let's talk about tinnitus

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Who has it ? .. Luckily me too !! ..

What noise ? .. High Frequency and random !! ..

Since when ? .. Years ago when that czech "Böller" exploded close to my ear !! ..

What is your best trick against it ? .. Just ignore it or wear a earplug with music !! ..

Is it still annoying ? .. Like I said .. I gnore it or listen to music instead !! ..

Questions ?? .. Just life with it !! ..
added on the 2010-02-27 03:47:26 by yumeji yumeji
didnt know there were that many people here with it. im abit surprised, thought it was more rare than this O_O
added on the 2010-02-27 03:53:41 by psenough psenough
very slight ringing maybe once every few days, seems random though I do know that it's largely because of this, it would be scary if it was with me 24/7
when i was younger i never understood why i couldnt understand what people said at clubs when being drunk. after a while i found out that if people spoke to my right ear rather than the left - then i could hear them.

visited ear specialist who simply confirmed that my hearing is worse on the left than on the right. i always sleep try to go to sleep with my right ear in the pillow and the muted left ear up :-)
Me too since 1990. I think it was caused by Commodore 1081 Monitor which emitted an high frequency whistle all the time.
I don't care about it and don't know the frequency.
added on the 2010-02-27 09:45:29 by chriz74 chriz74
sorry it was a 1084s monitor...
added on the 2010-02-27 09:46:29 by chriz74 chriz74
oh and it's 24/7
added on the 2010-02-27 10:00:28 by chriz74 chriz74
1: I also have it.

2: Around 17000 Hz. Two different noises at right ear, and one on the left. They are luckily quite low in volume and I'm only able to hear them when its quiet.

3: Got the first one in 1995, either during an accident at TG 95, or due to an referee whistle i used. The other one came after a club visit in 2006.

4: Best trick against it is earplugs, and similar. Taking breaks from music listening/producing from time to time is also wise.

5: I'm not that annoyed of it so I can ignore it when I'm sleeping.

Apart from that, if any of you out there should be unlucky and get tinnitus as really bad levels, there's hope here
added on the 2010-02-27 10:02:59 by Frequent Frequent
me too
high frequency
don't know anymore when it started
ignoring helps

it gets worse after concerts/breakpoint/random disco ^^
added on the 2010-02-27 18:55:21 by neuralnet neuralnet
I had a lot of whistling high frequency for monthes last year, and it is lower now.
Came because : maybe a concert, maybe a big flue with nose taken, maybe the nervous breakdown that came with it, maybe also backache and cervicals problems.

Nervous breakdown: resolved by 3 monthes of prozac starting with 1 week of anxiolytic. Then during the prozac cure, I started an adapted yoga-therapy that changed my life

What You need to know:
- the following only apply to High whistling tinitus, on both ears, with volume varying:
- High whistling tinitus is the lightest form of tinitus, you can recover from that.
- High Whistling tinitus may not be a ear damage: it's the part of the brain which decode that frequency that develops more.
- When the sound stop suddenly, The brain react by listening the inverse sound, which looks is the same.
so when it get suddenly higher, sometimes it means it is going.
- it also develops because you listen it.
- the more you act fast against tinitus, the better it is. "Installed" tinitus are hard to cure.

What worked for me:

- use a WHITE NOISE generator at low volume. white noise has all frequencies, so no matter your tinitus, it will cover it. I use a PDA to play a big mp3 of white noise at night, near me. I pump the volume so it just cover the tinitus. Of course no headphone.
This way, the tinitus volume will get 50% lower within 3 monthes.

- Take care of your cervicals and your back.
Seeing an osteopath shouldn't be an option. Asking some yoga teacher for movements to make your neck more supple is a good idea.
One of the cause of that tinitus may be bad bloodstream in some brain part, and cervicals are linked to that.
Doctors give "vastarel" pils for the brain bloodstream, but I didn't find it effective.

Massing your neck down to up, then mass around your ears vigorously give fast results: tinitus going for some minutes.
Something more violent ?
First, have some calm, slow, and deep breathes, then after a minute, inspire and block:
Close your ears by pressings your thumbs on them, and in the same time close your nose with the other fingers. When that's it, look down to bend your head (chin on the collarbone), and expire to make pressure inside your head. keep on pressing on your ears. Then when you can't stand more, stand up your head, free everything, and take some deep slow breathes again. That's it. Don't do that more than once a day.

- avoid alcohol for some monthes. (It develop installed tinitus.)
- having a healthy life helps.
added on the 2010-02-27 22:44:41 by krabob krabob
didnt know there were that many people here with it. im abit surprised, thought it was more rare than this O_O

Well, if all active people NOT having tinnitus would post in this thread, it would probably a whole lot longer.
added on the 2010-02-27 23:02:15 by krabob krabob
Great advices Krabob, I'm kind of sorry you took the prozac route. I agree for the alcohol thing.

have you an idea how did your white noise cure actually work ? Do you think any broad band noise or music would do the same ?

Also, Vastarel was mostly useless for me too, what worked for me is Sermion, a more powerful vasodilater with the mildly fun side-effect of increased hearing.
added on the 2010-02-27 23:17:24 by ponce ponce
my Dad was a Singer in a Rockband, so i raised like 1/3rd of my baby-age in the Rehearsal-Room...i guess i had it forever so to say !

it wont go away at any time, just the human brain is "programmed" to skip away some stuff all the time, so the only time it hits me, is when i´m completely alone and no TV/HiFi is playing any Sounds !
even living outside ( homeless ) for 6 years didnt hinder me living normally with that shit, coz: Outside its even louder than at any Rock-Concert ! ( ok, depends on where you live outside ! )

the only problem after 30++ years to me is :
i cannot get to rest ( sleep, think, etc ) if theres no sort of background-noise anymore, so best solution to tinnitus is: MOAR NOIZE ! ( thanx nosfe ! ;) )
if theres no nosfe around, turn on music ( repeat !! ) or turn your TV at loudness==LOUD ! ( if you wanna get into sleep fast ! )

the beep-sound is activated only, if theres no counter-noise ! ( just forget about being "The Man in the Mountains" and it´ll be ok ! )
Tests are being made with anti-tinitus hearing kits. Looks like the ones def people uses, but emits a noise which is not auditive, but that counters the tinitus. The apperatus has to be calibrated specially to each individual case. I saw on TV some years back, dont know if it went into production or is still a work in progress.

I have had tinitus for years due to DJ'ing and bouncing. I think i ignored mine away. It was pretty bad at one point, but I started to shift focus. everytime i 'heard' it, I started to force my mind to focus on something else, rather than to introduce more noise. I know it is still there, but I am just not bothered with it and I dont hear it anymore unless there is absolutely quiet, which is rare in a city.

I know of a bass player who did the same thing with a similar result. He and some other musicians I know insist that tinitus is as much a psychological problem as a purely mechanic one, but I dont know. What we did is probably some kind of placebo treatment.

I would compare it to...Parents. Have you noticed how some parents can stand in the middle of 5 screaming kids during 'the wolf hour', and seem relaxed as if they were def to it? They might actually be!. Learn to do what they are doing with their children, on your tinitus, that is the closest I can come to telling you what we did. It did however work for whatever reason that may be.
added on the 2010-02-28 09:33:33 by NoahR NoahR
"def" :D
added on the 2010-02-28 13:34:09 by Gargaj Gargaj
wasnt prozac that stuff that drove lots of people into suicide?
as it seems that nearly everyone here has tinnitus, I'll inform you that I don't ;)
as soon as I started going to clubs and concerts (and I visit alot of them) I realized how much I hated the whistling in my ear afterwards (the "normal" whistling that goes away after a few hours). so I started to use ear protection. I also have it with me when there is the slightest chance that it might become loud. and in most clubs and on concerts the PA is cranked up that loud, that it's actually only bearable with proper ear protection (IMHO).
I also don't think it makes the experience worse. at least my hearing adapts to the sound with ear protection really fast and it's as enjoyable as without - only without the whisteling afterwards ;)
added on the 2010-02-28 13:44:22 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
I've had tinnitus for a few years now and it's around 5kHz in both ears. Can't remember exactly when it started because it sort of "faded in" over time. Luckily it's not very loud, so I can block it with quiet music or some other sound but if it's very quiet it can be distracting. My hearing isn't that good otherwise either and sometimes I have trouble hearing what other people are saying if there's any noise in the background (which is probably why I hate talking on the phone because there's always constant noise).

Now I wear plugs when ever I go to clubs or concerts so that at least it wouldn't get any worse. I'd really like to hear stuff when I'm older too.
added on the 2010-02-28 13:57:13 by teel teel
I have it, on both ears.
Never bothered to find the exact frequency, sounds comparable to the constant beep a CRT tv-set emits.
Have had it since 94 or 95, don't really remember anymore. Probably appeared as a result of prolonged loud music on earphones (walkman/discman) and getting a shock by playing way too loud on my friend's new subwoofer while sitting in the corner of the room where all the bass gathered.

Best way to tackle it is pleasant background noise (music/tv), and don't think about it.

It's only annoying when it's completely silent around me, because then the tinnitus is all I hear. Apart from that, I don't think much about it.

I still have excellent hearing across the frequency spectrum, but I've noticed that it's harder for me to focus on conversation in noisy environments (restaurants, office noise, at home when TV is on and so on).
added on the 2010-02-28 14:22:51 by lug00ber lug00ber
I royally fucked up my right ear by DJ'ing in shitty clubs with shitty sound systems. After one particularly bad night I got tinnitus in the right ear for about 2 years. The first month I thought I was going insane... a constant ringing, everything sounding muffled yet harsh at the same time. Flushing the toilet sounded like an ape screaming in my ear. After the first month everything went back to normal, apart from the constant ringing, which was sometimes very loud and sometimes rather mild. I slowly learned to stop paying attention to it and after ~2 years it was suddenly gone.

During the bad nights I used to turn my electric fan on... sounds much nicer than white noise.

added on the 2010-02-28 21:12:38 by spinor spinor
spinor: seems like you had cochlear hyperacusis, seems common in a starting tinnitus. Maddening indeed :[
Do you have an explanation why (and how) your tinnitus gone away ? Just not paying attention ?
added on the 2010-02-28 21:42:27 by ponce ponce
Crosbow. Yes, in an ironic twist of fate 'Prozac' given to people with depression can cause depression and an elevated risk of suicide. It shares this problem with most drugs that has Fluoride as, or part of its active component. drugs like Flusilazole...which is a pesticide. So you would probably be just as well off just downing a couple of tubes of toothpaste (dont!). It is cheaper too.

added on the 2010-02-28 23:52:52 by NoahR NoahR
When im drunk I have a nice smooth tinnitus at 800hz with sidechaincompression triggerd by my heartbeat.
added on the 2010-03-01 00:03:07 by dubmood dubmood