VR CAD solution required - project bid

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We (Science & Art multimedia) has taken on a new client which is a scaffold safety eduction company. I'm looking for a virtual reality environment with CAD files for a scaffolding company. This is a great oppritunity for sceners to apply their knowlege for a pratical business solution. Please review the following requirements and bid on the job if you have the skills required.

-Import's CAD files (or uses preimported)
-Navigate the model
-Area detection on the model. Users will see the scaffold and be able to see what's right or wrong with it. Suggested solution is hot spots which the user can click on for detailed descriptions.
-Needs to work with VR equipment. For instance it can work with a VR helmet.
-Most users will have no previous experience with VR. It has to be really easy to use.
-Use of 3rd party software is acceptable
-Please indicate how long this would take to develop.
-Please indicate your cost.
-We can work with you on the graphics and interface.

All bids should be sent to our office manager at rberdan@scienceandart.org (Robert Berdan). Only serious bids will be considered. You may point to your PC Windows demos as examples. I will not be following up with people on this forum. The accepted bidder will be required to sign a contract with Science & Art Multimedia.

Lonnie Taylor (Patrick Groove)
Science & Art Multimedia
man... I should have read that first paragraph over before posting it...
Update: I was just emailed that we will consider on screen VR as opposed to 100% VR equip.