kindergarden 2009

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Mah Li: You are aware whose laptop it is, on your last pic, right? ;)
added on the 2009-12-05 13:58:08 by KK KK
KK: we don't know who it was, just that he was watching pr0n all the time \o/
added on the 2009-12-05 14:06:16 by havoc havoc
correction! glitchpr0n
Actually, I'm pretty sure he wasn't. ;)
added on the 2009-12-05 14:49:22 by KK KK
haehaehahee havoc ihhi :-)
added on the 2009-12-05 16:50:44 by skrebbel skrebbel
btw havoc we should start organising outline. did we ever confirm the location?
added on the 2009-12-05 16:51:43 by skrebbel skrebbel
The pictures from KG09@darklite.org will be available again soon(tonight)!

We are currently working on a new gallery as the database crashed on the old one... :(
added on the 2009-12-05 21:20:22 by response response
looking forward to seeing them!
added on the 2009-12-05 21:52:32 by farfar farfar
OK, you should be able to now, all 2009 pics are finally up again :)
Older albums will be uploaded as soon as they are restored from backup.

We are currently running a betaversion of gallery3, so there might be some small bugs. Works best with Firefox. Will update software as soon as it is available.

Now; go check: http://gallery.darklite.org

added on the 2009-12-05 22:44:42 by response response
BB Image
BB Image
added on the 2009-12-22 23:22:49 by mdx mdx
Kindergarden Koffee
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added on the 2009-12-24 10:54:17 by tFt tFt