scene social security!

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@maali how's your cock habit. :)
added on the 2009-10-29 16:55:39 by radman1 radman1
It's only €17000... that's a little more than €4000 a month. Not bad for an unemployed.
added on the 2009-10-29 17:13:10 by xernobyl xernobyl
4000e a month is enough for a serious coke habbit.

I hope you are doing ok Jason!
added on the 2009-10-29 17:17:06 by okkie okkie
For 10€ i will write article detailing all BITS scene releases.
For 100€ i won't.
For 1000€ i will never ever post anime pictures into Random Image Thread again.
added on the 2009-10-29 18:13:59 by snoutmate snoutmate
okkie: lets say he needs at most 2250e a month to live and eat, that leaves another 1750 for blow. at euro streetprices of 50e/gram thats approx. 35 grams a month, maybe 40 if he buys semi-bulk.

goodness gracious we need to help this man.
added on the 2009-10-29 18:24:26 by superplek superplek
snoutmate, for 0€ you could write article about actually interesting prods! see this other thread.
added on the 2009-10-29 18:27:56 by BarZoule BarZoule
wtf, only 40 grams? aye, i'm in.

i pledge 20 grams! who helps?
added on the 2009-10-29 18:37:18 by skrebbel skrebbel
I pledge 20 grams as well!

added on the 2009-10-29 18:47:55 by okkie okkie
seems there's a bit of a misunderstanding:
BB Image
added on the 2009-10-29 18:50:16 by havoc havoc
but jason:

da weed is even cheaper !??!

i jus hope yo spare like 90% for da next scenevent ! ;)

^^^ the other bad boys are watching you now ;)
Only $10000 so far, that should buy him enough coke for... half a month?
added on the 2009-10-29 19:05:18 by xernobyl xernobyl
didnt everyone else clarify that already ?

its not 4 cokes !!!

jus 4 pepsis ! ( MEH!!!! no better joke in my cokified brain right now tho :/ )
In NL $10000 will get you ~15000 litres of coca cola.

Enough already to make your body dissolve, I suppose.
added on the 2009-10-29 19:10:55 by Rob Rob
I got about 9000 litters in my calculations. How much is 2L of coke there?
added on the 2009-10-29 19:15:02 by xernobyl xernobyl
it's all wrong, the red can's ain't Coke, it's Cocain!
BB Image
added on the 2009-10-29 19:15:10 by BarZoule BarZoule
@xernobyl: You are right. It's more expensive than I thought. I almost never buy that shit so I was a bit naive about the pricing.

Still enough to make a human body disappear though ;)
added on the 2009-10-29 19:25:06 by Rob Rob
BarZoule has and will forever has leading !

You WON!
you´re still doin´it wrong tho !

it's all wrong, the red can's ain't Coke, it's Cocain!

iain´t correct at all !

should have been like:

" all the pouets belong to me !"

no, wait....


"the Jasons are the skeners , just only if the chaos didn´t code the first rotozoomers at all! !"

no,wait... ( another coke-brigade is invading ma brains ( actually its beer, but let him have his believe in his drug! :P ) )

"it´s all correct, except the red cans belong to the russians, maybe the japonese! its all in that cave with the 2-bearded-parrot !"

eeeehrrmm...wait ???!!

"i am red ! and all the cocaine belongs to canada !"

^^ maybe i´m just not enuff american to make a good one, as i´m a disturbed german :P

in this way: fuck you all ! ;)
first I am given total leading
and then shr00m goes on about *other* non-sense...

it's like being given a beer and then realizing it's a bud light.

Me is disapointed!
added on the 2009-10-29 19:58:31 by BarZoule BarZoule
dont be !

as every1 else than me willl still have you in lead !

^^ and you had it right: i AM drunk ! just you forgot me having had that 25k$-exploitment aswell !

arrrggghhh !!! what the......fukin hell: it is jason ! dont kill me already! i can do good 4 you ! ;)

NOOO, dont do that!

ok, he didnt do it! ;) ( <--^^ just to have some more nonsense goin ;) )
What about the reverse?

That's what Michael Moore uses to say.
added on the 2009-10-29 22:43:13 by xernobyl xernobyl
For $25000 i will continue my daytime job and never release any dxm stuff again.
added on the 2009-10-30 04:34:42 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
mahli, wtf how many wikipedia articles about himself did that guy write? he's even worse than paniq!
added on the 2009-10-30 08:17:57 by skrebbel skrebbel
..and people wonder why the US scene is struggling.
added on the 2009-10-30 09:18:08 by gloom gloom