OP-1 synthesizer, software equivalent

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On my way to scratch that demoing itch, I would like to address the musical department. I feel lot of love for the Teenage Engineering OP-1, I'm happy with the sounds that comes out of it, the possibilities and I like the interface. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for me, and it's likely to be out of reach for a little while :(

Is there a software which is more or less equivalent to the OP-1 ?
- Simple design for the signal processing part
- A little keyboard, 2 octaves will do
- Create/save/restore synthesizer settings
- Mixing layers I created before

Note that I don't ask for a tracker, but a software emulation of an hardware synthesizer similar to the OP-1, and an UI that mimic this kind of hardware as well.
Tried messing around with http://www.audiotool.com/?
added on the 2012-02-08 14:44:34 by Gargaj Gargaj
I dont think so, as OP-1 also has sample/resample functionality and multiple different synthesis methods. You're looking at least DAW+synths+fx's stuff.
added on the 2012-02-08 15:11:35 by leGend leGend
@Gargaj It's very impressive ! I should confess I'm not musician, and apart from toying with the tone matrix, I'm lost >_<

@qmotvs Since I'm a total beginner, less features would be quite helpful I think. sample/resample, really don't need.

So let's reformulate : I'm not musician, I look for something *really* simple to play with, tonematrix being a very good example of such toy. Is there some software which is like "tone matrix on steroids" ? Sounds like a nice little coding project ^^
If you like processing you can quickly cook up something like this and go from there. (I assume by "tone matrix", you mean "ordinary 2d step sequencer")
added on the 2012-02-08 16:21:06 by tomaes tomaes
(the actual answer to your question would be something like bidule,max/msp, pure data), but you already said that's not what you want. :)
added on the 2012-02-08 16:27:13 by tomaes tomaes
http://www.audiotool.com/app WTF?! this shit is awesome.
added on the 2012-02-08 23:09:19 by raer raer
After following a few tutorials => Audiotools is indeed a very nice thing and can be learned by a total noob (=me) Very good answer. Also very inspiring for the time I'll craft my own "tone-matrix-on-steroids" :)

Let's trying redoing some BoC tracks with those Audiotools ^^