Sceners going to SIGGRAPH?

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Hi all,

I'm curious about who (as in, from the scene) is going to SIGGRAPH this year.
Maybe we could plan to have a beer or something.
added on the 2011-06-13 09:37:05 by Zavie Zavie
It collides with ASM, doesn't it?
added on the 2011-06-13 12:38:03 by Gargaj Gargaj
Not going, but the demoscene will be represented in the programme.
added on the 2011-06-13 19:47:13 by gloom gloom
In what programme?
added on the 2011-06-13 20:17:07 by leGend leGend
Real-Time Live and Electronic Theatre.
added on the 2011-06-13 21:17:50 by gloom gloom
OH. Suits us. Keepin' eye on these.
added on the 2011-06-13 21:23:18 by leGend leGend
@Gargaj: Evoke too, if you take flight into account. :-(
Assembly 4 - 7
Evoke 12 - 14

@gloom: thanks for the info!
added on the 2011-06-14 07:28:22 by Zavie Zavie
Real-Time Live and Electronic Theatre.

I hope it's more than the mind evokes. Sounds like a puppet show with glenz cubes singing :)
added on the 2011-06-15 01:50:01 by Shifter Shifter
Shifter: I believe "Happiness is Around the Bend" and "cdak" will perform Hamlet :)
added on the 2011-06-15 10:29:51 by gloom gloom
I'll be there
added on the 2011-06-15 16:29:18 by smash smash
I'll try to go this year.
added on the 2011-06-15 16:32:29 by kusma kusma
I will most likely be going again this year.
added on the 2011-06-15 17:24:18 by mentor mentor
smash/mentor: if you're going in a non-paid, non-work capacity (not likely, but I thought I'd mention it anyway), you qualify for a 50% rebate on the ticket.
added on the 2011-06-15 21:18:32 by gloom gloom
Looks like I'll be there as well. I also happen to appreciate beer.
added on the 2011-07-10 23:38:35 by hornet hornet
I'll be there.
added on the 2011-07-11 08:33:25 by NeARAZ NeARAZ
Any recommendations regarding nice places in Vancouver?
I've never been there.
added on the 2011-07-17 04:13:02 by Zavie Zavie
I just got my shit together and booked flight, hotel and registered. So I guess I'll be there for sure.
added on the 2011-07-21 15:59:21 by kusma kusma
Only about a week to go now. I'm flying in a few days early to attend HPG as well, btw. Also, does anyone have any clue about bars in Vancouver?
added on the 2011-07-30 16:37:59 by kusma kusma
kusma: not yet, but ill gladly help you discover them
added on the 2011-07-30 17:37:05 by smash smash
The guild now has a mission.
added on the 2011-07-30 17:49:50 by Zavie Zavie
High-quality bars in Vancouver shall be discovered, then!
added on the 2011-07-30 18:17:38 by kusma kusma
OK, so I'm leaving tomorrow. My phone number is (+47)986 59 656, call me for beer-meetups!
added on the 2011-08-03 14:57:57 by kusma kusma
Zavie: I'm totally going. If you're there, I'll sure to catch up with you in person. :]
added on the 2011-08-03 15:15:17 by Wyrmling Wyrmling
kusma: cool, another number for my drunk dial list
added on the 2011-08-03 16:29:15 by smash smash
@ Vancouver. Spotted smash at the airport..
added on the 2011-08-07 04:27:01 by fragment fragment