Amiga disc copying utility with nice MOD

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Does anyone recall an Amiga disc copying utility which played a nice tune in the background?

HINT :I recall the MOD's name was Baby (baby.mod).

added on the 2009-10-19 23:18:30 by havoc havoc
vga-copy for ms-dos 8)
added on the 2009-10-19 23:49:46 by Emod Emod
I remember it too, but can't think of it's name. I think it was done by a demoscene group...Silents or Kefrens maybe?
added on the 2009-10-20 00:05:45 by Wade Wade
I've found some info on the Kefrens group but nothing on Silents.
http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=20248 this one`?
added on the 2009-10-20 09:57:27 by NoahR NoahR
Siegfried Copy can play modules in the background. Take a look
added on the 2009-10-20 12:20:31 by wiseman wiseman
I think i had D-Copy! should still on a disk somewhere, i certainly remember the program you are thinking of, but can't remember the name. Didn't some hacked versions of X-Copy come with one?

Ahh the memories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCDtnQiZlSc
added on the 2009-10-20 12:22:17 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
If someone have the D-Copy mod, could you post it here? I seem to remember that I loved it.
added on the 2009-10-20 12:31:33 by NoahR NoahR
Hmm, didn't Power Computing sell a disk copy program? i'm pretty sure i bought one through them with the Cyclone dongle?
added on the 2009-10-20 12:41:53 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Didn't some hacked versions of X-Copy come with one?

Been dying to say that, but didn't wanna appear more dumb than I already am. I'm almost sure that one of them did, if I recall, it had a purple skin, like the one below:

BB Image

But I also have a niggling thought in the back of my head saying there was a no-music button, which in that screenshot is absent.

added on the 2009-10-20 13:51:41 by Neffers Neffers
Tetracopy and Powercopy were 2 other progs. That version above may have been after AST bought the rights to use it in the Action Replay cartridge. Latest X-Copy was X-Copy TNG 1.5 released in 95.
added on the 2009-10-20 19:39:22 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
now i know i'm probably not oldschool enough to fully appreciate it but heh, it is kinda funny that someone thought it was a good idea to play the same module any time someone would want to copy a disk with their utility :)
added on the 2009-10-20 20:11:56 by superplek superplek
I remember it too, it was a short mod with a sad, nostalgic melody.
Also, the program itself definately had a music start/stop button.
added on the 2009-10-20 21:17:36 by nous nous
You'd have the best luck finding this out at EAB: http://eab.abime.net/

Chances are someone would know in an instant there.
added on the 2009-10-20 21:39:38 by Intrinsic Intrinsic