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  • Optimus Unity -> Android -> APK. Unity -> Iphone -> Needs a Mac -> Cannot provision mobile -> needs new x-code maybe -> needs new OS maybe -> cannot provision -> fuck that shit, if I ever make flappy bird 2 and release to all platforms, apple can go fuck!
  • ham :D They only consider you a suitable developer if you are also a customer, of course.
  • skrebbel just like microsoft btw.
  • noby link me beautiful
  • StingRay link me beautiful \o/

BitFellas ArtCity Update #8 - Arok & Nordlicht 2014

--- Newsticker --- Added the graphics from Arok Party and Nordlicht 2014 to the database. See them all in showcase. If someone has a proper conversion of the 2 missing entries from the ANSI/ASCII competition from Nordlicht, please be so kind and submit them. Thanks!
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There is this cool American youtube show "Matt Chat" regarding history of the computer art and entertainment (games and more). And about beer / ale. ;^)
Lately there is a 2-parts interview with Yerzmyey of AY-RIDERS, and it's about some music stuff, about Spectrum, Amiga and Atari ST matters - and others.
The first part URL: http://youtu.be/nlXx947u6q4
The second part URL: http://youtu.be/gYnbE6tMnxQ
Also, apparently, there is a bug in the first part, so there has been a link given - http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/Yerzmyey-BOA_Theme.mp3 - to the objective problematic song.
Yerzemyey himself describes this as >>an interview with a guy who doesn't know how to say "50" in English<<.
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R̩cursion 2012 РNovember 23-25, Montr̩al, QC

[ demoscene.us ] R̩cursion 2012 РNovember 23-25, Montr̩al, QC
After two successful “@party Minidemo Montréal” events, Canada is ready for its first weekend-long demoparty since 2001! Récursion will take place from November 23-25, 2012, at Concordia University in Montréal. They will have the essential demo, graphics, music, and wild competitions, along with a fast demo compo on Saturday. Remote entries are accepted. For the […]
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BitJam Episode #191 - DESiRE Special

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #191 - DESiRE Special
Episode #191 - DESiRE Special
A special episode dedicated to that originally Amiga demo group that after a small break now makes demos on all modern (and slightly less modern) platforms. Feed your craving for the best chip-tunes, Amiga modules and streaming music by the dSr musicians from the past and present.

Mixing by Vincenzo, logo #191 by DeathStar, compiled by Ramon. We're on twitter and YouTube.

BitJam Episode #191 @ YouTube.

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PrEvoke is happening - in a new location

[ Evoke ] PrEvoke is happening - in a new location

Arriving at Evoke early? Already on Thursday? Looking forward to have a beer with other sceners and even some of the Evoke organizers? Then join on – for the third time – at prevoke: the unofficial pre party!

This year the pre party is happening at a new location: the hackerspace by Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) in Ehrenfeld. And its is just some tram stops away from AbenteuerhallenKalk.

Just take a look at the official homepage and see you there! Thanks to Topy for organizing!

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