Brokepoint - Breakpoint 2009 is in danger and needs YOUR support

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just in case some finns haven't noticed this: http://breakpoint.osaa.fi/

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added on the 2009-02-04 10:27:15 by nosfe nosfe
Ryg: At least to me it's more important that a wider audience gets to see my demo than to get compo-prizes. But I do see the point in taking care of the people at the party first. Oh well, principles.
added on the 2009-02-04 10:31:30 by kusma kusma
I agree with Gloom et al: A good party stream for the unfortunates that are not able to be there is far more important than distributing 2000e into the pockets of the compo winners.
added on the 2009-02-04 10:42:35 by Blueberry Blueberry
If I had a voice in this, I'd vote for streamed competitions as well.
added on the 2009-02-04 10:49:08 by Preacher Preacher
gopher: at least yesterday the answer to that question was no
added on the 2009-02-04 10:50:52 by leijaa leijaa

let it be a weak BP compo-wise then( everyone knows what BP is capable of in wealthier times )...but take care of a Stream compareable to last years one, which kicked ass btw, instead !

also i´d like to pinpoint that EVERY scener ( yes, i am sure! ) wants to see his/her prod on THAT large Biggie with THAT big Sound ;)
( we´ll enter for sure...maybe several prods ! )
-> i don´t think people submit to another party only due to smaller/none pricemoney !
-->what Oswald said !
( major_BITS_DownThumbing_Revolution plz, kbye )
If I had a vote for a party stream, me votes for a party stream.
added on the 2009-02-04 10:55:06 by Salinga Salinga
You know what?

If someone chooses to stay at home because they can get a stream, which I've heard from some people who ought to show the hell up...

Then I vote for burning the freaking streaming system. To the ground.
a six-pack of german beer would suffice as compo prize.
added on the 2009-02-04 11:02:06 by Hyde Hyde
i'd rather have a bottle of vodka but yeah any alcohol is a good prize. :)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:07:22 by nosfe nosfe
We want stream, we want stream!

If there was a special pool for the stream I would donate to that for sure!
added on the 2009-02-04 11:11:06 by Sdw Sdw
If someone chooses to stay at home because they can get a stream, which I've heard from some people who ought to show the hell up...

added on the 2009-02-04 11:16:59 by Preacher Preacher

Here's a stick for beating the people that stay at home ;)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:18:06 by raer raer
yeah...especially if they could afford/reach the partyplace easily...

burning them would be a better lesson tho:

1.) bigger campfire this way !

2.) to let some1 jump into the cold water is nothing against letting a scener have the experience he only could gather at BP...FIRE!!!!!

3.) serious: this time it´s no matter of being lazy/sofa_scening( enjoying @home is good enough...BLAH! ) ... it´s about time to show_up, just to support the best party there is when it comes to competitions and worldwide_meeting ! not to talk of the tech involved ! ( bigscreen&sound is just ace/over-the-top ) -> it´ll pay out to show up anyway !!!

4.) it would be a bad move against people who would like to, but cant attend ( too far, really no money )

5.) scene is underground ! yes, it still is...or are we signed as real_art ? demos doesn´t cost any1 no [ insert your_currency here ] or what ? ( except...aah,forget about it...)
...so lets stay like that ! if the big ones that helped already, but "cant afford it" anymore arent there anymore right now, why should the scene have a loss of that big category aswell ?

underground_artists unite and save the scene´s biggest party !
BE THERE or maybe you missed your last chance already ( if not! ) .

P.S.: i´m drunk and talky but i guess every1 got my points !
one more thing: at the beginning of next month ppls wallets will get refilled, so lets wait until then and see what stunt the bar makes then !
c0c00n: seriously dude, you should find SOMETHING to spend your daytime on (besides boozing) ;)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:22:44 by Puryx Puryx
i´m coding when not spamming/trolling pouet ;)
hermes: You are wrong. It's easier for companies to support Breakpoint if they get a invoice for advertisting services (which they can take from marketing budgets) than to have them donate to a registered association with nothing in return. Also, setting up a registered association means LOTS of bureaucracy, and you have to jump through tons of hoops to get and to keep the "gemeinnützig" status.

I'm doing what I'm doing for well over 6 years now. Could you consider to please supply a bit less of "clever advise" you've found on the internet, and instead do something of REAL support? :)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:32:39 by scamp scamp
c0c00n: so you're hardly coding at all? it that what you are saying? :)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:34:53 by quisten quisten
Basically: What scenerhub.pl said.

The reasoning behind pushing streaming way to the end of the progress bar is that this year, we need everybody to attend the party who can somehow manage to do so.

Of course, there ARE good reasons to stay at home (not getting time off work, being sick, etc). But the last thing we want is encourage people to stay at home and watch the stream rather than travel to Bingen.
added on the 2009-02-04 11:35:56 by cyraxx cyraxx
In regards of the stream:

It's my believe that those who don't come to a party should be punished. During the last 2 years, where streams from partys became common, I've increasingly seen "I didn't bother to go, watched it from home" kind of statements. And we've seen a decline in visitor numbers for all german partys in 2008. Yes, to me couch sceners are a an issue.

If you don't join a party, you should sit at home alone crying about how you could be so stupid to miss all the fun, making you make sure you'll attend the next one ;)

That being said: There may or may not be a party stream, depending on our budget situation and our organizing resources. Keep in mind that we have to organize a lot of things "by hand" this time instead of simply buying it. "I'd vote if I would be allowed to..." kind of messages won't change anything about that. Please let us focus on actually getting the party done for those who attend and understand we'll care about non-attenders afterwards, ok? Thanks.
added on the 2009-02-04 11:38:13 by scamp scamp
Personal note from a demoscene nobody:

I underwent an operation on the day after Breakpoint 2007. Watching the stream made me feel much better and distracted me from thinking about the operation all the time. Perhaps Navis could use some of that now :)

Of course I understand the concerns about lower attendance, and obviously such decisions shouldn't be made based on a single person's situation (or an emotional basis), but I thought I'd mention this anyway.
added on the 2009-02-04 11:40:04 by Spenot Spenot
some more paragraphs then:

1.) i´m NOT drinking that often/as much as i seem to.
2.) i spam here and then and even troll here and then, but this is pouet !
3.) i´m productive ! and progressing !
4.) maybe its evil_MITTWOCH ( Wetness-day ) again ;) ( see there : http://www.bitfellas.org/ if you don´t know yet, what i´m talking about ! )
5.) just think of me like Captain Jack Sparrow/Keith Richards in their 30th ;)
6.) i meant what i wrote above...this is serious ;)

i´m sry, but the other flagstone_with_rules_to_obey just fell into the beer...live with this one with the 6 rules ;(
Ah, 5 comments since I started writing my comment, including two from Scamp. Go me ;)
added on the 2009-02-04 11:41:19 by Spenot Spenot
maybe some of you mess up my avatar with the other ( more golden one ) ?! its not me !