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Scene World Magazine Podcast Episode #35 - Reshoot R with Richard Loewenstein and Altraz

Richard Loewenstein and Altraz are currently working on Reshoot R, the follow-up to Richard's 2016 game, Reshoot, for the Amiga. AJ and Joerg talk to them about developing for the Amiga, and the challenges they face in bringing new games to the market.
There is also a video version of it! which shows the beautiful games of Richard.
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ATARI XL and ST concert by Yerz & Pin / a new chiptune album (multiplatform)

Hi guys,
two retro-infos today.

1) Finally there's a full video from our ATARI XE and ST concert from Warsaw.

I was using:
- Yamaha PSS-680
- Yamaha PSS-51
- Korg Monotron Delay

2) There's my new chiptune/micromusic album on the net.

(C) 2017

Download: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/
Entire album in one ZIP: https://www.sendspace.com/file/vj1sr6

Hardware used:
ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface, Atari 520ST, FamiCom Pocket, Amiga 1200, Atari 800XL, Raspberry Pi 2, mini-synthesizer Yamaha QY70.

Software used:
ZX SoundTracker 1.1, MusicMon, FamiTracker, OctaMED, Neo-Tracker, Goat-Tracker.

WWW sites:

[Submitted by yerzmyey]
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Evoke News

[ Evoke ] Bitjam Podcast #217 – Best of Evoke

The third time Bitjam Podcast features an epoisode just containing Evoke releases! This time it´s Evoke organizer Teo to compile the track list and Vincenzo doing the mixing.

Go and download it from the Bitjam Podcast site...

01. Aech - Dust - 2013 Invitation (Party Heart / 5711)
02. A-move & Velvet - Voyager - 1999 Multichannel (1st place)
03. Drumhead aka. dq - Symbol (You Should Cut) - 2010 Invitation (Youshould / Haujobb)
04. Kritix - Feuermelder - 2000 Streaming (1st place)
05. lug00ber - The Alkama Challenge - 2015 Streaming (1st place)
06. Reed - Kings of Evoke - 2004 Invitation (Kings of the Playground / Equinox)
07. Shaman - Road to Granada - 2008 Streaming (13th place)
08. JCO - Computer, ich befehle dir! - 2007 Streaming (3rd place)
09. A-move - Pocket Safari - 2003 Invitation (Pocket Safari / Black Maiden & Park Studios)
10. Kenny Beltrey - The way we crack - 2008 Streaming (3rd place)
11. Paniq & Gary J. Hung - Fuckin' Aye Reloaded 4.0 - 2007 Streaming (4th place)
12. Ultrasyd - Campylobacter's Groove - 2012 Streaming (4th place)
13. Wiklund - Litotes - 2013 Streaming (1st place)
14. Glxblt - Gravelrash - 2011 Streaming (1st place)
15. Cosmiq & Cyrex - Last Train To Leningrad - 2013 Streaming (8th place)
16. Glxblt - The Monkey - 2012 Streaming (5th place)
17. Keith303 - We ain't no friends, mate - 2012 Streaming (9th place)
18. Subdream - Aahran Karana - 2014 Streaming (2nd place)
19. Wayfinder - It ends tonight - 2008 Streaming (4th place)
20. Teo - Skyline (Morning Mix) - 2016 Streaming (1st place)
21. Zippy - Track02 - 2012 Streaming (7th place)
22. Xerxes - The Tobias Heimlich Maneuver - 2011 Streaming (12th place)
23. Lucid - True Colors - 2016 Invitation (True Colors / Still)

[ Evoke ] ST-01 ProTracker compo

We're not only celebrating 20 years Evoke, but also 30 years of sample-based trackers!

In 1987, Karsten Obarski released his Ultimate Soundtracker, a piece of software for the Amiga that revolutionised demoscene music.

To celebrate this occasion, we have modified our tracking compo: You have to create a 4-channel ProTracker tune using only the samples from the original Soundtracker sample disk (the legendary ST-01). Read on for the rules...

[ Evoke ] Seminars at Evoke 2017

We are finally lifting the curtains on the seminars at Evoke 2017:

First off is Fizzer who called his talk "Light Force: Making demos look incredible good by using Global Illumination".

Second seminar is by Sebastian Bergmann (you might remember from his Evoke 2015 seminar) who sheds some light on "Amiga software development in 2017".

Both seminars will happen Saturday in the seminar room on second level.

More information on both seminars are available here.

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BitJam Episode #217 - Evoke is 20 - Best of Selection

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #217 - Evoke is 20 - Best of Selection
Episode #217 – Best of Evoke
Evoke is 20 this year, so here comes another selection with our favourite tracks.

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by Oni, compiled by Teo. We are on twitter and YouTube.

We are looking for gfx artist(s) to create nice banners for upcoming BitJam Podcast episodes. Please contact Vincenzo through BitFellas site if you can dedicate your talent for drawing podcast banners from time to time.

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NOVA 18, june, 22nd - 24th, GB

[ Demoparty.net ] NOVA 18, june, 22nd - 24th, GB

date: june, 22nd - 24th
country: GB

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