ftw7, ftw!

category: code [glöplog]
I get a lot of debug info but no demo output on XP.
added on the 2012-12-24 20:58:22 by trc_wm trc_wm
Works great with a new demo on win7 64bit.
added on the 2012-12-24 21:10:19 by mu6k mu6k
The only problem is that I have both horizontal and vertical black bars. Native screen resolution is 1440x900.
added on the 2012-12-24 21:20:06 by mu6k mu6k
thanks for making this! its a must have for watching textmode demos in full screen on windows7
added on the 2013-11-13 11:59:38 by radman1 radman1
This might be a reasonable project to opensource actually.
added on the 2013-11-13 17:18:39 by Gargaj Gargaj
I'm shocked, shocked! that it's not open source yet. =)
added on the 2013-11-13 18:05:48 by sol_hsa sol_hsa