Kindergarden 2011

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so i clicked on gargaj's link, and then selected a translation in a proper language. next, by cleverly investigating the availability of further translations, i found out there's another and much more sensible word for the same in Bokmål. HA! :)
added on the 2011-11-06 22:36:06 by havoc havoc
entertainingly, that would be called (by most people) a "francia pirítós" in hungarian, which when translated means "french toast" which is a completely different thing :)
added on the 2011-11-06 22:49:46 by Gargaj Gargaj
A big thank you to all the visitors! You make all the mental stress of organizing incredibly easy to bear. Please come again next year.

Also, a big thank you to the same visitors for listening to us and cleaning your own tables before you left, probably saved us a few hours of cleanup time. We love you!

Finally, regardless of what I said to some people during the party, we ended up way above 0, financially. A lot of you offered to help out/adviced us to up the ticket prices next year. As we could seemingly have broken even with about half of the final visitor count, I see no reason to do so, and hereby promise that Kindergarden will continue to be as cheap as it is now.

(And hey, a few more years of plus and we might finally end up being able to organize the party for free)
added on the 2011-11-06 23:30:07 by leijaa leijaa
that completely different thing is called a wentelteefje in dutch, which literally translates to "rotating little bitch", which is rather odd, and thereby brings us back to the topic of this thread, somehow, i guess :)
added on the 2011-11-07 00:24:32 by havoc havoc
My 3 hour party-hack of a 32k exe that I wasn't able to deliver as actual 32k since there was no internet-access is now available here Please include that with the other releases :-)

Oh, and ofcourse thanks for a really, really awesome party. You guys pull off a smooth and enjoyable party each and every single year. There's no way you're getting rid of me anytime in the future, that's for sure.

Also a big thanks to Gargaj and Lug00ber for running the compos smoothly. Somehow, the sound-setup seemed a lot better this year than last. Even though I know it's the same setup. Probably better adjusted or something. Don't know, but it did sound better!

Food: Excellent. Compos: Excellent! Bonfire: Excellent! Kiosk: Excellent! Organizing: Excellent! Internet-access: Problematic ;-)

See you all again next year (even though we'll probably meet at several other parties before that ;-)
added on the 2011-11-07 07:36:45 by Punqtured Punqtured
Punqtured: I dig the track :) But you should kick revival's ass for not synth'ing in realtime!! 32kb is too big for precalc!!!1
added on the 2011-11-07 12:03:21 by ferris ferris
Ferris: I have to disagree :-) 32kb is too big NOT to precalc (at least if you're doing substractive synthesis). You can't do really interesting oscillators without a precomputed wavetable. And then you're stuck with filters and effects to make it interesting, which is hard.

I agree that there is too much precalc on Punqtureds track, but I was too pressed for time to find out how much buffering was actually required.
added on the 2011-11-07 12:48:11 by revival revival
You can't do really interesting oscillators without a precomputed wavetable

That IS a good point.
added on the 2011-11-07 13:43:45 by ferris ferris
you HAVE a shift key!
added on the 2011-11-07 14:31:03 by farfar farfar
Single word description: Awesome!
Using a bit more words: Genuinely Fucking Awesome!
Random quote: 'In Soviet Finland, alcohol touches YOU!' ;)
added on the 2011-11-07 15:24:37 by Haohmaru Haohmaru
Amiga Demoshow. (Not sure if the play order is correct.)

01 - Iris "Kilofix" (Breakpoint 2006)
02 - Loonies & Ghostown "Human Traffic (Revision 2011)
03 - Elude "Shake off the dust (Revision 2011)
04 - Ephidrena,RNO,Kvasigen "Software make the dance foam oil"(Datastorm 2011)
05 - Mankind "New world child" (Euskal 2001)
06 - Embassy "Myster & tremor" (Dreamhack 1998)
07 - Dekadence "Chaotic" (Assembly 2011)
08 - Furryboys "Darker" (The Gathering 2001)
09 - Mystic "Megademo" (Assembly 1999)
10 - Spaceballs "Norwegian Kindness" (Datastorm 2011)
11 - Dekadence "Swansong" (Revision 2011)

We also tried DCS "klone", but couldnt get it to work. And by the time Loaderror came to the rescue to get it working, it was too late :/
Next time perhaps ;)

Btw, did we do the Skarla "Massive" Demo? I planned to.
added on the 2011-11-07 17:00:12 by tFt tFt
despite what you said earlier tFt, it was a good demoshow with lots of surprises, very entertaining - so thanks for doing it! :)
added on the 2011-11-07 19:02:53 by farfar farfar
Massive wasn't there, no..

I'm still angry at Gargaj for blocking the attempts of getting one of my favourite amiga demos of all times to run. We were so close!
added on the 2011-11-07 19:15:42 by leijaa leijaa
To whomever uploaded the entries to scene.org. The Renoise .xrns-file seems to be missing from the zip-archive of my 32k entry on scene.org. Was it deliberately removed or did you just add the exe to the existing archive?
added on the 2011-11-08 07:49:51 by Punqtured Punqtured
The latter. I never received an XRNS.
added on the 2011-11-08 09:21:54 by Gargaj Gargaj
Thanks for the party! The food service was awesome:) More clothes hangers would be nice though!1
added on the 2011-11-08 13:27:10 by fragment fragment
ahhh the clothes hangers... that were bumped off their rack by the same guy who thought it was funny to stand up repeatedly so his head would be inbetween the beamer and screen during the compos...
added on the 2011-11-08 18:59:16 by havoc havoc
It sure was funny, I was the one sleeping under them :D
added on the 2011-11-08 21:03:50 by fragment fragment
the 'stroking his hair' guy Morten was a strange and unwanted addition to the compo viewing, but a certain measure of satisfaction was attained when people began throwing stuff at him :)
added on the 2011-11-08 22:19:43 by farfar farfar
yep, maybe we need those oldskoolers with belts to come and teach the newskoolers some manners :D
added on the 2011-11-09 02:03:25 by tFt tFt
Ah yes, Morten, the guy in the red sweater. What was he on anyways?
added on the 2011-11-09 09:14:48 by skurk skurk
A very fast and intensive vodka-shotting round will do strange things to the human body.
added on the 2011-11-09 09:59:58 by gloom gloom
I am eagerly awaiting the surely upcoming ODD-Intro "Mother, Mother MortzERR won't sleep with me."
added on the 2011-11-09 12:55:53 by menace menace
The right title surely should be "Mother, Mother, MortzERR wants to sleep with me :("
added on the 2011-11-09 12:59:56 by leijaa leijaa