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Yeah, a lame hungarian pop band used mainly Second Reality scenes in their videoclip. Finally after some years of research, it's on the net now.

Any comments? :)
added on the 2009-11-05 21:34:19 by d-lee d-lee

the funny thing is, they WERE the most popular popgroup at the time. the producer guy (who does the rap) had some additional years as a house DJ / producer, and the singer does smalltime jazz/blues singing nowadays.
added on the 2009-11-05 21:37:54 by Gargaj Gargaj
ah, iguana - incognexia parts too :D
added on the 2009-11-05 21:39:36 by Maali Maali
now name the other demos that are used in there.. :)
added on the 2009-11-05 21:39:39 by toxie toxie
i'm pretty sure i saw Panic + Unreal in there too
added on the 2009-11-05 21:40:09 by Gargaj Gargaj
maali beat me on it ;)
added on the 2009-11-05 21:40:12 by toxie toxie
wow, thats campy
added on the 2009-11-05 21:40:49 by superplek superplek
There are scenes from Panic too.
Finally it's on youtube \o/ been looking for that for ages :)
Btw yeah it's lame they stole those scenes for the background...

added on the 2009-11-05 21:41:22 by -SP- -SP-
Ok, it's mainly based on 2nd Reality... But there are more effects from other demos... Any idea where from?
added on the 2009-11-05 21:41:48 by d-lee d-lee
The melody that the girl sings is also sort of slightly almost like Comic Bakery.
added on the 2009-11-05 21:51:25 by gasman gasman
Hungarian music really sucks :)
added on the 2009-11-05 22:06:25 by Zplex Zplex
Hahahaha, goddamn that's fantastic!!!!
added on the 2009-11-05 22:22:08 by okkie okkie
added on the 2009-11-05 22:38:23 by Serpent Serpent
what a blast.
seems like a lot of stuff has been borrowed there, not only the backgrounds.

next to that, the dancers did an awesome job, as did that mc by throwing a stakka bo-impression at some parts. classic!
looks like a fun thing that would have probably won a wildcompo.

how much did spaceballs get for having their stuff played on mtv again? i remember stories with lonestarr having a big wallet soon after, so there might be a chance to get some dough out of second reality after all. =)
added on the 2009-11-05 22:49:12 by dalezy dalezy
coup de coeur!
added on the 2009-11-05 22:56:24 by 4mat 4mat
So that's how things are in Gargaj-land.
added on the 2009-11-06 02:21:03 by Mel Mel
Hell yeah, 94 was the year of bad rap with borrowed CG in eastern europe!

added on the 2009-11-06 02:28:02 by snoutmate snoutmate
that's awesome.
now who can spot the most hungarian demosceners in this videos?
that soho party rapper looks like procyon/üd :)
added on the 2009-11-06 09:55:23 by v3nom v3nom
Heh, and this is not the only/first such case either. I remember being like LOL RIPPERS as a teenager, when a music video featuring Complex' bob demo (one of the several ones using Wizball sprites) was playing on MTV's Party Zone. Shame I can't remember what track it was.
added on the 2009-11-06 10:00:11 by break break
"LOL RIPPERS".... uuh, and they ripped the sprites from Wizball... so... uuum...
added on the 2009-11-06 10:23:31 by visy visy
No, then the music would've been better.
added on the 2009-11-06 15:09:21 by okkie okkie
yeah, the music would've been from tempest
added on the 2009-11-06 17:41:52 by nosfe nosfe