Great artists you're a bit ashamed of supporting

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Nutman wouldn't know about NH, since he abandoned Breakpoint... ;)

I haven't abandoned Breakpoint. Just feels empty going there without something to show. Besides, even if I was a regular, I wouldn't know jack about hotels, since hotels and demoparties are a mismatch in my book. ;)

Curt Cool: I brought the gun in my pants, which...aw, fuck it. Bad joke, I guess. No, she didn't play the danish tune, which was a bit of a letdown, I might add. Hello, reality check! HELLO! (WAS?)
Dr. Doom: Obscure site. It's there to tell rapists when they can cut 10 years off their sentence (if caught and convicted), if they just can sport a bit of patience?

Reminds me of a quote from "King of Queens": "Hey, those Olsen twins are growing up fast, eh?" (accompanied by an even hornier look)
Pffft, Nazis don't have rights. Sillypoop.
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Why would anyone be ashamed of liking Trevor Brown?

His cheap shock tactics are so shameless, I actually rolled my eyes when I saw his work.

I find anything portraying minors in a sexual or violent manner deeply offensive, but at the same time I look down on the artist as a typical emo kid desperate for attention - "Look at me, I'm being controversial and I don't care what anyone thinks!"
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Brows up, everyone! Here comes the art police!
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Lovely how this thread is turning :)

It's art folks, not political/ethnical propaganda.
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Well it's a bit of both isn't it.

If you can look at a drawing of an 8-year-old-ish girl with a stoic expression on her face, a machine gun in her hands, and a bare chest, and your first thought is, "OMG her breasts are exposed, that's sexual and wrong!" then there's something very wrong with your way of thinking. And I think however "cheap" you consider that kind of imagery to be, the fact that this is precisely the first reaction that picture gets from most people clearly shows that there's still a place for it.

The pixxure in question for anyone interested. Note, technically illegal in the UK. But then, so are Batman comics, apparently. ;)
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- The Kelly Family
- Phil Collins
- Pur
- Marius Müller Westernhagen
- Bryan Adams
- Die Toten Hosen
- Rolling Stones (twice)
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OMG! - The Kelly Family.... please... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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Chromag.. phil collins... I would have never believed so :(

I'm a bit ashamed to support Rachel Stevens.
Hey, I like Phil, too, and would probably go to a concert of his, should he ever decide to pick up playing live again.

Come on, "Land of confusion" and "I can't dance" are great tunes!
steohawk probably likes trevor brown. i think he is okay too but sometimes it's just bit disturbing to me too. if you want to see real sick stuff check out henry darger. that's more disturbing seriously.
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I only support phil collins when I have a severe hangover :)
added on the 2008-06-11 17:01:14 by waffle waffle
I doubt that somewhat, because Steohawk sees naked children in a sexual way and likes to imagine that's a harmless attitude. If anything, Trevor Brown's juxtaposition of "sexual" imagery (to the extent that such even applies to children, all in the eye of the beholder) with violence would serve as a reminder to someone like Steohawk that when he's dreaming about sex with little girls, he's dreaming about harming them.
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i like phil collins. but thats nothing to be ashamed of.

we cant all be into cool blipblop 8-bit dubstep myspace dorks (what passes for artists on this site, generally).

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(you see how i referred to dubmood there?)
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here's what a game designer (who is female) writes about darger
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cool blipblop 8-bit dubstep myspace dorks

Didn't get what music style you are referring to, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't include me.
Hey I saw you dancing to W:E ;)
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Didn't get what music style you are referring to

nutman, don't worry, i'll happily help you thinking!
(you see how i referred to dubmood there?)
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BB Image
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And of course:

BB Image

Not to be confused with:

BB Image
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