Solskogen 2006 results

Results from the Solskogen 2006 competitions:

Oldskool music:
Points	Title	Author
51	Motlyd	Frequent/Ephidrena
31	Hei sveis	Zixaq/Ephidrena
29	Dreaming jungle	fby
18	Final stage	Neuratix
17	Dialup	Neuratix

Newschool music:
Points	Title	Author
30	God of planar	Frequent/Ephidrena
24	Fuckings til Erik for A ha rota det til med invtroen	gloom/excess
23	Dream of nothing	Spexzter/dke
20	Favoritt pizza	0-day Ivar
19	Dandymaster	Dominei/INF
18	Cowbell Baby	Irvin/Outracks
17	Expulsion of lamers	lug00ber/Spaceballs&Kvasigen
15	Movin' On (Radio Edit)	Little Bitchard/MFX
13	Check this out	Past Redemption
8	I Can Be Human Too	Knatten feat. Microsoft Sam

Oldskool graphics:
Points	Title	Author
73	You loose either way	Cheetah/Ephidrena
37	Eat me	Proteque
33	Babe	c-frog/Nature
27	Abixe	Skan/DeM

Newschool graphics:
Points	Title	Author
73	Guardian of the north	Archmage/Andromeda
58	Tooth fairy	Mulm/Outracks
41	Just fucked Kusma	Proteque
34	The Furies	Reko

Combined Amiga democompo::
Points	Title	Author
90	Funk Def (Demo)	Traktor
43	Absinth (4k intro)	Nature
37	Fettkrem (Demo)	Spaceballs & Kvasigen
18	Spandex (Demo)	Laxative Effects
18	Samhall (Demo)	Elcrew

Combined PC democompo::
Points	Title	Author
74	Summer Encounter (Win32)	Outracks
60	Megahitler Expansion Pack (Win32)	Boozoholics
50	Textmode :V (Win32)	Kvasigen
41	Pigbender (Win32)	Keyboarders vs Darklite
21	No Cave In (Win32)	PlayPsyCo
20	Thrashin' (Win32)	Contraz
19	P0belfr0 (Win32)	TUFS
4	Amiga Summer Party (Win32)	Compusphere & AmiGBG
4	Demoen (Win32) 	Ubercrew
1	45 seconds (Win32)	Activator/ex-Yaphan
0	DynamiCGL (Linux)	Hullkortmasters feat. Kvasigen

In addition, the WILD-entry "Build your own arcade" by Darklite was the only entry in the WILD-compo, and thus; the winner. :)