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I got yesterday the DemoDVD in my mailbox. I was watching the demos and hearing the commentaries till 2:00 after midnight..

It's just lovely for me! As a documentary about demoscene and not only. I liked very much the comments on the demos, by switching an audio mode in my player (I don't know how it is called, it was the first time I ran a DVD) and it was either sooo funny or interesting too, to hear them making remarks about the effects or the story behind the demo. I spend most time hearing the commentaries (where the music was unfortunatelly too silent (I would prefer to hear the background music and listen to the discussions at the same time ;P)) because I already had seen most of the demos. It is perhaps my favorite part to hear the guys from Hornet talking about what is been showed on the screen and hear also interesting facts about the demos and the groups..

Still,. there were some very nice things I would have never ever seen if I didn't had this DVD. Mostly on EasterEggs (which I saw by browsing to the chapters through my player and not by finding them..). A very historical document (don't know if document/ary is the right word) of the Second Reality Alpha version running in one of Future Crew member's home PC, while hearing some Finnish talks discussing in the background. Also the Techno part of Witan Facts of Life which I can not run at all. And 2 never released before demos, Aphrodisiae by Acme and Glittering Girl by Craw Productions. This last, was my favoritest! I really loved that manga style and the music and eveyrthing and it's impressive it was unfinished, made in 2 days and the 1/10 of what Craw Productions members wanted really to do! This is a must for me!!!

Also the dedication to White Shadow was a must for me too. This WhackoDackoWhatever demo seemed preety neat hardware and impressive to run on a 286 and I am gonna find it and try it out..

Nice was the documentary about what is a demo too. Btw,. I am in the greets of the final scroller too :)
I guess it was because I had send a voice but didn't appeared in the DVD, about the question of describing what demos are. Now I see it, I can understand that it just didn't fit in there. But I wasn't aware how it would be, at the beginning I thought that hundreds of sceners would send their voices, and I thought some would say seriously some explanations, other would say jokes, and it happened that I came up with something like "How can I describe in so few words, something that brightens up my misserable life" in a deadly serious voice ;)
But I guess it just didn't fit in there. Doesn't matter me.. I thought it would be diferrent and that hundreds of sceners would send weird things..
But nice to see me in the greets at the end among with very few voice contributors :)

Anyways.. it ruled! It's a must. I am gonna get Freax too, when it's out...

And glittering girl unreleased demo is still my personal favorite of the CD. Congratulations to Craw Productions for that!
added on the 2003-02-18 10:20:22 by Optimus Optimus
Hey dude. Sorry for not including your voice sample...I think you're right, something about your quote (honest as it may be :) just didn't offer much in the way of a definition. I too hoped for hiundreds of submissions, but alas it wasn't to be. Maybe next time?
added on the 2003-02-18 11:14:19 by Jerware Jerware
Never mind,.. DemoDVD rules!
added on the 2003-02-18 11:48:54 by Optimus Optimus
i recieved mine yesterday, and strangely enough, was up to about 2:00am watching it too!

My first experience of demos was around 97/98, so a lot of things i saw on the DVD were new to me. Especially since my machine has video colour palette problems with DOS stuff.
The commentaries were also good too. I would also like to hear the background music playing during the commentaries as well, especially when they were talking about the demo's audio. But apart from that, i can't really fault it. Also fun too, as in, genuinely funny.
And, with regards to the much argued shift from coding orientated stuff to more art and design orientated stuff, they give some good arguments and discussion about it at the start of side 2.
Also along those lines, for the commentary of the first side, (old school) they talk about the code techniques, and for the second (new school), they focus on content and style. How it should be, imo.

For me, its a learning experience. Not all of us has the priviledge to be there at the beginning, so its good to learn the background from people who actually know what they are talking about. If you know you have come from in past, you can see the path forwards much better.

added on the 2003-02-18 12:03:31 by keiichi keiichi
hmmm where are you guys located? I'm in Detroit [u.s.] and got mine a few weeks ago -- still can't get over it - great replay value and perfect for introducing my friends to the scene without trying to convince them to download something over their shoddy net connex.

The audio transfer is the best part if you ask me, mostly cuz my player has a high output headphone jack and i can use my studio monitors... pristine and no noise anywhere, very professional!

I thought the commentaries on the transcendental vistas side were a little short for some of the demos [many comments were just too obvious maybe?], but perhaps i was expecting a panel of asthetic experts from helsinki or something. The oldschool info was much more in depth, overall totally worth the cash (even on a college budget!)

err what's 'Freax'? when will it be out?
added on the 2003-02-18 12:31:19 by GltTcH GltTcH
statix' commentaries owned ;)
added on the 2003-02-18 13:22:06 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Unfortunatelly I couldn't understand most of what Statix said. Either the sound was good or he was speaking too fast..
added on the 2003-02-18 13:27:54 by Optimus Optimus

Freax is a book about the history of crackers & the demoscene, written by Tomcat. I have heard it will be released in Assembly2003 and after that, I will search of how to order a translated english version of it..

It's a must for me, I like historical stuff and I hardly know anything about the cracking scene and how it evolved into the demoscene. There might be a lot of interesting historic facts inside this book that I would love to read..
added on the 2003-02-18 13:33:01 by Optimus Optimus
..the sound was "not" good. Ugh... so many times, I write in a hurry and the meaning are reversed by forgetting a word ;P
added on the 2003-02-18 13:36:00 by Optimus Optimus
i can understand statix, his commentary was very good, but then again, i'm another queen's english speaker ~_^
added on the 2003-02-18 13:45:37 by keiichi keiichi
I personally liked Virne's commentary best.
added on the 2003-02-18 17:50:51 by sagacity sagacity
I found the easter eggs today, they are very easy..
added on the 2003-02-19 10:53:41 by Optimus Optimus
Wrong! I guess it was yesterday. Today, I am just reviving from booze, the worse I ever head. (which is nothing compared to others :) We drunk wine and then vodka, with 6 members of the greek demoscene, it was a great moment but also an irrelevant issue having nothing to do with this thread ;P
added on the 2003-02-19 10:55:39 by Optimus Optimus
just to get one thing straight..

are there really as many as 6 members of the greek demoscene?

other than that, mindcandy rules
added on the 2003-02-19 11:46:45 by leijaa leijaa
Kudos to hornet for one of the best productions the scene has experienced.

Something I will definitely keep a hold off and reference in years to come.

An amazing amount of effort with an excellent outcome.

Thanks guys.
added on the 2003-02-19 11:53:56 by iTeC iTeC
Umm, it's normally considered polite not to tell people what the easter eggs are (so as not to spoil the fun finding them), isn't it? :-)

BTW, there are more than the four you have found. :-)

(Oh, and yes, MindCandy rocks... definitely recommended.)
added on the 2003-02-19 12:57:32 by Sesse Sesse
I like the DVD , too. some old DOS Demos were kinda fucked up, tho but still... Nice work, big thx! =)
added on the 2003-02-19 15:23:49 by elend elend
Yes, I have found more but I just mentioned the most important of them. I think there are 2 more. Ohh,. I must have found them after I posted the first post..
added on the 2003-02-19 16:04:02 by Optimus Optimus
MindCandy kicks ass! It's so cool to watch 2ndreal or X-14 on my Mac! :)
added on the 2003-02-19 17:09:46 by brioche brioche
Other demos that I can finally enjoy, are Dope, Show, X14 and few more. Cause I don't own a GUS, but now I can finally watch them with music (even if videos), because of Mindcandy..
added on the 2003-02-19 17:20:50 by Optimus Optimus
heh, i think demodvd sucks
added on the 2003-02-19 19:37:55 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Not complaining, but does anyone notice some strange video stuttering in certain scenes in a few demos? Like the video skips forward a few frames or so. The audio never misses a beat.. tried in both my XBox and a stand-alone DVD player. Just wondering if it's like this for everyone else.
added on the 2003-02-20 06:55:32 by Lepper Lepper
X14 (!!)
Lepper: There are known problems on PAL Xbox's as the NTSC -> PAL conversion is crap. On my PAL Xbox it has unbearable jitter 8(
added on the 2003-02-20 10:50:16 by iTeC iTeC
mindcandy rules. shit, not thumbs in BBS.
added on the 2003-02-20 11:38:29 by chaos chaos