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BitJam Episode #194 - Elephat

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #194 - Elephat
Episode #194 - Elephat
You know Skrillex, Noisia, Excision and other popular acts specialized on the mighty Dubstep sound? Guess what? They stink! The true deep bass music is coming from the demoscene. We are elite! We are phat! We have the bass! This is the ELEPHAT podcast with music sounding like it's played by a stompin' elephant. BAM!
BitFellas - kicks the bassline!

Mixing by Dr. Beat, logo by Mr. PhatBrush, compiled by BassyCat Doll. We're on twitter and YouTube.

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Slengpung: Evoking the Deadline

[ Slengpung ] Evoking the Deadline
Two more sets from Evoke 2014, courtesy of ted and IndustrialPope, haven been added. ted also provided another nice set of pictures from Deadline 2014. Enjoy!
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Moby - Amiga Days (Remasters)

Hey guys, Moby on the keys. I just released a compilation of some of my Amiga demoscene tracks ! I have extracted each instrument from each mod, carefully mixed each song at my studio, and then made a proper mastering. The result sounds absolutely awesome, better than I imagined !

Follow the link below to rediscover some classic tracks, and some more obscure ones !
Download is free or pay what you want !


Tracklist :
01 - Progressive Funk
02 - Papoornoo2
03 - Last Knight
04 - Dragonsfunk
05 - Pelforth Blues
06 - The Knight is Back
07 - Knulla Kuk !!!
08 - Let There Be Funk !
09 - Groovy Thing
10 - 88, Funky Avenue
11 - P.A.T.A.O.P.A.
12 - Drink My Pain Away
13 - Kanyenamaryamalabar
14 - Cortouchka!
15 - Heads Up
16 - Raging Fire
17 - Livin' Insanity
18 - Elekfunk
19 - Mobyle
20 - More Than Music
21 - Expr(out) (unreleased track)

Thanks for your support !
Elmobo, The Artist Formerly Known As Moby

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Syntax 2014 - the 8th time - Melbourne, Australia, 14th-16th Nov

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the lovely Syntax 2014 demoparty is happening again in Melbourne, Australia, on 14th - 16th November. Suddenly, we've been running our little demoparty for eight years now.

This year will be the first year that Syntax will be running as a 24hr, three-day event. We are very proud to say we are keeping the tradition of Syntax being free of charge.

If you wanna join us, simply head over to http://www.syntaxparty.org so that you can register and we can send you address details and stuff. More details on the website.
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@party 2015, June, 19th, US

[ Demoparty.net ] @party 2015, June, 19th, US

date: June, 19th
country: US

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