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they wont give a fuck, they just want all domains they are possibly entitled (or can coherce folks to give up) to, to be able to exploit them commercially in one way or another. and as gargaj mentioned it's very likely an automated mail that was sent (we had a few from disney or nintendo at scene.org at some point, assuming that an ftp with files that have some of their trademark names must be infringing intellectual property, all automated crawl the internet and send.

Interestingly, the email went to the hosting company rather than the admins at Atari.forum. It's the hosting company who are having the conniptions about the issue.
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Typical pouet shitting... ask a serious question and some dumbasses post shit and think they are funny.
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The answer is simple. If they don't back down, register "atariarefuckingbellends.com" and move the forum to it. When they take that one, register "fuckyouatari.com", and so on and so on :)
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Interestingly, the email went to the hosting company rather than the admins at Atari.forum.

I consider this is standard of operation.
Why would they contact some potentially unreachable admin of a potentially long dead site when it's fully sufficient to threaten the company hosting the domain? This is Atari's legal department in action and whether it's an auto-generated email or not, any domain host service will try to avoid battling it out.

And what Leonard Tramiel or Nolan Bushnell think about this is legally irrelevant. The smoking debris of what was once Atari is trying to live on its trademark - they have no other perspective - and naturally, they're out to make sure only they use the trademark.
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They do, however, think that it is wrong for Atari to pursue this, bearing in mind the site itself deals with products that Atari themselves are no longer involved with and henceforth have been treated as 'abandonware' commercially for quite a few years now. I guess we'll have to see what happens.

Do they still even have anything to do with Atari nowdays?

Plus, the point isn't about what's on the site, the problem it's using a trademarked name. Or something.
Atari of old are long gone. the people pursuing this are just the current owners of 'Atari inc' and are doing the same shit that Volkswagen US are doing the VW fan sites.
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the same shit that Volkswagen US are doing the VW fan sites.

Not only Volkswagen US, VW Germany does the same but had to face quite some shitstorms because of that recently which, amazingly enough, made them refrain from trying to take down certain MK1/MK2 forums.
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Good news, update:

I have just had a phone call from Kristen Keller at Atari.

She explained that Atari are now a very small company with literally a handful of employees (the actual number of employees is surprising).

In order to keep control over their only real asset (intellectual property), they use an external monitoring company who will scour the web for sites that may be misusing Atari's brand or using it without license. Kristen is aware of our site and assures me the notification sent to our DNS registrar was a standard letter sent on her behalf without her direct knowledge. She was at pains to stress she has now gone back to the monitoring company over the weekend and instructed them not to send anything out without her authority. She is also going to look into why an old email address was included in the notification and will get this changed. I'm now able to contact her directly if we ever need to.

Kristen has endorsed what we do as a site and a community. She likes knowing there are still fans of Atari keeping the name alive and stressed if she had known about the takedown attempt, she would have dealt with it before we even knew about it.

So for the record, Kristen Keller is not out to kill off the retro Atari community at all, she likes what we do for the brand. I have accepted her apology on our behalf so we can put this whole thing behind us and continue doing what we do.


Thanks for the messages and suggestions.
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these are some very good news! :)
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this is really nice :)
Side note: Currently, the official http://forums.atari.com/ is 404...
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thumbs up to Kristen Keller.
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What a good outcome, well done to both parties for acting like responsible adults :)
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Good to hear!
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There is hope in the world!
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nice :)
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yeah, faith in humanity restored :)
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Great ! :)
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Happy to hear the outcome was positive :)
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..for now
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... everything is always for now - and this is very good to hear.
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