Easter 2011

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i did a brief check and found a flight from murcia to e.g. frankfurt hahn at easter for ~170 eur.... sounds reasonable. and there should be more flights from alicante....

plus: don't park at the airport for TONS of money. use public transportation.

so: 170 eur for the flight, 10 for transportation, 100 for booze+food + ? entrance fee = good! :)
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CIH: "mine" was the demoscene-olympics year... I believe it was 2001 (i have the "MS-DSO" t-shirt somewhere around)... probably it just happened again on later editions :-)
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the longest travel i had back home from a demoparty where 30 hours in my own car: driving directly from the party accross europe to my office :)
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pro: yes, there seem to be more options now than there were back then... but as I said, nowadays I'm just "not that interested" in the demoscene to make it worth the hassle (and that amount of money)... if anything, having cheap flights is still a great thing, even for not going to a demoparty! :-)
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It definitely was 2001... man, do I look young!
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And all these 330 posts in this thread just because of an invitation...

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Actually, it was because of a badly researched article.
added on the 2010-11-13 20:49:22 by D.Fox D.Fox
And this article got corrected on the 10th of november 2010 at 01:36
(at which time this thread was half way page 5 ;-)
added on the 2010-11-13 22:43:08 by magic magic
It definitely was 2001... man, do I look young!

I didn't go to MS 2001, I was elsewhere that year, but they managed to repeat the same arrangement in 2002. Here's the relevant section from my party report :-)

(Some time later...)

I've managed to try out the sleeping area that sucked so much, and I think that I've sussed out the main reasons why it might suck...

The sleeping area is in a temporary shed or barn with a canvas roof. It is heated by a hot air blower which does its job well enough, as you are greeted with a blast of warm air when you first go in, an experience not unlike our initial arrival at the Heide Halle. The problem comes when you go to lie down, as it is apparent that heat has a nasty tendency to rise (out of reach!)

At the same time, the 'temporary' nature of this building is underlined by the large gaps in the walls, which admit blasts of chill evening air. You have a situation where you can be warm, if you either get the spot next to the hot air inlet tube, or else you somehow have to learn to sleep suspended off the floor and near to the roof! (Note to the organisers, next time, provide hammocks!)

Next, the foot traffic in and out is constant, and if you are not 100% dedicated to the idea of total exhaustion, then the squeaky door reminds you of its presence, constantly, not to mention the passing foot traffic often causes a dip or wobble in the temporary flooring, so it is if you are sleeping in an earthquake zone.

The rumble of passing traffic on the nearby highway is really a minor distraction, compared with the rest of it! I'm pretty sure I managed to sleep a little bit this morning. At the very least, it is a huge relief to put my feet up and to get away from the relentlessness of the party for a while.

added on the 2010-11-13 22:46:21 by CiH CiH
In all fairness, I have never been colder (at a demoparty) than at The Gathering 1995. There was a separate sleeping hall which was not heated at all. Granted, that was the year it was held in Kristiansand because of some Danish anti-virus company took it over and made away with some of the profits, and it was swiftly put back in the hands of Crusaders the year after. :) ..and "Dope" was released there, and I played Magic: The Gathering with Lizardking.. So it wasn't at all bad. :)
added on the 2010-11-14 11:33:40 by gloom gloom
gloom: Strictly speaking, it was “Gathering 95”, not “The Gathering 1995”. And it was really only related in that they were allowed to borrow the name (since TG94 was intended to be the last TG). But yeah, I've heard it was quite bad :-)
added on the 2010-11-14 11:55:40 by Sesse Sesse
gloom: A lot more strictly speaking, it was Stavanger, and certainly not Kristiandsand. Also, back then, sleeping (properly) was really not part of the party experience ;)
added on the 2010-11-14 12:11:55 by nerve nerve
sesse: indeed, it wad called just "Gathering".

nerve: ..and yes, it was Stavanger, not Kristiansand. My bad :)
added on the 2010-11-14 14:10:57 by gloom gloom
TG95 wasn't that bad, i didn't sleep in the tent though.;) A bunch of nice scene guys visiting (had i nice talk to crest there), nice productions, not to crowded.

For me TG94 was the coldest (and generally most shitty) party . Not being allowed to sleep inside the hall (because of some electricity problems) so they managed to get a tent which they put up outside for people to sleep in. I ended up just rolling out the sleeping bag on a snowy plain. Even colder was sleeping outside a mall in Lillestrøm on the way back after the car broke down and no trains departing, but i guess that wasn't the organizers fault.
added on the 2010-11-14 14:55:39 by Mel Mel
partying in norway is like the survivor on discovery channel
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dubmood: This comes to mind when you say that.
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People with problems sleeping at parties clearly are too sober ...
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ah, the old days =)
since i was about 12 years in 1994 i had no way of experiencing this. but i can say that from tg99 to tg09 i've never been freezing. sure, there have been cold wind blowing in from the huge gate in the north end from time to time, but i guess that's a small price to pay for having toilet paper and food and whatnot they're transporting trough that gate. but it has never been freezing. and sleeping haven't been much of an issue either. just make sure to bring sleeping bags (i forgot mine in 2001, concrete floor is not really comfortable) and earplugs =)
added on the 2010-11-14 15:38:21 by Kepler Kepler
there have been cold wind blowing in from the huge gate

Well, still not as bad as one of the last editions of The Party where there was actually snow blowing in through the opened gates :-D
added on the 2010-11-14 16:18:23 by sparcus sparcus
The coldest party I can remember was the Ultimate Meeting 1999. I had to sleep in the car without a sleeping bag at sub zero temperatures.
added on the 2010-11-14 22:03:57 by D.Fox D.Fox
my coldest party was m&s 2002. went to bed totally drunk at 11pm (in my car) and woke up exactly 12hrs later - and it was still dark - i was not sure if i had only a SHORT nap and was like wtf?! because it was so fuckin freezin cold - finally i found out that my windshield and stuff got snowed in. fallingbostel. april. great :)
added on the 2010-11-14 22:24:53 by pro pro
My coldest party was theparty 1993. There was so much snow and wind we could not see 1 meter in Front of us THE small bus...
added on the 2010-11-14 22:42:54 by magic magic
@magic, had the same experience back in 1995, same country, same party ;)
added on the 2010-11-14 22:59:22 by cryer cryer
Cryer, i hater Thatcher rave in THE sleepinga hall @ tp95 ;)
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Damn iPad ;)
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