Breakpoint streaming load test

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Now I can't get it to work at all either. If it works this badly now, I fear for what will happen when the compos start and people really start hitting the server. It seemed to work so well during the load-test?
I blame all the people on the partyplace downloading porn and stealing bandwidth! :P
added on the 2008-03-21 18:07:24 by Sdw Sdw
so it there a possibility to record the stream somehow?
I tried almost every software i can find, but I can only save audio track, no success with the video.. any clue/idea?
added on the 2008-03-21 18:15:39 by substrate substrate
infinite buffering (tm) here now, worked great last night during the test compo.
added on the 2008-03-21 18:51:47 by wb wb
added on the 2008-03-21 19:03:41 by magic magic
No reason to SHOUT! ;-)
added on the 2008-03-21 19:26:35 by Salinga Salinga
Everything should be fine now.
added on the 2008-03-21 19:26:37 by scamp scamp
confirmed \O/
added on the 2008-03-21 19:35:21 by mueslee mueslee
For future attempts: Maybe use some live streaming P2P software like TVU-Player? Could maybe ease the bandwidth problem since all viewers share the data.
added on the 2008-03-21 19:38:36 by Salinga Salinga
the problem wasn't about relay bandwidth - it was about getting the stream from the partyhall to the datacenter in the first place :)
added on the 2008-03-21 19:54:53 by ryg ryg
works wonders to San Francisco!
added on the 2008-03-21 23:20:44 by LiraNuna LiraNuna
I get sound but no visuals. Maybe some Flash version shit?
added on the 2008-03-21 23:29:04 by stage7 stage7
stage7 - yeah requires latest version of flash for h.264 playback. :p
added on the 2008-03-21 23:31:47 by micksam7 micksam7
Solved. Thank you.
added on the 2008-03-22 00:04:54 by stage7 stage7
The streaming so far is the best what I have seen in demoparty streaming. I think, Breakpoint.TV should stream all parties from now on. B-)
added on the 2008-03-22 00:51:49 by Salinga Salinga
very nice stream. good job
added on the 2008-03-22 01:19:18 by neoneye neoneye
I chuckled at this :)

BB Image
added on the 2008-03-22 01:22:51 by gloom gloom
Oh they're playing the tune Djam made for Neja :D sweet
added on the 2008-03-22 03:29:53 by p01 p01
Seminar stream is dead. JSYK.
added on the 2008-03-22 09:55:19 by micksam7 micksam7
for me it's the "Main Hall" stream which seems to be dead ... -.-
added on the 2008-03-22 13:27:50 by slippy slippy
stream is great here, bring on the compos
added on the 2008-03-22 14:14:36 by bfx bfx
Great job guys and thank you! Looking forward to seeing some of the competitions!
added on the 2008-03-22 16:05:34 by Wade Wade
hmm seminar stream worx, mainhall not :(
added on the 2008-03-22 16:14:08 by Premium Premium
Both streams work, but they seem to be temporarily down when nothing exciting is going on.
added on the 2008-03-22 16:57:15 by r0XX0r r0XX0r
Right, Seminar stream is only running during the seminars.
added on the 2008-03-22 17:06:56 by scamp scamp
Right now I'm getting nothing on the main stream -- just stays buffering..
added on the 2008-03-22 21:52:50 by gloom gloom