Which football team do you support?

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attemps don't count :]
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no the 20 goals do..
i dunno. this thread is "lost in translation". fuck yo ronaldo right now. maybe i'll catch that Elf. D:
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he scores a lot against clubs that that don't play that well. He didn't do much against Chelsea but I wish him luck.
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they even made action figure that doesn't look anything like him ;]

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and of course Jose Mourinho
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All-time Top 10 scorers in Premier League,
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In 2013 Lampard moved to 2nd position with 209 goals, Where's Suarez?
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I nether get why so much attention is paid to the scorers. Soccer is a team sports..
added on the 2014-01-13 19:07:09 by whizart whizart
yes but you need that striker or a midfielder who is consistent with scoring. Without that player you can have 10 attempts and 0 goals.
added on the 2014-01-13 21:24:54 by Forcer Forcer
michael owen, wasnt he in take that before he got permanently injured? ;)
Didn't he blame Liverpool for his injuries?
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He blamed liverpool for everything. Look at the amount of injuries in newcastle during the years he was there though.. half the team got injured on the dance floor after drinking (at least that was the rumour)

Forcer: suarez hasnt played 200 games yet, give it a few years :)
Suarez has a good season the same as van Persie last year but this year he's awful in Man U.
It's all about consistency however I don't see it with Suarez just yet.
He couldn't do much against Chelsea and when he gets nervous he starts
doing stupid stuff like biting people around him. Perhaps it has to do something with his childhood. I think he still has a lot of issues to real with.
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Manchester United got bitchslapped by Chelsea, in case you missed that :]
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*cough* :)
That's ok :] Liverpool still have to play Chelsea so 3 points will go our way. But please no bitting this time.
oh yeah and City as well.
added on the 2014-03-31 17:43:46 by Forcer Forcer
yep, those are gonna be two tense games.. exciting ending to the season for the 3 teams :)
Totally, Chelsea already messed up in the last game with Palace.
We are only 3 point apart but you never know. There is so many surprises this season.
The thing with Chelsea is they won all matches with top premiership teams
but can't win with teams like Cristal Palace, Astonishing Villa, Stoke City, Suderland etc.
Jose needs to buy a new striker. I would love to see Diego Costa or Hulk.
There is also rumor about Suarez going to Chelsea :]
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Chicago Bulls
i prefer the rumour that you might have to let the last sticker you bought from us go on loan cause no one wants to buy him :D also, why would suarez leave, we're in the champions league next year!
They may offer him better deal at CFC. But
I would rather see Diego Costa playing for Chelsea than Suarez.
I think Ba will leave and Lukaku will be back. Jose still believe
in Torres. He always says how well he does in training... most people are sick of hearing
that because he can't do shit anymore. He's slow - he moves like a cow. They should send him back to Liverpool and ask for money back :)
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Mourinho speaks truth about Suarez:
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what happened when moyes accused suarez of being a diver:

be careful what you say about him, he scores more when ppl hate him!