A letter!

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he listened to much Elvis, hoping to return to sender. after a while the door opens and there he is:
Tom Cruise wearing a catsuit bringing its occulus rift to the party !
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"We all get one for free as soon as we achieve clear!", he proudly boasted,
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then he claims he is recruiting man with small penis to make scientifical experiments because
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his wife told him the small penis' sperm has better odor and feelings, then
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Tom Cruise swallows his own little cock and quit his wife because now he knows the truth, the truth is
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that Great Lord Xenu forced him to watch the whole twilight saga
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which he endured, obviously: there judt was no other way... a tear shattered in the rough ground of his LA Loft, reflecting and refracting all those unanswered questions he never dared to aks. what is demo? what are birds?
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"Fuck this stupid iPhone 4 keyboard!" he declaimed angrily, realizing that his previous post on this particular pouet bbs thread was filled to the brim with typing errors and orthographic questionablenessities. "is this even a word?", he thought, mindlessly playing with his foreskin,
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until it fell off with a subtle "thud". "How can my foreskin create so much BASS?" he found himself pondering, just a hint of a reasonable thought spiking through the agony he endured with fountains of blood splattering from his groin,
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which began to grow, and grow, and grow. It assumed the face of his beloved, a face he never expected to see ever again... but there it was, in it's spectral beauty, ascending from the void, rising above all else and imprinting a lasting expression deeply into the time circuits of his mind, questioning the realities of past, future, present and rasterbars.
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"Last person to ever thumb down this thread wins!", a booming voice descended upon him, making him cringe, urging him to vomit - but where could he vomit? There was nothing left, no space, no room, no plane, no copper. "If I'd have had paid more attention to my calculus courses" he thought within the left half of his brain, the right half being torn off and sputtering blood all over, his skull crackling and exploding into tiniest fractals, diffuse colors trying to defeat the darkness.
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A giant copperbar descended and delivered the peace he was waiting for. "Finally, an enclosure I can cope with." the remains of his right half of the brain emitted, "4k is the next ZX Spectrum. Why should I ever close those quotation marks? What _is_ reality? Why is BB Code? Does it know things? What does it know? Let's find out!
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At this point, Major General Cuthbert Dangly Dong III, Jr. BSc. politely tapped jco on the shoulder and told him that this is pouet.net and not spacepigs.slack.com #storylineproposals.
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then he eats popcorn watching random youtube channel, then
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Kevin, Sabrina and Major General Cuthbert Dangly Dong III, Jr. BSc. continued wondering whether the sender might not know how to spell "PENIS" or
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if it was simply a reference to the village called Benis in Guney-ye Sharqi Rural District, in the Central District of Shabestar County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.
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On the other hand it might be misdirection like used in magic performances and
actual magic, like the one performed by wizards and warlocks, titans of
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Saturn, Ganymedes of Jupiter and Tritons of Neptune. All the other moons stood by and looked in amazement as
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15 km of steel piping
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was erected in the memory of
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long dong silver, who was also surfing while
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