Amstrad CPC vs C64

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Why Alice 90 ? Go for Alice 4k instead !

Anyway, back to hacking around on MO5... :)
Thomson FTW! Coding something for the TO8D :)
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what Supersly said.

+1: what Supersly said.

Count me in, that's +3 for you Supersly!

What is interesting is not the computer in itself, but what you do with !
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Hey, I just can't stand the fact the C64 is so hyped. It's cool computer with its specific features like SID, VIC-II or not normal palette, poor Basic etc... it's just THE C64. Nothing special.

Why should I support this computer, when it's the most supported 8-bit platform on the demo scene? I'll rather make productions on the others.

The Spectrum is the computer I know very well, it was my first computer for many years! For me, it's the best computer. Not a C64. So is it time to learn? Maybe, but it's just not so interesting for me, like the other computers like ZX/CPC/Atari/and others.

Anway, every 8-bit machine, including C64, is superb! Love them all!

@Supersly, AGREE.
added on the 2011-03-27 14:18:21 by aki aki
wood: great! I'm not alone then :)

Anyway, if you want to impress me, go code something on galaksija. Everything else is too powerful. And if you want full color and all that, why keep on 8 bit ?
Supersly for president :)

Why should I support this computer, when it's the most supported 8-bit platform on the demo scene? I'll rather make productions on the others.

I like this. The less popular 8bits need more scene!

One thing I have been wondering about Spectrum and wanted to ask you about. Where is the community? Is there a place on the internet where you can feel like family, see other pepole discussing about Speccy demoscene (in english) and feel you are not alone with this machine? I am just wondering..

On the CPC we have pushnpop now (english speaking, scene oriented community) and there is interest for outrech. The C64 has just powerful community and there is CSDb to connect with. But on Speccy, I found two Russian speaking sites and then there is raww.org which has some news and zxdemo.org which seems abandoned. And no forum to connect with the scene or ask questions. There is also WOS that I think has a forum but it's more fan oriented than scene. After my lame 1k Spectro, I am less motivated to make a bigger demo for Speccy than on CPC and the C64 just because of that.

Of course, the Speccy scene has this weird thing, splitted into Russian sceners using these clones I don't know and few people from UK and other places who do some nice demos for the standard models. Maybe I should travel to a party to connect with some Speccy people, maybe. But if there is a site, mailing list, even irc where the Speccy scene connects then I'd like to know. (Also I can't find enough technical information on Speccy, and the russian forum seems to have some interesting programming and scene threads, it can be tricky with the translators :P

It's a pitty, because I sympathize with the Speccy.
added on the 2011-03-27 14:38:21 by Optimus Optimus
Optimus, you're right, it could be difficult to get into Speccy scene. In fact, it is very fragmented. It used to be quite big, but now there are only few people on the real demoscene, just like on CPC, maybe less. The pity is, that ZX people from east Europe have problem with English. So, if I (or someone) launched something like Push'n'Pop site for Speccy in English, it would stay ignored by most of Czech/PL/SK/.. people. And the second problem - almost all Spectrum fans around here are NOT interested in demos. They just like making new hardware, utilities, or just gaming. Which is very different when comparing i.e. to C64 scene. On C64, people do mostly demos, games, fun stuff.

There used to be raww.org, with news and scene stuff. It's abandoned now, because icabod has family and no time to manage the site.
Zxdemo.org is dead, but Gasman said he'll reincarnate it probably.
There are some mailing lists, like comp.sys.sinclair or wos forums, but not scene oriented. Similar local mailing lists are in CZ/SK, Poland. About Speccy, but not about demos. Of course they are able to answer your demo related questions, but there is no scene spirit. There is no active group who would be interested to make demos as their prior activity. There are only former members, who make some effect or demo from time to time, for fun. So if you want to contact "The Speccy scene" - there is no way. Better contact certain people involved in writing demos in the past, because, today the demoscene like you knew it in the past is dead.
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Maybe it will be better to give the whole URL : www.pushnpop.net
Amstrad CPC demoscene oriented, and interest for others 8/16 bits demoscene!
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@Supersly: You're a liar !!! Your picture don't look like this on real hardware.
Stop bullshit with your "flipping technics".
You want to fool everybody here ??? ;)
added on the 2011-03-27 15:12:43 by Beb Beb
It worked fine at the party with the video projector wich does hardware deinterlacing. Same apply for Spectrum pics and demos, anyway :)
@Beb : Try to make a better sccreenshot. On my CRT, it is very close to the CPC screen. But of course, on a shitty flat screen... just forget it.

If you were on C64, you could moan : the pitch, the contrast, the color and the bright would completely change the render...

I haven't finished yet with flipping, sorry :)
added on the 2011-03-27 15:31:00 by Supersly Supersly
@Supersly and Pulkomandy : It doesn't run like that on real CTM screen.
I don't care about video-projector. I don't have one at home :)
On amstrad-cpc, page flipping run a 25hz.

You talk about that on Pouet website, because many people don't understand how amstradcpc hardware work... You looking for (fake) glory :)

gnéh gnéh gnéh
added on the 2011-03-27 15:38:13 by Beb Beb
Hey, stop this shit ... ;)
BB Image
added on the 2011-03-27 15:51:34 by aki aki
Beb: they do the same on spectrum, there are even demos using flipping in all the effects, so why shouldn't we do the same on CPC ?
Also, I'm sure you forgot to put your sunglasses before watching sylvestre's pic :)
You love 25 Hz in From Scratch ! C64 loves 25Hz (even the 16Hz !). And all other computer love it. Allelouia !
added on the 2011-03-27 16:05:28 by Supersly Supersly
@Optimus, I think your software X-stretcher routine is very fast :) , but perhaps this is not the best thread to talk about it.

Furthermore, I agree with Supersly. This is a very subjective issue where there will be no agreement, and where we must talking is through the productions.

I encourage anyone who wants to discover new things to try it on CPC, where there is much virgin territory to explore yet

added on the 2011-03-27 19:24:43 by Rhino/BG Rhino/BG
@Optimus: the X/Y deformation (after the raster-rubber) and the joker-zoom need just 1 (or 2, for technical reasons) line(s) updated in software, repeated on the whole screen, and rasters to build the bitmap (change every 4th lines on X/Y deformation, every 3 lines on the joker-zoom... and we can see it :). So very few software are involved, and a lot of rasters. Zoom-scroll is different because the bitmap is not the same at each frame. But I don't want to break the magic in explaining all the tricks ;)

It took me a while to figure out your explanation. If it is what you say then it's quite different than what I would have thought and a wild idea to do a zoomer. Gotta check it with Winape32 again to figure out the rest :)
added on the 2011-03-27 20:06:50 by Optimus Optimus
i have 3 CPC464s and there are no worthwhile demos for it. :( c64 scene does its stuff on 64k...so why do Atari and Amstrad need to use expanded systems?
added on the 2011-03-27 20:15:22 by button button
Well, the first Amiga model (the A1000) had 256KB ram. Should it also be considered as the base model and the A500 the expanded one?
@ Rhino : Thanks! I am just looking at your demo again with Winape32, searching the code with debug and I see very interesting code techniques I haven't thought there. I am definitelly learning from demos like this :)
added on the 2011-03-27 21:08:15 by Optimus Optimus
button : CPC464 was sold for a year only, and 6128 from 85 to 91, so it's the reference. Why do all C64 demos need a disk drive ? It's the same thing...
What about those different CRTC versions? If I were to look at getting a machine, how would I know that I get a "demo-compatible" CRTC?
added on the 2011-03-27 21:54:32 by Sdw Sdw
Why do all C64 demos need a disk drive ?

All? Hey, none of the C64 demos I have written need a disk drive, you could run them from tape if you wanted, or spend a year poking it all in from basic (loading from tape would take a week or so less).
added on the 2011-03-27 23:12:43 by mermaid mermaid
@Sdw: That would be a problem, knowing what CRTC it is before buying the machine. If you could persuade the seller to run this little basic programm here then you would know before buying. (Page is in Czech, but the programm is basic :) Also, I am not the author of this basic list as stated, I just found the source from some other place and provided it to Factor6 :)

I think, if you buy a CPC you will most probably get a CRTC 0 or 1 as they are the most common. But I am not sure. Let's hear if other CPCists have something to say about this.
added on the 2011-03-27 23:17:35 by Optimus Optimus

Old AMSTRAD logo (crtc 0 or crtc 2):

BB Image

New AMSTRAD logo (crtc 1 or crtc 4):

BB Image

Type 2 and 4 are very rare, but If you want be sure to get a demomaking compatible model get one with the new logo.
added on the 2011-03-27 23:42:28 by Rhino/BG Rhino/BG