relaxing demos

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bakkslide seven
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Flight of Dreams II by Phenomena more of an intro but has the classic mod.echoing by Banana :) used to listen to this for hours while doing homework! ;p

Virtual World by TomSoft Maybe relaxing, is to me but i can just sit back and grin like a tard at the pure awesomeness that is Audiomonsters tune in the 1st part.

Captured Dreams by TBL Parts are very relaxing, dolphin scene, easter island part, water part with bubbles rising to the top(i wish i could have this part on loop with that music :)
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Old stuff: Overdose by Delight - plasma plasma plasma!

Note: the youtube version is no good and doesn't do it justice. Use an emulator, or the real thing.
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Oh, and speaking of 4ks, how could I forget Sincere? :)
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Instant Zen from Synesthetics
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Mostly Instant Zen by Synesthetics and Track One by Flt.
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The awesome Brain-State-In-A-Box by Cryptoburners for sure.
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Anything by Speedfisters.
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just some that weren't mentioned yet

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Allius by Quite

BB Image
Movement by Peon

BB Image
Voidspace by Woorlic

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Stop Rokkasho by SQNY

ah, this one is also lovely and relaxing:
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heart shaped box by melwyn
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I think too many demos are quite relaxing slowtros ..
But looking at it this way..
what About parsec:
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or Difúze:
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didnt read le thread so far, but this one for sure: Le Haujobbs - Liquidate? Whom?
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BB ImageBB Image

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great choices so far!

just want to add one of my all time favorites:
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Plastik by purple
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Hofn by xplsv if you like icebergs.
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