So, are demos art?

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I remember when I was opening a similar topic and got slammed by almost all pouet users.
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SoDa7: well, this is pouet, after all.
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Danguafer: No hard feelings at all. Btw, do you know if Evoke is accepting remote entries this year? I am building a groupless demo.
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but somehow i have to disagree with Photon:


Fuzzy definitions will not help in understanding anything.

Well, art is fuzzy and subjective. There won't be any formal definition as a result.


code is not art

I think this is wrong, code is beautiful, to coders.

Why else would you think that they keep inventing new languages & frameworks to solve again the same problems in a more beautiful way?

Because it's what they do. :)

Of course, this type of beauty can only be seen in the source code (hence the hype for opensource?), and it's only relevant to other coders.
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as I've already said. challenge in next century will be to be able to make skies again, dreams for people, and capture mind.
I present on my website the necessary to be able to understand dreams:
Moreover, let me explain how you can share memory with other people.
First you have to analyse your dreams at awake to disconnect from animals and then after slavery you can sleep without dreams by regressions and start to communicate with animals. To make see your memory you have to characterise the slundering and it's all, animals are enjoy to share with you ressource of teh world.

As I told before, communication with other planet is possible in due to the fact they do not share even the same skies and vegetals, property of life in carnivorous plant hermetism bring humanoids.

As I already told, I've seen demoscene creations throught time, prescience is also accessible with animals.

Moreover, let's say I do not want psychiatrist rules the world of dreams, they are bastards and paedophilians with their fake ideas and doctrins for monks.

The goal if you accept it, is to make dreams women about sex with you all the day...Explore worlds you create...etc.

I've make skies http://courson.morrison.free.fr/ that makes connections in about dreams and life throught time, it's already built in constitution, and in my precedent talks, I supposed demoscene could bring good dreams to people.

Skies makes dreams automatically, and psychiatrists want you to be sequestrated to be studied, do not forget it.
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I've just succeeded in break in their cetral of full color dreams at their start...It's bad taste all the day. Choose the gold breaking future of Imperial House dreams !
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make a demo about it.
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freud is not my guru. AMIGA !!!!!
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and please stop crystal-meth.
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^^ & the shrooms. They aren't helping you stay in touch with reality.
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let's say ventriloquism is for psychiatrists
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Jeff Dunham, just for those who wonder what ventriloquism is about :-)

Btw, that's not art. It's a trick.
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I don't get it.
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I think Demos ARE an artform. Art, in it's many forms invokes feelings in the person perceiving it. Demos work in the same way as it is a medium in which feelings are expressed through creativity and these feelings are passed onto the person that enjoys said work.

Lets put it this way: If I was to walk through a gallery, I would enjoy what the pictures are and generally how they make me feel. If a gallery was set up to play a demo on each screen on a loop, I would still have the same amount of enjoyment from it.

But, only a small portion of all demos would be classified as art.
let's say ventriloquism is for psychiatrists

I don't get it.

I'm thinking everyone on the planet apart from Bartoshe doesn't get it. ;-P
Woot - I much prefer Strassman.
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code is not art

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Art isn't the techne, art is the idea :)
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art is what you make it.

a bottle of beer is art.
a beautiful womans tits and ass is art.
rest is crap.
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Thus, everything is art, therefore demos are art. Problem solved. ^^
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art is crap
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LOL ! +1 for you. ^^
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