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Adok: and no, I don't buy the BS that "someone else" wrote that article. You know damn well that you wrote it under a pseudonym. It has all your dimwitted hallmarks.
added on the 2008-11-09 18:46:48 by button button
PeaceAtLast: For this statement, consider yourself kicked in the ass.
added on the 2008-11-09 18:54:11 by Adok Adok
actually, this is getting rather ridiculous.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:03:52 by kelsey kelsey
adok: regardless, Hugi is your magazine and you are responsible by proxy (both legally and morally) for its content. So the onus is on YOU. quit winding people up with your display of unwarrented arrogance, appologize and move on. :E
added on the 2008-11-09 19:13:44 by button button
Hugi #35 was released on November 3rd 2008, 10:00 pm. On November 4th 2008, 6:00 am the article in question was removed when it became clear that it was in Hugi.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:16:58 by Adok Adok
adok: it was removed when it became clear that you had pissed the scene off. and it was removed without an appology, don't you get it? nitwit.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:18:34 by button button
10 hours too late.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:19:53 by masterm masterm
Hey guys, it is just an opinion article. You can like it more or less, and you can acept it or not, but it is JUST an opnion article. Also, it was removed very fast.

Don't use a publishing errata to personally attack Adok. Also, as far as I know, Hugi is Adok's magazine, so he can publish whatever he wants.

By other hand, Adok, stop attacking back people and write something coherent and polite.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:45:05 by texel texel
texel: You're right, but I also have to defend myself when I'm attacked. Especially when I'm attacked like this.
added on the 2008-11-09 19:47:08 by Adok Adok
noooo! hugi is like a floaty.. a nasty turd that just never seems to flush away!
Bullshit Texel. A lot of people spend time on writing articles for hugi. Would you like it that an article you wrote would be included in a demoscene mag that also includes racist articles? It is really disrespectful to the people who actually gave a shit and wrote articles. And the only thing he can come up with is saying people are idiots etc. Not a word of explanation or excuse.
Adok: Don't defend yourself please, just leave. Oh, and regarding your "Your children" topic, there is no point for bringing more people like you to this world, so, please, don't even try.
added on the 2008-11-09 20:01:41 by mrdoob mrdoob
trace: You're right.
added on the 2008-11-09 20:06:49 by Adok Adok
texel: you're probably not aware, but Adok repeatedly makes similar styled racial-based "errata" in his general conversation. now that he has decided to take his BS to the next level and PUBLISH it in article form, I think we are justified to become alarmed and shout him down. in much the same way we would object to him promoting child-sexual intercourse, or some other sick and twited topic.

i'm not quite sure how you could disagree with people's objection to Adok's personality, unless of course you too agree with him.
added on the 2008-11-09 20:07:51 by button button
Barrio: I understand you, and you have good points. But the error was corrected. So, Hugi as publication I think have done what it should.

About Adok, yes, I think he did wrong writing the way he did. I really hope he to apologize.

But, in any case, I don't think he should be attacked. He does wrong counter-attacking, he could do much better being polite and apologizing, but, if he don't do it, by any reason, just forget it. You have your corrected Hugi right now, what do you want more? Do you want also Adok to change how he is? If he doesn't know how or is not able to be polite you want him to be anyway? Let him be as he wants to be... in the last days you have been all the time attacking him... would you feel good if you were him? Would you be able to be polite after 3 days of attacks?
added on the 2008-11-09 20:08:00 by texel texel
Texel: We don't want him to change, we want him to leave.
added on the 2008-11-09 20:45:24 by mrdoob mrdoob
trace: I've been a good boy. Can I stay?
Adok: get out!
added on the 2008-11-09 20:58:00 by okkie okkie
what okkie will forever say.
added on the 2008-11-09 21:08:42 by rmeht rmeht
i pity adok almost as much as i pity unssi.
added on the 2008-11-09 22:03:10 by skrebbel skrebbel
*joins skrebbels club*
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added on the 2008-11-09 22:14:40 by uncle-x uncle-x
don't feed the troll...

Just for the record: I chose hugi to be the diskmag where I'd first contribute some content to. I didn't know adok nor his character back then. Let me tell you that now I'm disappointed to have contributed to a mag, whose runner acts that way.

Adok: I understand that it's not nice to be attacked like this, and I understand that people can make huge mistakes. But one thing is for sure: reacting to the mistakes and to the attacks the way you do, is unacceptable... best would have been to just say "sorry, won't happen again" and then shut up. Go on fighting back like this, and you'll just be the biggest troll of the time.

@all: And what's the general rule in this case? Don't feed the troll. I vote for ignoring adok completely. He doesn't deserve this all attention.
added on the 2008-11-10 00:21:41 by xTr1m xTr1m
when it became clear that it was in Hugi

...what? you didnt notice before? o_O
added on the 2008-11-10 00:37:23 by Gargaj Gargaj