Evoke 2008

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springtime for hitler?
added on the 2008-08-10 21:39:04 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
red: i also found the cameras excessivly intrusive this year..
added on the 2008-08-10 21:43:59 by psenough psenough
this is fucking bad... i was sleeping in that hall... maybe i better not go to evoke next year after all.
added on the 2008-08-10 23:24:38 by havoc havoc
shifter: i was actually referring to a different compo. but hey keep up the good work; you are a clever lad and that is quite rare in the scene these days!
added on the 2008-08-10 23:29:13 by dv$ dv$
Havoc: as did I ... and it worked :)
Proof see the "pulling an arcane" thread in the bbs.

Overall a really great party :) Even tho I missed the "killer releases" but who cares when you have such a great atmosphere?
added on the 2008-08-10 23:31:17 by shock__ shock__
shockwav3: uh-oh... if those cameracrews filmed you too, they might edit us into some scatmovie or smth! ;)
added on the 2008-08-10 23:38:58 by havoc havoc
So when and where will the report be in TV? I heard something about "arte"?
added on the 2008-08-11 00:45:42 by Salinga Salinga
That was a fun time last night.... well worth the 5000km+ I had to travel to get there! :)

I was also happy to see a lot more girls there.... that's cool too!
added on the 2008-08-11 01:05:52 by Phred Phred
devistator: the time you spent on failing at sarcasm could have been spent on clarifying what you were actually referring to.

What were you referring to? I know there is plenty to gripe about.
added on the 2008-08-11 09:22:14 by Shifter Shifter
great location, great atmosphere. thank you :)
added on the 2008-08-11 09:50:19 by Sir Sir
navis: i have a theory that demoparties are just getting to be too much damn good fun for their own good. who wants to work hard on a release they know they'll have to finish and polish off at the party, when the party itself is too good to miss?
added on the 2008-08-11 10:33:32 by smash smash
i would trust dtv over any arty-farty arte report :/
added on the 2008-08-11 10:45:12 by Zest Zest
ok i slept over it. now it's time for some criticism. :)

1. the camera-teams really pissed me off several times. filming passed out people, filming sunday morning when most people look a bit zombie-like, making portraits without asking, and most importantly these guys were there all the time, creating a geek-zoo atmosphere. the organizers could not tell me when the shooting would stop, it seems because it was not planned to stop at all until the party ended. as a lot of people agreed that this situation sucked my suggestion is to have some 2-3 hours at a party where journalists are let in. that time is annouced so that paranoid people can leave the hall and not be pissed, and the press-work can still be done. a bit like the politicians' hour at breakpoint :)

2. the prod-quality was quite terrible and the most important reason could be the "commercial" compos. but i for one would not have my stuff released at evoke because of the lazy organizing, which brings me to point...

3. for the last years i had the impression that the evoke-organizers did not try to improve their party. the pa sounds muddy every year. the relaxed atmosphere leads to a lack of seriousness (having lights on during compos, playing with lights during compos, starting compos with almost no announcement). all of these are not that important single points, but they create an atmosphere that could make me save my entry for another party. this time i had nothing (except a pixel-entry) anyway, so you could say i am just talking big, but these are my impressions.

of course i have to give credit to the organizers for the work they do in general. the great atmosphere was already mentioned. but for me it was mostly about meeting people and not about being productive like on other parties.
added on the 2008-08-11 12:54:06 by cp_ cp_
oh, and i forgot to show my appreciation for the improved beamer ;)
added on the 2008-08-11 13:29:49 by cp_ cp_
I also think there have been far to many press cameras, and some of the TV teams have been rather rude and disrespecting. Things like camera teams pointing lamps to the bigscreen during compos while filming them (which doesn't make sense anyway), standing in front of the bigscreen so people behind them couldn't see anything and things like that.

But I guess as quite a lot of people have told the organizers so, they've learned their lesson and now know that overdoing the press stuff very well can damage a party.

I also agree with CP that after 10+ years of organizing experience, a lot of beginner-level mistakes have been made - not turning lights off at the start of a compo, missing compo announcements, wrong compo announcements ("starting in 20 minutes", lots of people leave the hall for a cigarette break, compo starts 5 minutes later), distorting the PA etc.

Finally I would have appreciated if the releases would have been uploaded to scene.org or untergrund.net at the end of the party. Now I'm home and can't watch the stuff I'd like to see again, that sucks.

Still, I have enjoyed Evoke much more than last year and had a hell lot of fun. So thanks to the organizers for the great party!
added on the 2008-08-11 13:53:15 by scamp scamp
cp and scamp: we were NOT ALLOWED to turn off that big light at the left of the stage due to moronic fire-security reasons. so please don't blame us for "unseriousness". it was also not the camerapeople's fault (when it comes to that big lamp - dunno if they also had some additional light).

more reactions later. anyway, thanks for everyone being there, it was really enjoyable to meet many people, including those who were long time missed in the scene (kenny beltrey, trivial, ...). after the music compos were over, i was finally able to catch the vibe of the party, and i enjoyed it as much as you people hopefully did.

i uploaded the results here and on scene.org last night, the releases will hopefully follow very soon.
added on the 2008-08-11 14:04:26 by dipswitch dipswitch
The points i wanted to talk about got already written by cp and scamp.
I was lying outside with Truck when the Ascii compo was displayed. It pissed us off not to have heard any announcement as every past years Evokes. You guys had a jingle playing everytime something important was being said, like in a lot of parties, why not this year? Why not any announcement?
Talking about lights being still switched on during compos, that seriously was weird, yes.
The partymeister page had some problem with the hour too. I guess it's kinda sync'd to the computer it's installed on. But yeah.. seriously, following the timetable was impossible.
Except from those little points and the cameras stalking around and recording passed out people, the party was awesome. Thank you all, this was really a good party, i want to be in August 2009 already. I love you.
added on the 2008-08-11 14:08:37 by iks iks
want to be in August 2009 already.
what about april 2009 first? :D
actually i remembered from previous years that the compos were never really announced outside, which was why this year i made the effort of going inside to check if something had started more often, so i must agree that its a small quirk that should defnitly have been fixed by now from the organizers side.
other than that and the lack of free fruit in the infodesk there isnt much other negative things to be said, on the other hand there are some quite positive ones like the bigscreen and the bigboys and the network and bigger better tracks sideevent
added on the 2008-08-11 14:47:19 by psenough psenough
Big thanks to the organizing, Evoke rules :)

Maybe next year you could have the voting open longer, e.g. until 11 or 12? The 8 o'clock deadline's a bit weird... I can't imagine anyone waking up at 7 on a sunday morning just to vote, or be in a condition to vote if one stays awake till that time :)
added on the 2008-08-11 15:25:38 by noid noid
Hey i thought the camera teams were very nice. They came to me several times and said "Pretty please, could you turn that music down while we're trying to shoot this interview?" Then i said: "Sure, i give you 5 minutes."

What did really suck was the quality of the demo compo. And it was suggested to me several times that this might be because people are saving their shit for nvision. What kind of retarded shit is that?

Oh, scamp: wget --mirror ftp://ftp.party

That said, Evoke fucking rules! :P
added on the 2008-08-11 15:33:58 by gencha gencha
actually on sunday morning i was considering wgeting the ftp into scene.org but then i thought the orgas might want to rezip some stuff before distributing things so i decided to wait for the official upload of the releases. which always takes a few more days.. i guess i should have been more nike in that department.
added on the 2008-08-11 15:37:17 by psenough psenough
gencha: Yes, but did you hear about this new crazy thing called intrarweb? You no longer have to copy files on location, organizers are able to upload/rsync releases to the outside world once the local ftp is complete. And that's what I had hoped for and what I suggest to do at next Evoke.
added on the 2008-08-11 15:39:56 by scamp scamp
note to the noid: i finished my voting _before_ passing out. the compos are open for voting shortly after they're finished, so there's only a few votes left to be made after the pc-demos.
added on the 2008-08-11 16:01:11 by ted ted
Where can i get more information about this "intrarweb", and how much does one cost?
added on the 2008-08-11 16:01:13 by gencha gencha