Solskogen 2012 - Dawn of the Dead Pixels

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thx to tft for submitting my remote entries. .. Now.. can u pick up my prices too if there are any? :D
added on the 2012-07-15 13:11:37 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
same here :)
added on the 2012-07-15 14:27:50 by xni xni
Heading home.... All day; All night (and stuff). Excellent party, Darkliteapproved :)
added on the 2012-07-15 15:59:17 by response response
sorry i had to jet so early this year and couldnt say goodbye properly; this might have been one of the best solskogens i've been to.
added on the 2012-07-15 16:17:17 by Gargaj Gargaj
Thank you guys for yet another awesome party! Summer wouldn't be the same without Solskogen. <3

Gargaj: I was looking for you :( Well, I just need to double-hug you the next time I see you, I guess :)

added on the 2012-07-15 16:38:43 by Zeila Zeila
What Gargaj said - this was my favorite Solskogen to date. Thanks everyone who are involved with organizing and making food etc. I made some new friends, which is good - and it was great seeing all of you old regulars again and be silly for 3 days straight together :)
added on the 2012-07-15 16:39:36 by xrs xrs
Thanks to everybody for coming! Pictures are coming (to the newly restored pr0n.sesse.net!) as soon as I can get them uploaded.

And yeah, July is “hug a Hungarian” month.
added on the 2012-07-15 16:53:17 by Sesse Sesse
I approve of this solskogen. Although i was just participating from the couch (thanks, Scenesat). Next year i might actually get my ass of that couch and come.

Great party, people :)
added on the 2012-07-15 17:33:06 by Kepler Kepler
Kindergarden 2011: Clothes hangers. Everywhere.
Solskogen 2012: Grass. Everywhere.

(No, not the kind for smoking)
added on the 2012-07-15 22:20:02 by skurk skurk
Xerxes and Zeila said it all :)
added on the 2012-07-15 23:10:56 by ferris ferris
Thanks everyone for a great party! It was my first party outside Finland and I'm totally coming next year too :) Great compos, atmosphere and people.
added on the 2012-07-15 23:22:27 by Sanni Sanni
Thanx for a great party!
added on the 2012-07-16 00:24:06 by Spexzter Spexzter
Thanks for a great first Solskogen to everyone. It makes me very happy to see so many great people, and make a few new friends, possibly - even if im not the BEST at walking up and saying hi, alcohol still managed it quite a few times :)

Feel free to say hi at some DANISH PARTY very soon - and tremendous respect to the brave pants-off tribute at the prizegiving ceremony. You know who you are, and have the respect of the danish demoscene :)
added on the 2012-07-16 00:26:49 by nic0 nic0
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to Solskogen this year, and to everyone who contributed to the compos -- you guys rule.

Also: a round of applause for the awesome Solskogen crew -- they also rule. :)
added on the 2012-07-16 00:30:39 by gloom gloom
thanx for nice compo's!
Also pants up Gloom :D
added on the 2012-07-16 00:31:42 by magic magic
Thanks to organizers and visitors for a memorable party <3
added on the 2012-07-16 01:15:25 by visy visy
Thanks for a great party. Friendly organizers and awesome visitors - Solskogen got it all!
added on the 2012-07-16 08:40:37 by Randy Randy
Oh no - I got home without my Solskogen 2010 t-shirt
added on the 2012-07-16 10:10:01 by Steel Steel
thank you for another awesome party! special kudos to the meat service this year! i thought it was the most delicious bbq so far in the history of solskogen.
added on the 2012-07-16 10:31:31 by loaderror loaderror
Yet another kick ass party. Thanks a bunch to all the organizers. You are truly pros! Big up to all the friendly visitors, I don't think it could've gone any better.........at least I have no bad memories ;)
added on the 2012-07-16 13:27:23 by tFt tFt
Excellent organizing, excellent atmosphere, the compos ran smooth, thank you all!
added on the 2012-07-16 13:38:42 by Frequent Frequent
goood morning denmark

BB Image
I LOL'ed as I have never LOL'ed before.
added on the 2012-07-16 13:56:17 by maytz maytz
Fantastic as allways. Here's the votes from the Fnuque jury:

+ Coffee
+ Organizing
+ Compo-crew
+ The soup on friday! Man that was awesome!!!
+ Compo entries
+ Guests
+ Weather (afterall - who would have guessed it'd turn out that perfect?!)
+ Concert/DJ/Sets
+ Outracks Free Beer
+ DuB Showerbeer Festival
+ Football compo (except making sure there was a ball) ;)
+ Internet connection worked more or less flawless during the party

- That fat bastard in the Helly Hansen outfit, that insist on cutting the grass on friday each and every f***ing year ;)

Hope to see most (if not all) of you at TRSAC this october!
added on the 2012-07-16 13:57:01 by Punqtured Punqtured
Rasmus: LOL Yeah. This is how it's done:
1: Wait patiently until the grass is properly wet
2: Cut the grass and drive so close to the tents, that they're spraypainted with cut grass/water
3: Insist that everyone now moves their tents on top of the newly cut grass/water goo
added on the 2012-07-16 14:00:40 by Punqtured Punqtured