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added on the 2010-11-16 14:24:28 by xernobyl xernobyl
I found TV noise on twitter! https://twitter.com/tvnoise2010
@okdert for live blogging of concerts and random inane banter.
added on the 2010-11-17 12:03:13 by okkie okkie
@sigflup, your mom doing ok now?
added on the 2010-11-17 13:01:58 by Sander Sander

however just as (un)interesting as my facebook status updates.
added on the 2010-11-17 14:50:44 by cg_ cg_
@Sol_HSA and boosting my ego like usual.
added on the 2010-11-18 11:36:23 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
Got home from a long night in the bar. KABS took their pants off. Made loads of dough really easily. Feel nice and relaxed, looking forward to glögg tomorrow. Before bed: finish my book.
this is me!
added on the 2010-11-20 16:24:13 by Reboot Reboot
Bitfellas started two twitter feeds recently:
@bitfellas - general BitFellas news, including ArtCity
@bitjampodcast - news on BitJam releases
added on the 2011-02-05 07:11:57 by pohar pohar
added on the 2011-02-05 10:43:35 by iks iks
After reading some posts about IRC. If we have so much IRC sympathizers, why not making something new, but IRC-like, and with some of the few attractive resources?
added on the 2011-02-06 08:55:54 by Danguafer Danguafer
Uhm.. that already exists Danguafer.. it's called IRC.
added on the 2011-03-26 19:40:50 by xylo xylo
Posting from #Revision at @homeworkprod.
added on the 2011-04-22 14:27:34 by Y0Gi Y0Gi
Btw, #demoscene hashtag is quite cool!
added on the 2011-04-22 18:36:46 by wullon wullon
updated my twitter demoscene list. account for 338 demoscene related accounts. anything missing let me know. https://twitter.com/psenough/demoscene
added on the 2011-04-23 14:11:21 by psenough psenough

(and you can check https://twitter.com/demoscenefr/sceners/members if you have time)
added on the 2011-04-23 15:37:42 by wullon wullon
wullon: been there done that a few months ago, found plenty of more lost sceners indeed. might have updated since then though, will have to give it another go.
added on the 2011-04-23 19:22:05 by psenough psenough
@javiercampos - demoscene relation is a mere coincidence though
added on the 2011-04-27 11:14:42 by Jcl Jcl