the Tron Legacy (aka Tr2n) thread

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Finally saw it...
Pretty much what insectecutor said. I was surprised at a few points that were raised ("open" source, contemplating recreating things in your image [wrt to flynn's creation, not the hitler stuff], ...). Too bad none of the interesting ideas were taken anywhere.
That said, I was entirely happy watching the babes and glow pron with daft punk in my ears :p
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However, are the people who complain about the thin plot sure they saw the original? The story and pacing were hilariously bad

True, the original and the entire premise of the francise IS ludicrous and, yeah, the original was dragging at some points. But the original was better and since the story was pretty original and somewhat thought-provoking I thought it was ok. The plot of the original wasn't _nearly_ as convoluted and rushed and it didn't do blatant rip offs of Star Wars and several other sources. The original did not have nearly as many glaring plot holes, deus ex machinas and straight up WTF-moments as this one. At least the original had like a solid, coherent narrative (at least compared to Legacy) with a few storylines that held together well (I don't remember exactly, but as far as I can remember at least I wasn't profoundly confused after watching the original). Legacy has like 35 parallel movies going on at once. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some serious studio executive intervention here and the movie studio had some "notes" that had to be implemented. Because I can see some great stuff that would've made a great movie but it was drowned in stupid plotlines that went nowhere. It's too bad they decided to make it "hip" and "cool" and add a lot of "attitude" instead of updating the story to make it more relevant to today's society and technology. Yeah, that'll make the movie age well.
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Aeko: hey there... "new" avatar? I've had that avatar on pouet since day... 2, maybe...

And it's me being 18 years old!! :D
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