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oh yes, welcome of course. you see, we're some polite people here. mmh... makes me think that no one ever welcomed me on pouet. damn!
added on the 2003-09-19 15:16:21 by {OdS} {OdS}
I too have maked a WTF?!? when i came first. It was good as long as it lasted, and swell to the Honesty: it is still! For the question You have quested i cannot give a answer the proper way. Maybe the other have helped You now and already in this preety weird path to find out where You are now.
Welcome to Pouet.net Ods. :)
added on the 2003-09-19 18:33:39 by Wade Wade
Hey all! Thanks for all the welcomes. Sure are a lively bunch. Looks like I'll be reading that faq, checking out this suggested sites and doing some serious downloading this weekend to figure it all out. At the very least, you are compelling. ;-)
Wade: thank you Mister!
djrandeesha: happy downloading!
added on the 2003-09-20 22:44:41 by {OdS} {OdS}
djrandeesha, just note that what you can download and watch on a today's PC, is just a pale shadow of the great old times of the demoscene... sometime around 1992-93 for the Amiga, or 1995-97 for the PC.
added on the 2003-09-21 01:54:18 by tomcat tomcat
Tomcat, talk for yourself
added on the 2003-09-21 10:00:59 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Tomcat, maybe today's demos are not a pale shadow of those from the past, but they are different. But I agree, 10 yrs back that was a great(!) time. But well, everything changes.
added on the 2003-09-21 10:49:24 by sim sim
tomcat, disagree. the best demo ever was released late 1999.
added on the 2003-09-21 13:30:33 by skrebbel skrebbel
Richard, every revolutionary demo is 'the best ever'. Imo there are no 't.b.demo e.', there are some which are the milestones or a class better then the other productions at that time.
added on the 2003-09-21 14:14:32 by sim sim
disagree with tomcat.. and amiga sucks!
added on the 2003-09-21 14:51:46 by okkie okkie
Okkie, you are kidding =).
added on the 2003-09-21 15:14:38 by sim sim
i agree with tomcat for the amiga part. naturally people who didn't experience it can't understand it.

for the pc part, well, the demos of 95-97 didn't have as much of an impact for me... the real good pc demos are yet to be seen.
added on the 2003-09-21 15:16:17 by reed reed
sim: am I? AM I? :D

added on the 2003-09-21 15:49:37 by okkie okkie
added on the 2003-09-21 15:56:38 by sim sim
Bah. I started watching demos in '89 on an Amiga 500. The stuff made today is way the fuck better than shit loads of sinus scrollers.
djrandeesha: feel feel to ignore tomcat, he's pretending to be a bitter fuckhead.
added on the 2003-09-21 22:11:24 by Shifter Shifter
djrandeesha: You pegged it - a very lively bunch. The people are the really interesting part. Course, the fact that they make neat stuff helps. But to really experience the scene you have to be INVOLVED. So, after the initial amazement, try doing something yourself - and don't worry about it sucking cuz it won't be 100% suck. It may be 99% suck but still that 1% will be the part you can build on.

And of course Reed and Tomcat are right, but the current scene is developing into something to rival the environment we had in the prime of the Amiga days.

If you missed the people part of the sinus scroller, yes, they were boring. But that would make you pretty oblivious to the actual scene.

It's not like I didn't do this with the artcrap when I first saw it - but eventually it was "oh. shit. There's like... people behind that." And now I can watch the modern stuff with a less biased eye.

(Halycon still sucks.)

Question for you - you came here cuz of tunage? (I assume cuz of the dj part of the nick)
you are all wrong
added on the 2003-09-22 11:00:22 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Be strong.
Be wrong.

Gives an image of being populated by totally childish / mentally
retarded / insecure people..

sounds good to me!

growing up = getting boring
mentally retarded = being different than majority
insecure = you mean dangerous or unstable?

added on the 2003-09-23 05:31:55 by raver raver
hey truck dont lurk around at pouet ... finish the page :P
added on the 2003-09-23 05:48:31 by xeNusion xeNusion
It's not like I didn't do this with the artcrap when I first saw it - but eventually it was "oh. shit. There's like... people behind that." And now I can watch the modern stuff with a less biased eye.

Speaking of that, where are all the people in the US? Can I hook up with some people in Colorado, or even Utah? Like no one in the US does demos and it is a damn shame. Prove me wrong and show me a good US prod. I know like 4 coders and all of them are busy making bigger, better weapons systems or working in finance.

I do music. The more experimental sounding music that I did is what I've done with a tracker. I like modplug and Renoise. There's much more to a demo than that, tho, so can I get some sharks with frikkin' laser beams?
added on the 2003-09-23 10:48:30 by niles niles