Topy44 needs help ASAP! He's at Düsseldorf airport....

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A fellow scener needs help - badly.

Call him at +49 17675088568 if you're able to help.

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ok it's maybe too early but i fail to find the funny part of this
added on the 2008-09-11 09:09:18 by nytrik nytrik
who said it's supposed to be funny?
added on the 2008-09-11 09:12:17 by skrebbel skrebbel
I don't think it's funny. However you're supposed to have some money with you when you travel if anything unforeseen like that crops up. I hope he somehow managed to get on flight...
added on the 2008-09-11 09:34:53 by oxb oxb
argh Topy i'm so sorry to read this... :/
added on the 2008-09-11 09:39:10 by .. ..
Dear Topy44,

We at Sundown customer services are sorry to hear of your ordeal regarding your international travelling arrangements. As a gesture of goodwill we have re-instated our 7-seater London to Sundown service for you, and should attendance go incredibly well, we will allow you free entry as a gesture of thanks to your dedication to attending our party.

Thank you for choosing to party with Sundown, looking forward to seeing you this Friday!

Kind Regards,

added on the 2008-09-11 09:56:57 by rc55 rc55
(And for the record, I've chatted with him and we're sorting it all out!) :)
added on the 2008-09-11 09:58:02 by rc55 rc55
It wasn't supposed to be funny. Just wanted to help a scener.
It will be funny later, after it's all sorted out. For now it must be a real shitter of a situation to find yourself in. :/
added on the 2008-09-11 10:16:19 by psonice psonice
Ok, sorted out. Thanks to all who helped Topy get to Sundown.
oh shit... this all happened while i was happily working just a few hundred meters away... i hope topy at least enjoyed my advertising design during the flight :P
added on the 2008-09-11 13:22:11 by havoc havoc
havoc: wasnt advertisement for OIL i hope? :P
nope the usual shit this time.. ofcourse i did use some suspect brushes on certain parts of the job ;)
added on the 2008-09-11 13:59:28 by havoc havoc
Hooray! Sceners to the rescue!

2-stroke? Was he driving a Trabant?
added on the 2008-09-11 15:13:23 by dnes dnes
Yay for whoever helped Topy44 to get to Sundown! Awesome work, and I hope all sceners do what they can to help other sceners to go to foreign parties at any time in the future. If there's anything that is important in this world, it's peace, democracy, and being able to go to foreign parties! Enjoy Sundown, I'm sad I was too much of a lazy bum to get there myself - I really wanted to.
added on the 2008-09-11 15:29:08 by kusma kusma
I know a guy who spent a week in an airport coding something in php to pay for the plane back home :)
added on the 2008-09-11 15:58:04 by xernobyl xernobyl
dnes: yes, yes he does :)
added on the 2008-09-11 16:04:30 by okkie okkie
Who will make the demo about this?
added on the 2008-09-11 16:10:05 by r0XX0r r0XX0r
Topy just texted me to say he's well on his way to the UK! :D
added on the 2008-09-11 20:31:09 by rc55 rc55
Hooray for cancellations! ;)
havoc didnt you say you worked as a qualitycontroler in a potatofactory in that arte-documentary?
added on the 2008-09-12 21:30:31 by dubmood dubmood
Glad he got sorted out!
dubmood: almost correct, i was working in financial controlling for a potato factory at the time :) i changed jobs some months ago, so i'm graphics designer for an branding firm now (mainly doing oversize prints for advertising on planes, busses, buildings, etc). and chances are i'll be doing yet another job (in logistics, the other subject i studied besides design) by the time we meet again in marseille... (yeah my career is like a rollercoaster i guess ;))
added on the 2008-09-12 21:41:03 by havoc havoc
I never knew potatoes were made in factories, always thought they like grew in fields or something.
added on the 2008-09-12 21:45:49 by Sverker Sverker
Havoc: Are you at Sundown?