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Edison 2015 is over

Edison 2015 is over and we would just like to thank all 142 of you who made this party so awesome!
Weather was amazing, lots of releases and friendly faces. Edison just keeps growing it seems, so lets do it again next year, right?

Releases should be on scene.org within a day or two. Meanwhile, check out the results.

/ Edison organizers
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Slengpung: More northern lights

[ Slengpung ] More northern lights
While everyone is melting away, here are many more pictures from Nordlicht 2015 by dojoe, moqui, eha and myself.
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Sommarhack 2015 debrief

[ DHS.NU ] Sommarhack 2015 debrief
The 2015 edition of Sommarhack has now come to an end after an extremely hot weekend. The barbecue gods were with as always and we got to see some nice Atari hacking. Or what about a GCC compiled TOS 4 that works on STe or a new Supervidel racing game?

There were two game competitions held, a repeat from last years success. This year we ran Crapman on the ST and Super Cobra on the XL. GGN humiliated the rest while playing Crapman with one hand and talking to people and still beating the second place by a multiple of five. In Super Cobra it didn't look much different. All bow to the classic Atari-gamer #1, GGN!

As for the demoscene side, we had a nice competition with a total of thirteen entries, which of six were in the demo/intro category. Some big surprises such as the comeback from Cybernetics (20+ years since their last demo!) and new ST musicians showing sending in contributions. Thanks to all of you for supporting us!

Almost all releases are already available, and the few remaining will see a release over the summer.

* Sommarhack 2015 at Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/parties/2393/#competition_11645

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Live Acts & Seminars - Goto80 & Sebastian Bergmann

[ Evoke ] Live Acts & Seminars - Goto80 & Sebastian Bergmann

Evoke is not just about sitting infront of computers and enjoying their outputs on the bigscreen - we also want to give you food for ears, legs and brain. So, we are happy to announce our first batch of live artists and seminar conveners for this year.

As our musical headliner, we are very happy to have the legendary Goto80 (of Up Rough! and Hack'n'Trade fame) playing on Friday night. Goto80 is a Swedish old media artist and researcher who works with music and text. He was one of the pioneers of the new 8-bit music movement in the 1990s, after starting in the demoscene, and now makes music for performances and records, games, demos, movies and art projects. Goto80's music is like a low-res explosion of styles, ranging from lush ambient and cheesy pop to furious datapunk and complex beats.

30 years after the birth of AMIGAAAAA Sebastian Bergmann will give a seminar on how to free your old amiga from the attic and how to connect it to a modern world of highres displays, broadband internetconnections and afordable flash storage. A close to two decades ago Sebastian mothballed (figuratively, not literally) his Amiga 1200. Over the years he often wondered what it would take to "resurrect" his amiga. In march of this year he finally went heads first into the adventure of bringing his amiga back. In his seminar, Sebastian will give an detailed overview of how far he has come and what he found out is needed to make an amiga play nicely with nowadays peripherals.



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A Temporal Shift album by Uncle Art

[ ExoticA ] A Temporal Shift album by Uncle Art

Just two weeks left to back this new Kickstarter funded album by Dave Lowe, which is to feature remakes of classic Amiga, Atari ST and C64 soundtracks. The highlight of the project will be a full orchestral performance of the Frontier soundtrack by the Chamber Orchestra Of London at the famous Abbey Road studios.


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