What got ya in to the scene

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I remember getting 'Panic' on a floppy in 92 from my older nephew, i allready had some games on my 486 that had cracktro's from 'the humble guys', 'INC' and TRSI (if i recall correctly). i then formed the group 'Digital Orgasm' (oh, how young we where) with Feroc and later we found out that in our home town (zevenaar) in Holland was quite an active scene live. We met up a lot with Genuine (Home of Jace/TBL and the Trepaan guys) and NIJNTJE Inc.

Later we formed MAJESTiC from those 3 groups, which fell apart and formed Trepaan and some smaller projects (Rubba! Design)

And now, i've been a muzikman for 11 years.. w00t!
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seeing the trsi screen before 4d sports driving -> leeching demos on pd bbs's -> calling first "artscene" bbs's and also some illegal bbs's shortly after that -> started to draw ansi and shortly after that ascii -> ...
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I went to school with a few demo scene crazy people who introduced me to the wonders of the scene at the tender age of twelve, in 1989 i think... Budbrain Megademo made me addicted, but i didn't have my own system so i had to take what time i could to track on someone else's amiga (i had discovered tracking as my favourite scene related activity, with pixeling a close second). then i switched schools, lost contact and started seeing something of the pc demo scene for the first time with the book PC Underground, which had a cd containing the best pc demos of 1993... I also found a CD with 5000 tracked songs and several trackers, and when i got my first computer in 1995, there was no holding me back anymore. I didn't have a modem until 1997, but then i promptly joined #trax and found a place to release tunes (303 dimension), and soon after i joined kosmic. my first party was mekka 98. i met kb there, briefly, and by the time i was meeting him again at the party 98, he knew who i was and even played my music at an embarrassing high volume in hall 3 :) this is how i got into the scene, and wow, it's one of the best things that ever happened to me.
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The first thing I recall was "Lemmings cracked by Fabolous Furlog", as well as a couple of cracktros from "the Humble Guys", I think. (Who made that cracktro with the golden skulls, and another with a text scroller and a skeleton guy with moving jaw and a flag... adlib music.. the music still sticks in my mind to this day! Incredibly good!) After all these years I still haven't become a real scener and produced anything, but after several years of wet dreams of things rotating in 3d I've made 3 3d engines, and I'm currently working on a physically correct car simulator.. maybe I'll get there some day. All respect to those who did it (the best, technically): Future Crew, Triton and Cubic Team!
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might as well post to this one while i'm at it. warning: almost an optimus'esque amount of text below!

i owe a lot to my big brother, dr. dma, who was in groups such as deathstar, animate!, scoopex, red sector inc, d-mob, accession...

he got interested in demos on the c64, but didn't start coding until he had bought an amiga 500 around 88 or 89. i, for my part, saw some demos that he'd got on the c64 and was finally fascinated by the amiga demos back then :)

at some point dr. dma introduced me to noisetracker 1.1b by mahoney and kaktus... it was magic! i had begun playing the violin when i was 6 so i already knew stuff about music theory and so on. i remember i tracked my first "whole" tune in 1992.

during this time i also got to know the most talented brothers andy (who later joined banal projects) and dizzy (member of dual crew back then, later joined cncd) - andy used to play violin in the same orchestra with me. coincidentally he was also tracking on the amiga so we started doing cooperation tunes and so on. i learnt a lot from them both.

so, one thing led to another. around 93 we formed a joke group called squalid, consisting of me, andy, dizzy with a fake handle, and their third brother using the handle 'jappo' :)

i think it was in 94 that andy joined banal projects, and in 95 i joined my first "real" group, diffusion. i had asked dcs about joining before, but apparently "muffler asked first, sorry" :D i had some bad luck with diffusion though, since the group was already dying, so i didn't hear anything from them in years :)

i spent 96-97 learning pc trackers and playing pc games. learnt scream tracker 3, which is no doubt the worst program i've ever used and didn't really encourage me to do any tracking. until i found fasttracker 2, and oh boy i was in heaven - it was almost like protracker! :)

in 98 i released my first official pc tune which was 10th or something at asm98, and after that tempest asked me to join damage. which ultimately proved to be the right choice, the former "core team" of damage are still probably my best scene mates, and they introduced me to a lot of people.

in 2001 i joined trsi which was a wrong choice, in 2002 i quit both trsi and damage because of inactivity. soon after that i joined fairlight, which i feel is the right group for me. this year tempest & abd also left damage and joined fairlight - the circle is closing :)

so there.
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I knew this guy called BigFoot who hung out a lot with Bacteria (later Movement), and i thought it was interresting what they were doing. Then i saw "this is our definition of a boombastic style by rebels" It was not like the demo itself was mindbending, but the music...oh the music...I still to this day listen to heatbeats tune. Anyway I started tracking and then I teamed up with Fanatic, then Disaster, then Balance and ended my career with Ambrosia (all under various names such as...egmm..geenie, cyboman mad-e and later eliss-d) I started releasing tunes on 12" and sorta felt, out the the scene league for a while. But i missed the creativity the scene always represented for me so .. in 2001 i got interrested in the scene again, and was amazed to see how far it had gone. So currently im looking for a new group to join as a musician/gfx artist. yall...
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iblis, so you were raze aswell?
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to add to this, i got driven back aswell after releasing some stuff outside the scene.
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Nope. raze is my good freind and was my loyal trainee for some years untill he leveled with me. and to some degree surpassed me. I hadnt used the mad-e handle to release but a few choons, and he liked it a lot, so i gave it to him as a "graduate gift" ^_^
We made cosmic woodheads and other "fun" crews together, and later joined up with the same label. Skilled young man, if you ask me. I am very proud and honored to say i took him the first steps of the way.

We were realeasing fierce drum'n'bass (or for the new mad-e, atmospheric kicking dnb). What were you into? have i played your records out, i wonder? :)
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add...Yeah there just is something about the scene that makes it hard not to follow what's going on innit?
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I started off with a C128 somewhen in the late 80s and then switched to Amiga. Although I remember some cracktros I spent most time playing games... And neither I nor any of my friends knew anything about the demo scene at all (that is in northern germany).
Later when I got my first PC and CD-Roms came in fashion I started being interested in the tracker scene and even made some attempts in FT2. I also found some demos on the mod music CDs I bought. This is when I discovered the beauty of demos (mainly FC stuff). I also wanted to go to Assembly, but there was no one who shared my interest so I had to skip those plans.

When I started university I really got into the scene (well, only passive so far...). I went to M&S2000 and 2k1 with some friends who are not quite as interested in the scene as me and are just as lazy. So I'm still searching for someone to motivate me to start being active...
Since then I have watched all major productions - at least I'm working on it. I'm also trying to catch up on the old Amiga stuff lately!
From time to time I try to introduce some people to intros/demos and although most people seem to be fascinated in the beginning their interest is vanishing fast...
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finding an active atari crew in my own country was the main reason.
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mostly PHT members are us

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the revelation ;) yes, raver, it's me.
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I got a C64 in ... 1985 or so...
Cracktros were only a screen with some text at first, perhaps the odd colourcycle...
But soon it got out of hand, and somehow it fascinated me. SID tunes, sine scrollers, copperbars etc.
When I was a bit older, I discovered the Amiga, a friend of mine had one. The cracktros on there were even more amazing, and there were even some standalone 'demos'.
Then I saw Enigma, by Phenomena, and I had to get an Amiga myself.
We both had a bit of experience with programming already, and now we tried to copy some of the effects, and make our own stuff.
And I've been programming graphics stuff since then, releasing the odd intro, entering the odd compo.
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i'm not even aware yet that i'm actually part of the scene... :)
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Second Reality did it for me...

Hey don't blame me ! i'm only 21 !
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nah, for real: back in '92 or so a friend of mine had his own BBS and thus coded his own BBStros for it... he needed artwork and music. Since i played a bit with those thingies before that, he asked me and *boom* it happened...

I think the first real demo i've seen was Incognexia by Iguana and after that the kickass productions like the ones from Future Crew, Triton, Ultraforce and the like.

I really got active as demoscener in '94 i think, when i cooped on some 4kb (ripping existing code and make an intro out of it :D) and after that i joined a real demogroup in 1995...

and here we are a lot of years later... nearly 10... *sigh* what a waste of time, eh? :P
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@raveroza ... Im sorry im not sure i know what PHT is? And besides that it's a cool site, but the server speed is unbelievable low. 1k/s on a 2mbit conn is just not doing it for me man, so im still downloading the stuff there, and properbly will be for a very long time :D
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iblis seems to be problem @ your end since most foreigners report site to be fast enough.. quality drum'n'bass online, thats about it

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Raveroza: I get less than 2k a second on that site too, and i'm on a 10mb link straight into a backbone... might be time to kick the server.
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raveroza...Might be but you didnt answer my question about DHT mate :)

Psonice, man it must be something rare to find a server that can deliver what your conn can take. I would be downloading full pron movies all day :p
added on the 2003-08-22 15:43:10 by NoahR NoahR
iblis: yeah, scene.org sometimes delivers at over 1mB/s, but it's rare :) Actually, I think scene.org is one of the fastest servers on the net!

No pron films though, i'm at work unfortunately. but almost anything else goes ;)
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My story is a bit unusual. I remember intros on C64, but they didn't impress me. I also read a book called PC Underground, which was about demo programming, but ít didn't make me become interested in demos. But when I found adverts of German diskmags in a commercial papermag, I immediately contacted their editors. The concept of free magazines created by young people that could be read on PC, were spread via disks and accepted article submissions from its readers fascinated me. So that's how I got to write for diskmags and eventually found one myself.
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