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optimus, you have a real huge inferiority complex!
added on the 2003-10-25 18:46:48 by js js
dispwitch: I don't think anything, I am just wasting my time. Or having fun while reading your predictable replies to all these..
js: Like that for example. Why does everyone have to answer with things like this? How do you know without knowing me? And yes, lack of self-esteem was always my problem, because of all these people who made me feel bad about myself. But I don't express it here. Perhaps I am only trying to surpress it with my arrogant posts..
added on the 2003-10-26 11:42:06 by Optimus Optimus
This is prolly the sickest thread I recently saw...
added on the 2003-10-26 16:36:12 by Gargaj Gargaj
I think perhaps Optimus has an internet addiction.