I need to be fit. Any suggestions?

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My problem is otherwise. I can eat the hole day (3 kebab at once), never reaching 70 kg. Eating less - the same. Bruce Lee style. lol I recommend some basics without helping tools or commercial shit like a gym or trainer. Yor body is all you need. Stretching (yoga)! Push-ups! Sit-ups! Knee-bends! Every second day a little training for 20 Minutes. Start with 10x4 repeats. Reapeating is important, not the count you can make. Mostly vegetarian diet! Sleep until you wake up yourself. Just do it, don't talk about it to other ppl! Eating is important. Dont think eating less makes your fat body more healthy. On the other hand, thin or fat, who cares if you like yourself? :) Real sex can also do wonders of course. :D
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Overweight can also be caused by stress. It is a vicious circle: forcing yourself to exercise causes stress again. Stress harms the immune system and predisposes to infectious diseases and cancer. The best way to physical and mental health is to lead a life free of stress.
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If someone is really heavy, running may fuck up his knees.
Weight training with very light weight, as many reps as possible ( 3-4 sets no rest in between) for every muscle group per workout will get you lean quicker than running.

That's why I suggested just walking faster. He's already walking to work (or at least to the metro), but didn't stick with the gym. May as well make the best of what he is doing :)
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Perhaps it's better for one's health not to care about fitness.
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Swimming is also awesome. If he doesn't want to go to the gum maybe he could buy
light dumbbells and work out at home. He could do
every muscle group and all he needs is dumbbells.

Adok, that's a bad advise.
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Gym* fucking can't spell
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swimming was ossom yeah, should pick that up again. it's always impressive how bad your muscles can hurt after 1.5 hours of swimming after a winter of.. not being sporty :>
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I recall I visited a swimming bath back in 2001 when I attended the Core demoparty in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Tomcat wrote in his party report that "Adok is unable to do a correct headjump". Oh well.
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why am i not surprised?
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Generally I think it's amazing how "hard" everything is at first, but once you continue excercise it gets much easier after already 1 or 2 weeks. So just keep going and don't think it's always as hard as in the first days. No matter what you do. Running, swimming, random push ups, etc.

Also, do it NOW and don't post here (except; "Started with 10 Push Ups! Next week 20!")
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Started with 10 Push Ups! Next week 20!

I did it a bit different when i wanted to get fitter, i just said to myself: "Today you had to stop after 5 times 10, with breaks of an hour inbetween, so tomorrow i will make 5 times 11, the day after 5 times 12, and so on! I ended up doing 10 times 100 an hour, having had altered my stepsize at some point, as in "tomorrow i´ll do 5 more each unit!"
I stopped it to my bad, my life had changed drastically at that point, no time to do fitness all day anymore! ;)
But Elend is correct about it´s getting easier and easier, the longer you do your exercises!
This one can be extended to everything btw! You just get better in everything you do, the more and longer you do it! In case of Fitness thats not always that obvious at first, but "keep going" is the devise with that! :)
I don't understand these articles about the 1/3rd of the planet being obese. Some random video shows statistick with dramatic music, 1/3rd of the planet, and then it shows videos of very very fat people walking on the street. And then you think that if you go to USA, 1/3rd of the people will be very very fat people walking. Like a zombie infestaation. Not true.

And then I check BMIs and obese, hell at 103kg I would be between the line of overweight/obese. I wish I was 103kg. I wish I was 110kg. Of course I know, technically is not healthy, but also the image of the word obese and the videos of really fat people does not match reality. There are people who would look "normal" and still be on the overweight range.
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BMI is full of shit.
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Optimus: Did you start to make sports or something?
the very very fat people don't do much walking. and being a bit overweight has kind of become the norm in many places nowadays. the classifications of BMI values are more medical than aesthetical, so if you hit the obese range you should do something about it (make a demo, maybe?)

but yeah, the average BMI is unlikely to drop since people naturally like food and many dislike excercise.
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bloodnok is somewhat correct, BMI isn't a good indicator in many situations.
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Ok, I did. I subscribe to a gym. I try to go sometimes.

Meanwhile I try to do something with what I eat.

But only think I don't understand is the conflicting opinions about food.
If I started hearing everyone, I wouldn't be able to eat anything. Eat this. Don't eat that. This is good. This is bad.

And when you are complaining that somehow I don't loose weight as easily as others (which I cannot prove, because they will say "You thought you eat less, but you eat this and that". If there was a wristband to count exactly calories, sugar and fat, we could make some conclusions) they tell you "This is bullshit! The only thing that counts is calories in - calories out"

So if the only thing that counts is "calories in - calories out" why the same people tell me: you should avoid this, you should eat that, the problem is you don't eat many fruit or vegs, etc. And even,. don't even get the prepackaged salads. Prepare salad yourself. Cook food yourself. This, I don't understand! And also, it's a minus in my motivation. I am already too lazy or pationate with food to change my options. How about now having to also cook my food? It might sound lazy, but I need space here. I need not to be restricted with options.

If I just ate prepackaged food, but just the right ammount of calories, wouldn't I lose? Isn't it how much you eat at the end? I know, you will tell me, prepackaged food have more fat and unnatural substances, etc.

This idea that, if it's not from nature, it's gonna make you fat. Hell,. I could cook two tons of spaghetti with all 100% natural ingredients, and still get fat when I eat a lot.

So why are you confusing me? I heard about fat vs carbs controversy. But at the end, as my doctor says, I just have to cut back on calories.
I can eat salads, and they say if you eat more salad you are stuffed and you are not hungry. But hunger is no problem for me. These micro-ideas are confusing. All I have to do is go to the gym and maybe avoid a lot of food. And I don't think I eat enough.

People see your weight and think "Hey,. this guy must be eating 3 kebabs and 2 pizzas per day, because back in university I was eating 1 kebab, 1 burger and 1 pizza everyday and still remained the same weight. This guy must be eating like a pig because that's the only way he could be so fat!". Which is not true! Ok, maybe I don't always have good idea of the final calorie in - out per day (that's why I'd like a wristband counting the in especially, some company was trying but I don't think it's easy) but if I was misleaded to think I eat 2000 and I ate 3000 I would accept it as long as there is evidence. I would then think why I thought wrong. Either calories and shit goes up much higher than I thought, or I don't burn as easilly as other people.

Sorry for the rant.
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I think there are many wristbands now that count "Calories Out" maybe not very accurately. This would only motivate me to make higher high score by walking and shit (although the gym cardio machines has great touch panel with internet and calorie counter you can store to myfitnesspal, I am fortunate about that, else I would not visit often)

I heard about that company making the "Calories In" counter solution (more important imho. Half on hour of cardio takes out 200 calories based on my weight, which then I could get back by eating something in 2 minutes. Gym might help, but eating habits would screw it)
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Here it was airo
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The problem is that people are different bodywise - and so are the opinions on the ways to reduce weight. One can eat what he wants without gaining any weight and another is having a bar of cocolate and gets 1 pount on the belly.

Going to a gym is not the worst idea. But you have to do it on regular bases to get a routine - once you are in it is much easier to get up :)

If you know that your eating habits are trolling you why not going to a nutritionist (what a word, had to look it up ^^)? There you might get some helpful informations and some sort of guidance.

Don't get stuck too much on all those numbers.
I am trying to got at least 3 times a week. It has a good effect on the mood sometimes or making me think I did something positive today. I am only reluctant to get dressed, prepare my stuff and go. I can gladly spend half an hour or little more there when I get there, I am only lazy to prepare and walk there.

Now that thing with the nutritionist I could do. In fact I already have one. Because of high blood and weight, I am monitored yearly in the NHS, and if I want I can talk to the nutrionist or doctor more frequently. But the think is, we always talk "yeah, eat more salads, less fast food" the obvious stuff. I could ask her "what's wrong with me? I am not losing" but I don't have the proof. I could be thinking I am eating healthy, but really eating much more, doing the occasional slip there, which could be an explanation that I do somethign wrong. In order to really say "something is wrong" I have to follow 100% healthy diet, which I don't. So, yeah we haven't discussed it, because I don't have the proof, I only assume because I know many people doing the same slips as anyone and being more fit. But with a proper wristband I would now it in my face (I have counted in the past and made lists, but when you cook you can't know for sure. You are more sure about your math with prepackaged food because it's written. But with cooked food, I might have eaten 1.5 portion. I could get a scale. But it adds to the work you have to do and makes you forget to do or quit).
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Do you like booze?

And that bla bla of that nutritionist wasn't what I expected. I thought of something like a plan to give you some structure and advice regarding the eating behaviours and stuff.
optimus: "don't eat this, eat more of that" type advice is ok (although there's a ton of bullshit diets, or diets that do work but damage your health in other ways). But yes, it really does come down to "eat less stuff".

Just eat whatever you're eating now, but try to eat less of it. Think of it this way: you need a certain number of calories per kg of body. If you put more calories in, the body can support more kg of weight. If you don't put enough calories in, it doesn't have enough energy to support itself, and it has to lose some kg to restore balance.

Exercise uses some of the calories up, so if you put 3000 calories in but do 500 calories of exercise, your body only gets 2500 calories, and it can't support so much weight.

Finally: don't try anything extreme, it always fails. E.g. you might think "if I only eat 500 calories I will lose weight fast!". Nope. If you do that, your body thinks "shit, there's no energy! Turn off all the lights and run at half speed to save power!" You become really tired, can't do much, and your body can exist on a small amount of calories for a long time to keep you alive.. and because it burns less calories you lose weight quite slowly.
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99% of fitness and weight losing stuff is bullshit. There's only one rule: eat less energy than you need. Do some movement to increase your energy compsumption, and as psonice said dont overdo it, but stick to it, change your ways. btw I wouldnt pick gym, pick a sport you LIKE. Do it for fun, not for the weight.
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