Armin Gessert passed away :-(

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legends live forever...

my thoughts are with his friends and family.
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He will be remembered, by his family and friends of course and his name will be remembered by nerds like us (me) for creating Giana Sisters.
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What else is there to do than to heat up the A500 and play some memorial levels of Giana Sisters the coming weekend.

Life is just a ride, and he _did_ leave his impression while he was here.
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everyone dies eventually
that's a part of life
some ppl make an impression
he surely did
he will be remembered
or at least his work.
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I played Giana Sisters in the 80's on the c-64
in the 90's on the amiga
and this year on the DS

legend among games!

r.i.p. armin
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the only amiga game i ever played, it was good.
RIP armin
and my next post will contain a sad face to keep this thing going
rip :(
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rip :(
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Although he has departed from this world, a part of his soul will always remain in his creations...
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