Scenery 1997 results

Scenery'97 Results.txt 

(Originally by Legend/xtatic, Edited by Storm / Cydonia)

Check out the web page for all releases and info:
(or http://www.zip.com.au/~random)

 PC 4kb Intros
 1st  "Plasm" by Lisc
 2nd  "Back 3" by Nimm
 ANSI compo
 1st  "Factory" by Factory
 Raytrace graphics
 1st  "Bay 51" by Infinity/Cydonia
 2nd  "Bleak Horizon" by Snykers/Cydonia
 3rd  "Egg Carton" by Nexus/SPRUnG
 4th  "Orange" by Storm/Cydonia
 5th  "Vorlon Homeworld" by Krion
 4 Channel Music
 1st  "The Dope" by Reaver/Digital Access
 2nd  "Waves" by Void/Reality
 3rd  "Tripitaka" by Legend/Xtatic
 =4th "Machine Talks To Man" by Jonny Mnemonic
 =4th "Biomorph" by Ben
 Hand Drawn Graphics
 1st  "Kathleen" by Infinity/Cydonia
 2nd  "Claudia" by Void/Reality
 3rd  "Sinsear" by Neuron/Dusk
 4th  "Maid" by Souri/Cydonia
 5th  "My Entry" by Goblin/Xtatic
 Multichannel Music
 1st  "Gotta Feel Good" by Rog
 =2nd "The Escapist" by Legend/Xtatic
 =2nd "Foundation" by Void/Reality
 3rd  "Sascha" by Jonny Mnemonic
 4th  "Feel" by Cyntax/Optix
 =5th "Fatal Visions" by Mighty-Mouse/T-Matic
 =5th "Pink Elephnat March" by Tomek/Optix
 DNQ  "No Pain" by RaM
 PC Demo
 1st  "Suspiria" by Xtatic (Goblin & Legend)
 Amiga 40k Intro
 1st  "No Shame" by Cydonia (Storm, Infinity & Muse)