01-09 17:35:29 by tempest tempest
I dont know what to say... Im just bored :(
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