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Nordlicht 2017, july, 21st - 23rd, DE

[ Demoparty.net ] Nordlicht 2017, july, 21st - 23rd, DE

date: july, 21st - 23rd
country: DE

»Party hall with space for 130+ visitors and their computers, Large outdoor area, open-air stage and BBQ place, day and night, Graphics, music, photo, wild, demo competitions, old- and newschool
Saturday BBQ feast and Sunday breakfast: free for all visitors, Live DJ's, music acts and fun events (see timetable for details), In-house bar that sells drinks and snacks at fair prices, Separate sleeping room with limited capacity, A friendly team of organizers that care!

a certain demoparty.net admin wishes to call this NORDLICHT YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER

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Remixer of the Year 2016 Awards Show

[ Remix64 ] Remixer of the Year 2016 Awards Show

The time has come to celebrate and acknowledge the remixers' work in the C64 community by presenting the yearly ROTY Awards, as voted by the users at www.remix64.com. This year it's SLAY Radio's turn to give out the awards and give you a run-down of what happened in 2016.


As usual the show will be joint-broadcast on SLAY Radio and Scenesat Radio.


The show chat will be on EFNet #remix64


Don't miss it!!

[ Remix64 ] ROTY 2016 Awards - Show Report

On sunday, 19th February 2017, the awards show started broadcasting at 20:00 CET from the SLAY Radio headquaters, hosted by Boz, Slaygon and Leonie. The show featured a run down of the last year's events and popular remixes of each months, with award announcements inbetween.

The Best Newcomer 2016 award was announced and went to Armandox.

The second award went to ROTY award regular daXX as Best Veteran 2016.

Best Amiga Remix 2016 was awarded to Rapture for his epic Pinball Prelude Medley.

Best c64 Remix 2016 went to Mordi for his updated version of Why Me.

The special honour of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 was given to Ziphoid for his myriad contributions to the scene, and also to Ben Daglish, who apart from being an original legendary composer of the 80s is still active and around in the scene.

Also SLAY Radio listener Maltus was awarded as "Beer-deliverer of the Year" as a personal award of the SLAY staff for his extraordinary support (like, you know, actually delivering beer from Germany to the SLAY hq).

Finally, the big moment approached and it was time to award the main price, Remixer Of The Year 2016 and it went to MRT, second year in a row!


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Dr. Marq

[ Demoscene Research ] Dr. Marq
The defense went well, so now it’s finally time to publish the full version of the thesis for your enjoyment (and add it to the bibliography too). Here goes: Times of Change in the Demoscene: A Creative Community and Its Relationship with Technology. I’ll let you know when the printed version becomes available on the university webshop, although it’ll be just a few copies.
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Decrunch, june, 2nd - 4th, PL

[ Demoparty.net ] Decrunch, june, 2nd - 4th, PL

date: june, 2nd - 4th
country: PL

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Scene World Podcast Episode #30 - MEGA65 Update (including a look at Ron Gilbert's new adventure!)

AJ and Joerg start off the year with an update from the MEGA65 team, Paul Gardner-Stephen, Andre Kudra, and Detlef Hastik. talking about the progress of them making their enhanced and updated Commodore 65 machine!

Also, there is a special in the news section of this podcast before the interview: We got a look at the preview we have received of Ron Gilberts new adventure like a successor of his games like Maniac Mansion or Zak Mc Kracken: Thimbleweed Park! So check it out!: http://scene.world/c65update
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