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Mark Visser (Misser) passed away

[ Remix64 ] Mark Visser (Misser) passed away

On the 22nd of August Mark Visser (alias Misser / Mr.Mad) unexpectedly passed away. As a coder and cracker was responsible for numerous demo's and cracks and was loved by many in the C64 scene as a cuddly, crazy and happy Dutchie. He will be sorely missed. A website has been created in his memory where you can express your condolences or leave any message you wish.


Everything will be printed and personally handed to his family.
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BitFellas ArtCity Update #12 - Swiss pixels

--- Newsticker --- Fresh from Switzerland, we present to you the entries from the Demodays 2014 graphics competitions.
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Bleep and Destroy by Vincenzo feat. NecroPolo

[ Remix64 ] Bleep and Destroy by Vincenzo feat. NecroPolo
8-bit bleeps meet crushing metal guitars, synthesizer sounds and love for oldschool computers. These ingredients required to cook on high temperature together and the result is some fine sid-rock,  for the fans of chip'n'roll everywhere!

Get the full EP here:

Playable, oldschool point-and-click style musicdisk version:

Submitted by vincenzo
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IVP 2014 ZX party results and works (ZX81 and ZX Evo graphic compos)


22-24.08.2014 there was another edition of International Vodka Party in PL, a meeting of ZX machines' fans (plus all 8bit freakz). People came here from DE, CZ, UK and PL.
They were from ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore and Amstrad CPC scenes.

Except of hard drinking, there were also two ZX competitions:
- ZX81 hires graphic compo
- ZX Evo graphic compo.

The results are here:

ZX Evo works are here:
They are BMP and TRD files.
Use ZX Spectrum Evolution or ATM Turbo to display on real hardware (2 RGB entries work also on Pentagon 128 and ZX Spectrum 128, but use ZX Evo for the static screen).

ZX81 works are here:
They are BMP files.
Use ZX81 with ZXpand interface to display on real hardware.

Well, it was great fun. Thanks to all the participants and visitors for a good 8-bit meeting.

[Submitted by YERZMYEY]
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Subzeros C64 Podcasts to Return!!

[ Remix64 ] Subzero's C64 Podcasts to Return!!
After a hiatus of almost 7 years Subzero is bringing back his c64 podcasts!! The podcasts that begun back in 2007 ran for just over a year, with 36 shows being released. And now, after a long rest he's decided to bring them back! Promising to be as true to the original format as before, with special 'themed' shows, Subzero hopes he can bring the listeners back. Podcast no.40 'The Ocean Wave' is due for release in late february/early march and will focus on an array of music from games released by OCEAN software.

Submitted by Subzero
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