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D.Fox has the lead.
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..and you should all be satisfied with that. end.
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skrebbel- Frameworks can either help or hinder—it depends on how they are designed. A bad framework (like one I saw recently that simulated Java's "import" by searching the code directory for source files on every hit) can hurt a lot, but a good framework (that's lightweight and provides a very streamlined autoloader) can keep a site well organized and even facilitate certain optimizations that would be unmaintainable to implement into spaghetti code, like for example grouping unrelated calls to the cache server into a single multiget.
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php spaghetti code is often significantly faster

i can assure you that in this case, cleaning shit up would certainly speed things up too.
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yesso / gargaj, of course, of course. i was just saying that fast php code doesn't imply good php code. that said, i doubt 19ms to generate a single page is necessarily fast, but ok. bet it's all the DB anyway.
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Real webmasters code their own servers and tcp stacks in hex.
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Real webmasters don't read this thread.
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gargaj, not every system is supposed to have beautifull code. also, consider that what you find beautifull today might be ugly tomorrow.
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Bug report: "second" is not supposed to take the plural "s" if it's less than 2.
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depends on how you read it. "Half a second" vs "0.5 seconds" me thinks.
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oh and, not using a framework is not the same as having spaghetti code :-)
oh and, not using a framework is not the same as having spaghetti code :-)

And vice versa ;) /guilty
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Page created before the invention of the abacus.
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