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Flashback 2019 - June 9 - Remote entries and live stream!

Flashback 2019 - the biggest party in Australia is back and will hold multi platform compos on the bigscreen on June 9!

Remote entries are accepted on all platforms, with a special focus on the Amiga 500 OCS!

Get ready for a big one, please join us with an entry!!!

Flashback 2019 info flyer
[Submitted by Jazzcat]
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More Evoke pics + Deadline 2018

[ Slengpung ] More Evoke pics + Deadline 2018
The Evoke 2018 gallery just got some great additions by KeyJ and ted! In addition, there are now finally some pictures from Deadline 2018 as well.
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The long awaited update

[ Slengpung ] The long awaited update
How soon is soon? Well, apparently two and a half months... Here they are, pictures from Cookie 2018 by T$, Jumalauta 18 Years by biini, Under Construction 2018 by T$ and yours truly, plus some fresh pictures from Outline 2018 by bacter - enjoy!
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Scene World Podcast Episode #62 - Rad Rodgers RE - Ion Maiden - Wrath!

Even in 2019 firepower matters still! Our retro gaming expert Andrew and Joerg spoke to Frederik Schreiber (Vice President of 3D Realms + Managing Director of Slipgate Studios) and Mike Nielsen (President + CEO of 3D Realms) about their latest games: - Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition - Spiritual successor of "Commander Keen" with extended extras, and more characters to play with! - Ion Maiden - Action 3D game based on the same engine as "Duke Nukem 3D"! - Wrath - Action 3D game based on the same engine as "Quake". They talk about the long bumpy ride to develop and bring such new retro coined IP games to us enthusiastic old-school gamers! The interview starts at 4:56 minutes!

[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-03-19

Scene World - Video interview with Christian Spanik -Part 5 - Working at Data Becker

In part 5 of our interview series with computer media pioneer Christian Spanik, we talk about how it was to work for Data Becker.
A lot of stories to be heard of how it was to work for one of the biggest publishers in Germany and the first for computer books. We also talk about the expansion of Data Becker abroad like e.g. in UK or USA More

[Submitted by Nafcom]
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