I need to be fit. Any suggestions?

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Ok, at the end it sounds more logical. I'll stick to that.
Microsuggestions won't work miracles if you still eat more than you burn.
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Better don't expect a miracle at all ...
Optimus: if you want to lose weight, concentrate on what you eat. Going to the gym is a good idea, but it won't get you fit in a million years, if you don't eat right.
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enough excercise negates any amount of food. in theory. in practice, it might be easier to eat a little less and exercise a little more and adjust until happy with the results.
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Here are my suggestions for the lazy/unmotivated:

  • No more soft drinks.
  • No more energy drinks.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. (All I did was stop putting it in my coffee)
  • Eat slower. Stop when you start to feel full. If you're thinking "man, I could do with another serving", wait 15 minutes before you decide.
  • Find a way to work some exercise into your daily life. For me it was biking to work. If this isn't possible for you, could you go for a walk at lunchtime? What about a gym membership?

When I started working fulltime, I went up to 85kg and was very unfit. I was eating at least 2 pies and around 3 bottles of V (redbull equivalent). I had crap digestion from all the acidic drinks and had trouble sleeping.

For the last 7 years or so I've been 68kg. My daily commute is 16km with about 250m of climbing on the way home.
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Run for your life !!
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running for your ass instead will make it pretty fabulous.
added on the 2014-05-30 10:43:49 by msqrt msqrt
Smoke a lot.

Oh, wait…
Don't ask how it's going. But I am curious about something else. I ask here so that I don't open another thread.

How do they make these numbers? The daily intake?
There are sites that you put weight, physical activity, etc. Like for example.
I just realized numbers don't make sense. There is a box for activity too.
But wait. For totally sedentary life (Basal metabolic life) I get 2286 kcals. If I switch to 3 days/week gym, which is usually recommended, it goes to 3144.
But wait. As I know, in the same sedentary life, 3 times per week won't make much difference. I might lose 200-300cals per visit or say more if I do for an hour or more. But that's nothing, it's 3 days x 300cals. 3144-2286 is around 900 more average per day.
So suddenly, my body from a slow burning machine, becomes a much more average burning machine just because of three visits per week? That would make me think that "wow, that's the holy grail. I was eating and gaining weight, now it will make vast difference, maybe I will loose so easily without even thinking about"

Where do they get these numbers? If you think a bit about, they seem bogus..

And is there a case that maybe I am not even burning the usual 2000-2500 but less?

I also have seen a mention on the video that sitting too much would reduce metabolism to 1 calorie per minute. That's 1440 cals per day. But that sounds too little. If I say to a friend I am making a 1600 calorie diet, he already thinks I am depriving myself.

They just throw numbers.
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That video though gave me an idea: Standing stool coding. Maybe a high bar stool or something..
added on the 2015-01-13 19:46:00 by Optimus Optimus
Don't believe the numbers. Eat better; reduce sugar and fat, try to avoid (too much) carbs in the evening and go to the gym. And even 1 time a week to the gym will make a difference. You might not see it but it is there. Bodies are made to be moved.

Don't ask how it's going.

So I guess you aren't going to the gym?

By the way: Are you looking at your weight or your body?
Pounds Off

I dropped from 77 to 72 kilos by reducing drinking to twice a week. eating at night = bad

I started my solylent experiment about a month ago. Its not a weight loss goal, but an eat more efficiently problem I needed to solve.
Since I've started rock climbing and I had to force myself to lose weight in order to climb some harder routes. But there's a really fat guy on the climbing gym that climbs a lot better than me so it's not a very good excuse. I'm also eating a soylent variant for 1 or 2 months... but that's just because I got too lazy to cook.
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How do they make these numbers?

don't even ask.
it's about you personally.

know yourself, and if you don't - try to get aware of your body+.
it's always good to know some limits. but don't get heartache here.

no detailed instructions, just follow your instincts.
software instincts are very often the better ones to follow, guess, ya get that. :)
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replace heartache with heart attack ;)
my lousy english
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I'll reiterate my suggestion Opti. Find someone to do some exercise with. Since I've stopped drinking I've been riding my bicycle with my daughter.
We only do 10km or so but it's a really nice start to the day or a relaxing way to end the afternoon.
Point is - if you do it with someone else, often while you're chatting away you won't realise how much exercise you've actually done!
added on the 2015-01-14 09:40:58 by ringofyre ringofyre
>So I guess you aren't going to the gym?

I am going to gym once a week now. But I might drop off. I pay it for very few times.
What I was gonna say, the weight remained the same. Little drops little gains.

What I am gonna do is try to eat more healthy and forget about the weight, for one period. I had some not good numbers in blood tests. Although the sugar level dropped, other values having to do with meat eating raised. I avoided carbs in the morning but ate eggs and bacon. I don't know which is better. If you cut carbs, you will want to eat meat. If you avoid fat, you will eat carbs. You can't just go on salads (I tried it, always felt hungry, and then because of starvation I didn't lose weight and then I gained it :P)
added on the 2015-01-14 11:18:52 by Optimus Optimus
What do you eat for breakfast?

I tried cereals and I love cereals. And avoided the sugary. I can nicely eat All Bran.
Problem is I will put more in my plate. And even then I feel somehow not satisfied. And everyone says cereals with lot's of fiber will make you feel full or something.

Somehow, eggs satisfy me more. Even if they are less in cals. I get some abnormal values but I don't think it's just because of eggs. I eat some more meaty stuff later on.

But I want alternative. A toast? Some say no, it has bread, etc.
Fruits? I don't feel like eating fruits in the morning. I love fruits but yet I don't feel like eating them in the morning.

I try to see what works. Eggs sort of worked. I got the blood results, maybe because of other things I eat at night. I come back from work, sit in my computer, always wanting to eat something.

I think my problem is not I feel hungry or other things. My case is some psychological food addiction. It's not that I eat too much (I kept my weight for two years), but I crave for food. And I find it natural, I don't find that this is wrong, because food tastes good and our neaderdal brains tells us "food, food, food, energy!!!". It's evolution in a modern environment, I mean most people go to the gym, but the ancient neaderdal would say "Are you crazy? You waste energy for nothing?". I don't want to disrespect gym, just to have a perspective. I don't even find it unnatural that society as a whole gets fatter and fatter. The ancient neaderdal would be locked in a supermarket and eat till he is full without even worrying about it. Overabundance of energy..

Sometimes I think "Would it be nice if by doing 15 minutes bicycle, I would loose 1500 cals? Then it would be the easiest thing in the world to lose weight.". And then I say "No, it would not be nice! That would mean we would require an excessive amount of energy just to stay alive."

Maybe I am just confused. I want to lose weight/being fit because I see people being this or everyone tells me I have to do it, and I do know it's the logical thing to do because health. But another side of myself just don't want to get rid of food addiction, if it is even an addiction. I am wondering how other people survive this (many don't). Why one wouldn't crave for food at all but get obsessed about smoking? Maybe it's a social thing..
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What do you eat at night?

I make most of my sins at night I think now.
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BB Image
Less thinking, more doing.
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I should not freak out that much with that. I should not freak out that much with that.
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Hey Opti!? How is it going? What happened so far since you opened the thread 5 years ago?

Can't speak of terribly much training experience yet. But I'm currently on a good drive with gym and yoga. Actually I'm doing this because of back and knee pains. But loosing some weight is also one of the best things you can do for knees and back!

Also: I recommend dancing! (Swing dancing in my case) but whatever style: I think it's highly motivating, you have some workout, socialize, meet some ladies, improve your posture, listen do good music...
added on the 2015-01-15 11:44:20 by ewerybody ewerybody
Also: I recommend dancing! (Swing dancing in my case) but whatever style: I think it's highly motivating, you have some workout, socialize, meet some ladies, improve your posture, listen do good music...

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exactly BB Image :D
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