Im in the process to reformat my Linux installation to windows on my laptop.

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damnit, mueslee, I fully agree. VS is a great tool for which I have not found a counterpart in the OS world, yet (and debugging with gdb on the cmdline is ok and fast but in IDEs stepping through your sourcecode is kinda slow (usually more than 200ms..) that really annoys me)

and don't anyone get me wrong: Linux is absolutely great for what it is. If you have lots of sparetime at hand, go for it, you won't regret it ! Otherwise it's more suited for corporate environments where you have a dedicated admin to take care of the gritty man-page details.

I was a "proud owner" of a Linux-only environment at my place from 1996-2000. then came the dual boot, then the secondary Linux box and then I finally gave in to the "dark side"..

my advise: simply don't code stuff that will definitely only run on Windows (because of APIs used for example) and you'll maintain your freedom to switch to an alternate OS at any time.

(well, the popularity of Windows must be attributed to the 3rd party support, not because it is technically the "best OS", IMHO)

arg, there's me again. writing on pouet. in a windows install thread. oh my.
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Nevertheless there is some software for linux I really like. These are gimp, blender, inkscape, irssi, kopete and the bash

*cough* Which you can all get for Windows too (Irssi in a shell in screen of course, but others).

I wonder why it's always the Linux nerds who seem to have the most problems installing Windows...
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Well if you have to reinstall Windows every 3 months I'm sure you get used to it.
addendum: I really really wonder why the open source world has not produced the best possible IDE ever. I mean, source code is the pulse of that very movement, isn't it ?


DJSelwynGummer: They at least got *that* right since NT (ger), NT (eng) (designed by one of the VMS (ger), VMS (eng) guys)
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what nobody heard about codeblocks?

Its at least a runner up for vs.

"*cough* Which you can all get for Windows too (Irssi in a shell in screen of course, but others).

I wonder why it's always the Linux nerds who seem to have the most problems installing Windows... "

And i get testy when i have to hunt around for drivers, especially when my laptop is an acer and their support pages is fucked, when compared to a linux installation all the necessary drivers were allready in place, and in the more freedom hating distros you had a button to get your nvidia drivers automaticly.
On any other gnu setup, i atleast had a flexible package system.

Also, amarok is only on linux, as is K3B.

Yeah, ive passed beyond rage into whiny fanboyism.
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>> designed by one of the VMS (ger), VMS (eng) guys

impressive kn0wledgz0rz... fap fap fap!
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Deus: Yep, you sound like you really appreciate what you had ;) Get a fsck'in dual-boot, Luke... for ya know, I am ya father :D

well, not rly.

btw, my last acer schlepptop ran better on windows (power mmt..) but it's quite an ok linux "box" nowadays.
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codeblocks... it still can't hold the comparison with MSVS (or better: MSVS + Visual Assist X).
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deus, i did a six week fulltime project in codeblocks. six weeks isn't a lot, but it did made me realise that it really isn't there yet. especially the random "ah screw that gdb output, i'm going to act like your four lines further than where you really are" stuff was a big partykiller. codeblocks seems nice but is really full of bugs and very immature. and let's not get into the autocompletion/intellisense stuff at all, of course :-) (even "find definition of this function" often just didnt work)

the company we did the project for later told us that they actually dev the whole thing in msvc express and only use codeblocks when portability and licensing (usually near the end of the job) start to matter. they could have told us beforehand.
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well, that's why makefiles are important (no matter what platform).

I wouldn't trust IDEs for "portable" builds. IDEs are mainly good for debugging.
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Yeah Linux is horrible, let's all use OS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You say that, but when I first got my AmigaOne, it didn't have OS4. It just ran Debian (or Yellow Dog, or SuSE but i hated those even mroe). It ran it quite well, actually. I fucking hated it. I was absolutely over the moon when i could finally nuke that crap off my HD and put OS4 on it.

I've tried x86 Linux about three times in the years since (Ubuntu mainly), and still hated it. I just don't like the unixoid way of doing things. I will give credit to MacOS X for completely hiding that shit, though. I quite like it. Ubuntu, I will admit, is getting there. But not enough for me.

I'm not claiming OS4 is for everyone (or even most people). It is missing far too much important software and functionality, but the end-user experience it provides is (IMHO) far more coherent and consistent than any Linux i've tried. Of course, I am biased, and I admit that. But I didn't really post "Linux is horrible" to promote OS4. Far from it, it was 50% trolling, 50% pointing out my opinion. With just "mainstream" sysetms, my OS preference would be:

MacOS X > Windows XP > Linux > Windows Vista
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Also, amarok is only on linux, as is K3B.

then what about this or this?
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I tried that, but you need an special kde enviroment on windows and its unstable as fuck.
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Well, pretty much all free software will get on Windows eventually, because being open source there's usually someone who wants it on Windows and can port it too unlike with proprietary apps. Still, if 99% of the apps you are using originated on Linux, that you can get the best experience for on Linux (well, usually newer versions and automatic update) and still run Windows one might ask what's the point. Of course if that last 1% is something you absolutely cannot replace with anything else then it is understandable.
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Deus: try foobar2000 i like it much more than amarok because it's not so bloated.
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The link above probably wont be funny after a few hours when google fix this.
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