ftw7, ftw!

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Just something I threw together:

It's a fullscreen textmode demo viewer for Windows 7:

  • Download and unpack archive.
  • Launch ftw7_console_windowed or ftw7_console_fullscreen (640x480x32 only, GDI rendering only. It's a prototype after all).
  • It opens an open file dialog. Point it at a textmode demo's executable.
  • Hope it doesn't crash.

Tested with:

As pointless at it is, care has been taken to ensure it runs also on Windows XP.
added on the 2012-02-11 18:21:38 by Moerder Moerder
this is awesome, XP > OSes lack fullscreen console mode! does it come with vista support as well? :)
added on the 2012-02-11 18:40:45 by Defiance Defiance
Well, try it if you have access to a Vista machine. I don't. Under the hood Windows Vista and 7 don't differ very much, so chances are it will work, also considering I did test it on an XP machine, where it worked.
added on the 2012-02-11 18:44:33 by Moerder Moerder
Considering that XP still has textmode while Vista and 7 isn't, I think the compatibility with those systems might be more important :D
added on the 2012-02-11 18:45:08 by Gargaj Gargaj
Yeeessssss, of course.

I don't have Vista and won't ever use it if I can help it. What I'm saying is, it works on 7 and it works on XP, so I'm pretty sure it should work on Vista too.
added on the 2012-02-11 18:49:28 by Moerder Moerder
I'm gonna test it out at my work box (Win7) on Monday. If it works, wahey, awesome!
added on the 2012-02-11 18:54:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
Just tried it on Win7 x64 with Superkiller - fullscreen loveliness, nice work :)
added on the 2012-02-11 19:28:12 by raizor raizor
Good work!
added on the 2012-02-11 19:35:03 by xeron xeron
Add a blur shader! :P
added on the 2012-02-11 21:13:41 by xernobyl xernobyl
No need. I'm short-sighted, all I need to do is to remove my glasses.
added on the 2012-02-11 21:15:23 by Moerder Moerder
great work. thank you
added on the 2012-02-11 21:29:19 by pandur pandur
Excellent viewer :)
added on the 2012-02-11 21:37:25 by BackSpace BackSpace
I've just been told it works on Vista.
added on the 2012-02-12 13:23:07 by Moerder Moerder
Feel free to add it as a prod :)
added on the 2012-02-12 13:36:08 by Tomoya Tomoya
I thought I'd wait until I it has its real home to save us all the fixmebeautiful hassle.

The Vantage webserver is only a temporary solution.
added on the 2012-02-12 13:43:41 by Moerder Moerder
Very usable tool, thanks for it.
added on the 2012-02-12 14:07:00 by Cj Cj
If anybody goes and tests it with .kkapture I'd love to know about the results =)
added on the 2012-02-12 14:12:18 by Moerder Moerder
I've dreaming about a program like this, and here it is. thanks. :)
added on the 2012-12-24 02:06:24 by radman1 radman1
Works on OS X 10.8 with Wine and XQuartz, cool.
added on the 2012-12-24 02:18:45 by raina raina
Works nice here on Win7 64 bit. Only "problem" is, that every open window is moved to the second desktop - which in my case is my TV which is not always plugged in. ;)
added on the 2012-12-24 03:28:28 by Salinga Salinga
Awesome, makes windows textmode demos actually viewable with wine (wine's console is unbearably slow)
added on the 2012-12-24 03:52:14 by FreeFull FreeFull
The nondescriptive topic threw me off track, but yay \0/, just what I needed!
added on the 2012-12-24 03:52:46 by trc_wm trc_wm
Works on my W7 64-bit as well, brilliant!
added on the 2012-12-24 05:54:10 by trixter trixter
Yes, you see, this is a proof of concept, and especially the display part is just threwn together (640x480 fixed, GDI rendering only).
added on the 2012-12-24 19:30:22 by Moerder Moerder
Also, thanks for trying this on WinE, something I always meant to do but never got around.

Not surprised it works on Win7 64, that's what I'm developing on. It doesn't support 64 bit processes, though. Not a problem until somebody actually goes and compiles his demos as 64 bit application, and even then it's just a matter of providing two versions of the emulation DLL.
added on the 2012-12-24 19:34:18 by Moerder Moerder