Which football team do you support?

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We don't hate him. Mourinho is just playing mind games and he's actually good at that but he respects Suarez as a player.
I read today in Daily Need, Lukaku may go to Tottanham if Chelsea buys Diego Costa.
I think Costa one of the best strikers in the world. Top scorer in LaLiga this season.
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0-2 mate :]
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yeh, that was one of the worst matches i've seen. 60 minutes with 10 chelsea players in their own penalty box.. still first though, city need to win 3.
I knew you will say that :) but I think it was smart strategy from Mourinho and not too smart move from Brendan Rodgers. They went all for attack, Chelsea started defending with almost all their players, moved back and they scored from counter attack.

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and what exactly do you want from football, both sides stuck in their own half pretending the goal doesnt exist? boring.
Huh? what? Chelsea scored twice playing defensive game ;)

But Nope, both sides usually won't play defensive match. You don't see that too often.
I think it was bad tactic from Liverpool to move players forward, they
were asking for counter attack knowing Chelsea is good at that.
Chelsea also played their B team, without Hazard, Cech (injured), Oscar, Eto'o, Terry, and Remirez.
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you scored because of a slip and then at the end because we had 10 players attacking. but you're right, if we had been smart and just kept the ball in our own half and not attacked we would still be favourites for the league. but it would still have been one of the worse games i ever saw....

and i think i found morinho's favourite computer game :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKQW1p_F5OA

as for smart tactics, thats the same tactics all but 3 teams have tried at anfield. 1 of 15 defensive performances worked, one of 3 attacking ones worked....
Brendan Rodgers is a smart guy but I don't understand why he didn't change his strategy in the 2nd half. They should try to get Chelsea midfield forward that way game would be more open and also keep Liverpool defenders on their own half instead of 2 of them hanging around BA, (or Torres in 2nd half) - which is pretty risky.

Sure you can say Mourinho parked the bus but it worked at Anfield. That was exactly what he wanted to do, defend and go for another counter. I'm sure Liverpool would do the same if they were winning at Stamford Bridge :]
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yes, let's hope atletico punishes chelsea tonight for that appalling football of last time ;)
Damn Maali, you brought them bad luck! They played excellent in the 1st half then penalty happened and everything went down for Chelsea. They were tired after that match with Liverpool on Sunday.
Next year they will make to the finals. They are buying Benzema and Diego Costa over the summer.

mantratronic, Real Madrid will be probably buying Suarez.
Brendan Rodgers is crazy if he let him go. Still a couple of matches to go,
the one with Aston Villa may be tough :))))
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BB Image
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lol thats even worse than the one we have

i like how you replaced the guy who was too old with one 3 years older ;)
He's there for just decoration. It's not that Lambert is young striker. You guys trying to sign entire Southampton. But good move with getting rid of Suarez, one more bite and he could miss entire BPL season, there is too much risk involved. However, replacing him with Lambert is just crazy.
I heard Liverpool bought Orgi as well which make me sort of jealous since Chelsea sold Lukaku to Everton for 28mil. I was hopping it would be Torres who would move to different club but it's impossible to sell him.
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suarez is the best player i ever saw play for my club, no point trying to replace him. talk all you want about biting, he can do things with a football that defy physics and hes going to make messi look ordinary when they play.

have a look at lamberts interviews if you want to know why we signed him, huge fan, he's like a kid in the candy store. dont understand why we dont want borini back but oh well. i wanted lukaku too, think its crazy jose didnt want him.. origi will on loan next year so he doesnt really matter, but i guess hes promising.

southampton is sad really, they train a great team from very little money and now seem to have collapsed! lost half their team and a very good manager. but we know the players from there already play our style of football so it was simply too good an opportunity to miss. still i kinda feel like we mugged them.
The thing with Lukaku is he didn't want to compete for the 1st spot in Chelsea. He knew that Diego Costa is Jose's 1st choice and if he stayed he won't get much playing time. He wants to play all the the games and it won't happen with Costa on the team. So good luck to him. He also talked a lot of trash in the interviews.

Yeah, Lambert is a huge fan. Brandon Rogers said it has nothing to do with the fact that Lambert always wanted to play for Liverpool. He said, they signed him because he's a good player, yeah it does seem like a bullshit. It's sort of similar story with Drogba.
Liverpool should keep Orgi; I think he's as good or even better than Lukaku.

Yesterday one of Wolfsburg agents contacted Fernando Torres' agent about signing him for the clup, but after he found out about wages he hung up the phone on the guy:) I think it was kinda funny.
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