I need to be fit. Any suggestions?

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Optimus, I know what you mean. You want to make some sort of diet, without cutting all the "tasty food" you like, to make some space in your stomach, and then when your wieght is more likeable, you can start eating all the burgers, hot dogs, chips, pizzas, icecream you like.

I can fully understand you here. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I only got food to be "addicted" to :) What you need to CONSIDER here is that instead of eating pizzas and burgers and fries EVERY single day, you start cutting them down to 2-3 times a week and replacing the junk factor with some healthy stuff... which means you need to start to cook yourself as the restaurant/take away stuff is not ideal.

And about excercising... so you're telling me that you have no motivation going to aeoribic classes, with dozens of nice bouncing tits and hot asses in your face? how about dancing, with some latino girl sqeezing her assets against you... now if that is not enough moivation, i don't know what is! If you want to eat more "tasty food" you need to do more excercising.
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What I tried to say about the 6 meals is that it's too hard to stick on my plan. What if you are working or you are studying? Maybe something for breakfast if I don't woke up late and have to take the metro fast, then something for dinner in the midday than at night. Maybe two meals, one evening one night? But six meals? They can't fit in my daily plan. I also have to be a robot to have exactly 6 meals. Does it matter at the end if I do 3 meals and my calorie counting is less than the daily? (if that system works)
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And about excercising... so you're telling me that you have no motivation going to aeoribic classes, with dozens of nice bouncing tits and hot asses in your face? how about dancing, with some latino girl sqeezing her assets against you... now if that is not enough moivation, i don't know what is! If you want to eat more "tasty food" you need to do more excercising.

Lol, but btw there was something I could never understand. I like girls, it's ok, I sometimes stare at them. But I am bored to stare at girls continuously. Or it doesn't work as a motivation. Several times for example we go to the bar or the cafeteria or the disco or any social place and I am bored. And most people go there because as they say they are extremely motivated to go and look at the girls. Ok,. so I go and look at the girls for hours. Boring. If I got laid by just doing that, ok. But this I don't understand. Ok,. so we are watching at girls and grading them. Boring.

But that's irrelevant with the subject anyway..
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@Doom: Believing what I want to hear is my last resort here. You don't seem to understand my condition. Facts are ok but I am not gonna move on if I have to follow some strict plan based on facts (that totally wants to change my lifestyle). At least I'll continue with the counting of weight and daily stuff I eat that I started to have a more practical point. I will know a little bit later whether this works, when I may reach the point where it will be harder to loose weight. And this is something I don't won't to believe too.
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Optimus: I don't think the six meals a day are meant as six full meals.
At least, the "normal" advice is that you should have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and smaller snack meals in between - such as an apple, or a slice of bread with some low-fat meat/vegetables or such.

other than that, you're going to have to structure your daily plan around your diet and exercise, not the other way around. If you don't give it priority, not much is going to happen.
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The (in)famous Wade article called 'A Tip for all you Skinny Nerds'
can be read online here:

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that article is good information but the info is about gaining muscle mass not loosing pounds of weight :)
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Mop: it's the next step after loosing weight :-)
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What I tried to say about the 6 meals is that it's too hard to stick on my plan.

Yeah I thought you meant you already had some plan for losing weight and it involved 1000 kcal meals.

Well, it DOES matter if you end up with 3 meals even if it adds up to fewer calories than your daily allowance. You'll lose weight, yes, but slower than you could with six meals (because your metabolism slows down between meals), and it'll be a lot harder and much easier to make mistakes. The six meals aren't meant to be full meals but something light/easy that you can take with you to work, or eat on your way to work if you don't have time for breakfast.

I didn't mean to say it's wrong to want an easy solution, but there generally aren't any. And short-term dieting is completely stupid. People tend to think of eating and dieting like this:

- Suppose I'm currently eating 4000 kcal/day and my weight is stable at 100 kg. This means if I eat 3000 kcal/day for a month, I can then eat 5000 kcal/day the next month and I'll be 100 kg at the end of that month.


- 4000 kcal/day keeps my weight stable now that I'm 100 kg. That means 4000 is my magic number. All I have to do is eat 2000 kcal/day until my weight drops to 75 kg, and then I can go back to eating 4000 kcal/day and my weight will stay at 75 kg, because 4000 is my magic number.

Both of those are misconceptions, and you won't get the results you hope.

If you can only make small changes to your lifestyle, sure, it's better than nothing, but ONLY if they're permanent changes. Otherwise you're better off not even trying.

A really, really good idea is to get into cooking your own food. Make a habit of experimenting and don't just cook the same thing over and over. This way it can be both fun and rewarding to cook, and lots of pretty nice/healthy dishes take only like 15 minutes to prepare (i.e. probably quicker than ordering pizza).

But don't just do it for a while. Short-term solutions don't carry over into the long term.
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I think all talk about diets and exercises just make loosing weight harder than it is. Don't change everything directly, it will only make it harder to succeed. If you try to change your diet, start counting calories and begin working out in some way you will probably notice that it's hard and that results take time. That's why most gyms survive, alot of people pay an annual fee in January and give up in februry. Start by changing something, like eating less and cut some soda and candy. Take stairs instead of escalators and so on. But don't do things initially which you might fail since it will only give you guilt, and you will probably eat more, which will give you more guilt... The best rule is still, if you eat less calories than your body burns each day it will make you loose weight!
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I recommend an article by a coder called Charles Bloom:


CBloom actually knows what he's talking about -- read the article!

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ekoli has it right:
Make small changes first and work your way up. And you don't have to join a gym -- take the stairs! Go dancing! Play Dance Dance Revolution! ( :
I listen to scene music and remixes while using the machines at the gym so I get my heart rate up and get a good workout, stuff by Makke and Gargaj. (shameless plug)

There's a guy who's written a lot about the food industry in the States and elsewhere (the folks who have a lot invested in making us all fat) lately, Michael Pollan, and his advice was to eat not too much, mostly plants, but I think this food pyramid sums it up nicely...
<img src="http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/images/PyramidWebSmall.jpg">

Exercise is the most important part of the equation. It is true that if you take in fewer calories than you need, allowing for your size and base energy requirements, you will lose weight. But the nature of those calories matters as well, whether you're getting enough fruits and veggies for example (i.e. really expensive stuff, most of the time, thanks to the global food industry, sigh).

And if giving stuff up fails, try to regulate it. I know my addiction is chocolate...I try to buy only really good chocolate, the expensive fair-trade high cocoa stuff; and then I ration it, a square or two every other day or so. A square of the kind I tend to buy is only about 50 calories. If I buy good chocolate instead of meh chocolate I *have* to make it last, so it works.

Some of it is finding your reset point too, teaching your body to expect less food if you've gotten used to eating too much, bulk-wise. I know I ate less in and right after university because I hated the food there so much I lost weight and my appetite for food overall decreased.

It is also worth considering why you're eating when you're eating. Are you hungry or bored? Hungry . . . or wanting to join in a party? Hungry . . . or tired? Hungry . . . or depressed? Hungry . . . or drunk ( :

Some things can be tempting if you get them fresh and put them in context. Eat raw green bell pepper and then try cucumber or tomato. Sweet! Tomato is a fruit, did you know that?
Things you didn't think you would like can become tasty if you put them in context (and if you're hungry enough).

Thing is, exercise has another benefit, besides weight control: it can improve your general mood, help control stress, etc. Lots of things count too -- be creative. ( : And there are lots of tools online that allow you to calculate how many calories specific activities burn.

Although you should visit a nutritionist if you can, I've found that when I'm hungry, have had enough protein and taken my vitamins and whatever, but I shouldn't eat many more calories, high-bulk low calorie foods like mushrooms and bell peppers and whatever help me fill up.

I was calorie counting and stopped, want to start again. There does come a point where you can look at what you've eaten over the day and guess without checking, but counting does help. Trying to stay at levels that are too low can lead to bingeing and drive you nuts, so don't push too far. But measure what you eat on an ordinary uncontrolled day, and then try to scale it back a little. You'll have to guestimate, since most of those sites measure the American measuring system and assume we all have scales to weigh our food with...

Best of luck! I'm working on this too.
metoikos, like you i also like dark chocolate a lot, it contains a high % of cocoa, which together with vitamins e & c are very good antioxidants... makes your skin look really smooth and nice. you have to take care of everything :)
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It turns out that we are all wrong!


That's right, every fitness expert, dietician, doctor, bodybuilder, model and athlete upto now have been wrong! It doesn't matter how fast your metabolism is, or how much exercise you get in a day, or how big or small you are. As of today, if you are a man you are now allowed 2,900 calories a day and you will get slim.

So, we've all embarrassed ourselves. Thank the lord we have such intelligent journalists and academics to guide us in the right direction.

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2900 kcalories , is for someone than burn or replace for 2900kcal.
there is no way to loose weight for a long period except increasing physic activities.
Reducing food depend on how much physic activities you do, in same time,
brain activities have their own needs like sugar.

Plus, worse ever products are diet product with zero sugar in, best way to be in hypo glucid ( first concerned is the brain activity as muscle have their own pool of sugar )

sorry if you already said that , its too boring to read your big FAT messages ...
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eh? Sorry, couldn't be bothered to read your post.
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Wade: Are you still a proponent of Creatine? I hear it's quite tough on the liver, but I'm interested in hearing your take on this.
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Dear wade,
I just hit a whole milka strawberry chocolate bar, will I get fat? :S
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ate not hit
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RC55, there are many proponents and papers that state that creatine and protein supplements are a heavy tax on liver and kidneys. and there are as much studies that state otehrwise. so i guess its up to personal choice what to believe. if you are into body building and sculpting its almost impossible to avoid these supplements.
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Wade: Are you still a proponent of Creatine? I hear it's quite tough on the liver, but I'm interested in hearing your take on this.

There has been some bad press associated with creatine, but from what I understand, it's related to dehydration because people have not drunk enough water while using it.

Like Mop says, it's one of those things where there's no definitiive answer. However, speaking personally, I've never had any issues whatsoever and have been using it for around 6 years. I also know a lot of guys who've been using it even longer with no problems.

Maybe I'd change my mind if I met any creatine users who had liver problems, but so far I haven't.
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Dear wade,
I just hit a whole milka strawberry chocolate bar, will I get fat? :S

You'll probably wake up morbidly obese tomorrow, but that does sound like a tasty snack so I guess it's worth it.
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maali: wanna trade?
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How much calories burns a man per day? Most say around 2500, I remember in the past it was 2000 and if you find some programms that ask you weight, height, age, activity, etc they may make extreme values like 3000 or 4000. That would sound cool "wow, I can eat too much and still burn" but no. I need to know exactly if I decide to burn a specific number.

Ok, age 30, my height is 185 centimeter, I am now 128kilos, not much activity (a little walking for shopping, going to the uni, etc,. mostly sitting and working on my computer). Would 2500 be the number? Or 2000? Why so much diversity on the net?

I still, made plan for 1500 but couldn't keep all days. Some days ago I walked for 4 hours in London (just because once in a while I like such big lonely walks) and ate at 1700-2000 (I am not sure because not all stuff I eat have calories written) and lost some weight. Yesterday I ate 1700 and walked for 2 hours but lost nothing (maybe it will show later). I know, I shouldn't care about weight but about a healthy lifestyle but I don't think I can do that (the title in the post is not exactly what I want).
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