Logos that changed the scene ..

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I believe this logo will change everything! I know you can feel it in your hearts!
posting random shit start to boring me :(
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It's: "starting to bore me" friend. ;)
See, now I helped YOU out!
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Thanks boys - keep em coming ..

@rez - b/w small melon. logo was done by me (seen) -
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Ming charset Amiga
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sorry guys
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a Classic logo made by J.O.E. of Scoopex
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Who Could Forget...
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I don't think any logo changed the scene. There were some great logos though, that upped the standards for artists. Arte logo by Ra, TRSI logos by Terminator, UNO, JOE, Reward, sure, all that stuff is good. Was nice to see Made's recent logos :)

The C64 scene regularly bring some neat ones, although hampered by lores a bit. But for PC, I think I will need some reminding if you will help me.

The little melon tag, cough, well that does not qualify does it. In fact, that's all they had. When they needed a big logo, they just enlarged the same one :o

Trendsetting, sure. Or just don't bother drawing a proper logo cos you have no talent? :)

Let's draw some cool logos again! Here is an Amiga logo resource with a few so you can see what styles have been done before!! :D
added on the 2015-01-22 01:16:03 by Photon Photon
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(Stolen from maep's profile on Nectarine where a bunch of other old and new Nectarine logos are listed, as well as Demovibes ones.)
Legendary Commodore AMIGA Pixel Art Logos

FREAX - The Art Album may be a good resource. It has logos divided into c64, pc and amiga with author, group, year and demo they appeared in.

This image has a ton of amiga logos so you can identify any trends if any. The same dithering patterns can be seen between different images. That might be related to tools available or flat out copying of manual techniques. Artists jumping between groups may be why you see the same style.

I think some logos were influenced by BBS ANSI art back in the day.
here's an interesting read related to that

I am personally keen on finding any logos that featured palette rotation. was that a thing?

I'm a fan of Perspective Projection, cracks, gradients and bubbly details.
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