The 100 euro low spec graphics compo

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Hope that catched your attention.

I'm going to tile my shower in october and I'm thinking about making a mosaic pattern. Take a look at this one for the general idea: picture

As you can see I have white, black and two shades of gray. I have some red and copper colored as well but thinking about sticking to 4 colors... The light grey is closer to white and the darker grey is closer to black, I unfortunally don't have a mid grey but I could look it up...

Now, the problem is that I suck at pixeling,but I'm pretty sure there are some great artists out there that would like to give it a go and also would like to see some art really become reality as well :-)

The resolution is 37 pixels horisontally and 80 pixels high. This is physical limitations so they are pretty much written in stone. This is for the wall straight in.

The wall to the left is also 37 pixels in width and the right wall is 39 pixels wide, same height as front wall of course.
I'm thinking about skipping the side walls but if you come up with some extraordinary art I'll think about tiling those as well..

100€ will be handed out for your work. I will distribute money as I please (good entries that not gets tiled is still worth some money for me). But winner will receive at least 50€.

Deadline is around end of September I suspect, but the sooner the better (ordering tiles etc)

Anyone up for the challenge?
added on the 2009-09-12 21:11:01 by thec thec
Not that I´m going to pixel anything, but this is wicked man! Respect :D
added on the 2009-09-12 21:17:00 by Puryx Puryx
I pay YOU if you put goatse there :D
added on the 2009-09-12 21:18:22 by Gargaj Gargaj
Puryx: Exactly my thoughts!
Great initiative and great idea thec. May awesome be with you.
added on the 2009-09-12 21:18:55 by decipher decipher
besides, if you're tiling, the only valid things to put there are Space Invaders, everyone knows that.
added on the 2009-09-12 21:22:26 by Gargaj Gargaj
Hmm, those guys knew what they were doing! Well cut 'n shit.
added on the 2009-09-12 21:23:38 by Rob Rob
That's a really awesome idea dude :)
added on the 2009-09-12 21:23:39 by Alpha C Alpha C
i'd go for a fire effect!
holy shit... is that the suomenlippu at the back... ouch.
added on the 2009-09-12 21:24:51 by decipher decipher
Maali: the corners don't match up, they have a ceiling list, but the round stuff is pretty well made.. nothing I couldn't make, but I just think mosaic is much nicer to look at ;)

here's another one for inspiration, but just 3 colors:
BB Image
added on the 2009-09-12 21:28:21 by thec thec
btw, my mail is albert.sandberg at gmail döt com .
added on the 2009-09-12 21:30:54 by thec thec
Ficken! I just measured the tiles and they are 2.2mm apart, meaning I will be able to fit _42_ tiles in horizontal and _90_ tiles verticly.

(42 on left side and 44 on right)
added on the 2009-09-12 21:35:12 by thec thec
btw, I accept scans and copies... if you can make something cool out of a photo it's ok, everything is okay within the restrictions above.. but I'm a sucker for nice pixel art tho :)
added on the 2009-09-12 21:59:00 by thec thec
BB Image
added on the 2009-09-12 22:26:57 by snoutmate snoutmate
if noone is going to respond to the challenge I will take it to pixelation...
added on the 2009-09-13 17:32:20 by thec thec
thec: I lack the pixelling capabilities required but I could generate a scene from a demo? :P
added on the 2009-09-13 17:35:34 by decipher decipher
Wouldnt tubgirl be fitting
added on the 2009-09-13 17:40:59 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Gargaj: I think Space Invaders is a bit overdone. :\
for retrosake (and keops uses the same pics again and again too, so...)
BB Image
Ficken! I just measured the tiles and they are 2.2mm apart, meaning I will be able to fit _42_ tiles in horizontal and _90_ tiles verticly.

are you sure you counted the space between tiles too? Remember that <cellspacing="0"> is not true in your bath/<table>. I guess you counted that, but when I put the tiles in my kitchen I undermeasured the separation between tiles (usually you put those little plastic crosses during installation), but in that case it was not a problem. I´m saying, JIC.

added on the 2009-09-13 20:31:18 by iq iq
and of course we want a photo when it's finished
added on the 2009-09-13 20:31:36 by iq iq
and a prod page here on pouet, too
added on the 2009-09-13 20:38:32 by rmeht rmeht
I did a picture for the ZX81 the other day. It's 64x48 and b/w only, but I guess I could rework it a bit to match your requirements. It should be possible to squeeze in the most important bits in 37 pixels. ;)

BB Image
added on the 2009-09-13 21:00:23 by Archmage Archmage
a genuine archmage pixel wall is worth every penny :D