galvaniseret STALL by Pittsburgh Stallers [web]
screenshot added by Puryx on 2006-10-22 04:32:04
platform :
type :
release date : october 2006
release party : The Meltdown 2006
compo : combined demo/intro
ranked : 2nd
  • rulez 50
  • is ok 15
  • sucks 2
popularity : 61%
  • rulez 0.72
alltime top: #2631
added on the 2006-10-22 04:32:04 by Puryx Puryx

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rulez added on the 2006-10-22 04:41:29 by mrdoob mrdoob
I didn't see anything in the Background just the lines and the text ??? (Using an Nvidia 6600GT)
added on the 2006-10-22 05:07:56 by siccoyote siccoyote
oh yes! Nice and dirty!
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 05:14:54 by hornet hornet
nothing new but good packing
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 05:20:19 by psenough psenough
what ps said.
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 06:10:38 by got got
radeon9800pro: nothing but text, lines and music
added on the 2006-10-22 07:53:12 by Hyde Hyde
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 09:15:00 by rasmus/loonies rasmus/loonies
annoying but stylish (!?)
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 09:54:21 by decipher decipher
Screenshot looks promising. Video please :)
added on the 2006-10-22 10:04:02 by dairos dairos
this 4k just looks like a demo :D
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 10:49:32 by pohar pohar
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 11:40:52 by wie8 wie8
same card and result as siccoyote. screenshot is interesting.
added on the 2006-10-22 11:50:33 by bigcheese bigcheese
I concur with pohar. This is a style not usually seen in 4ks.
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 12:05:25 by Blueberry Blueberry
Doesn't work on 6600GT? Wtf.
added on the 2006-10-22 12:12:12 by imbusy imbusy
Doesn't work here either :( Radeon x600..
added on the 2006-10-22 12:31:13 by Preacher Preacher
absolutely great for a 4k.
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 12:38:46 by anesthetic anesthetic
Wow, detroit :D
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 12:56:19 by Gargaj Gargaj
got the same bug here at my radeon 9800.
added on the 2006-10-22 13:14:53 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
Awesome :)

Preacher: works fine on my x600
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 13:45:21 by kusma kusma
GF 6800: nothing but text, lines and music
added on the 2006-10-22 15:02:37 by r0XX0r r0XX0r
As mentioned at couple of times i will fill in until mentor takes his time to answer you .. but i guess he is bugfixing atm., so until then only 80% can see the intro ;)..

btw. this also happened during the compo.. but so far, mentor hasn't reached the reason yet ..

no reason to comment the intro, kick ass ..
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 16:25:32 by dwarf dwarf
bug bug bug ...
added on the 2006-10-22 16:44:25 by zeebr zeebr
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 16:53:11 by parcelshit parcelshit
draw only text, line and noise
gf7800gt (91.47)
added on the 2006-10-22 18:45:51 by sekohisa sekohisa
Please stop using .com packers. Not working on Win64.
sucks added on the 2006-10-22 20:16:14 by ector ector
video needed
added on the 2006-10-22 20:23:56 by Tigrou Tigrou
As I allready told you, I realy like the mesh style. Cool 4k intro - Mayby a little tiny bit too stall :) The music realy rocks
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 20:50:02 by Master S Master S
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 21:31:14 by gentleman gentleman
Great style! Wish I could remember that I saw it at the party..
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 21:39:13 by faaret faaret
nv 7900 gtx. intel core 2 duo.
not working.
added on the 2006-10-22 23:36:23 by las las
"GF 6800: nothing but text, lines and music"
"draw only text, line and noise gf7800gt (91.47)"
"radeon9800pro: nothing but text, lines and music"
"I didn't see anything in the Background just the lines and the text ??? (Using an Nvidia 6600GT)"
starting to recognize a pattern
and on my 6600GT, also nothing but text, lines, music. Still, thumbs for the sound.
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 23:39:25 by noouch noouch
it's working on my sucky r9600mobby with p4m.
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 07:55:19 by las las
(crashes on core 2 duo even before switching to fullscreen)
added on the 2006-10-23 09:17:43 by las las
Works nice on GF6600GT; there are lines, text, noise, and after a while red object can be seen, just like on screenshot. Nice stuff.
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 12:38:29 by Lazarus Lazarus
Brilliant prod. Lovely tv static.
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 15:12:05 by DaD1916 DaD1916
Just lines and text + music for me as well.
added on the 2006-10-23 15:18:51 by StingRay StingRay
yeah yeah, I get it - it doesn't work on a lot of systems for some reason.

This was meant as a quick 'joke' release, and a chance
to do a less serious prod. Hence the use of a cover group/nick.

I haven't been able to reproduce the error on any of the machines that i have access to and the d3d debug runtime
doesn't report any abnormalities, so I have pretty much nothing to go by.
and i will not spend time debugging it during my exams. Don't expect a fix anytime soon.

Thanks for all the positive comment from those of you who were able actually
run this :)

BTW. fucking to dwarf for being a clueless idiot.
added on the 2006-10-23 16:35:38 by mentor mentor
pretty decent for a "joke release" :)
Fails on my x1900 (compo machine..) and gf6800, but works on gf7600. It's also worth noting that even on the failing machines d3d debug doesn't report anything - making the remote debugging harder and a fix less likely.
But nice and quite different for a 4k when it works.
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 17:00:47 by Psycho Psycho
what about giving us a unpacked version?
added on the 2006-10-23 17:17:59 by las las
@ mentor ..this is thanks to you for all the help you gave with cleaning up at the partyplace ...
added on the 2006-10-23 17:29:57 by dwarf dwarf
I have included an uncompressed version in the archive, although this will hopefully not fix the rendering issues. If you are in fact experiencing any problems with the compressed version, then please drop us a mail at authors(at)crinkler.net, giving us a chance to fix it for the next release ;)

I don't want this to turn into a total flamefest, and I realize that I shouldn't have called you an idiot, but I was really pissed at you for ruining this for me. For that i apologize.

I guess I would never be able to catch you in an idle moment ;)
And for the record - I did my fair share of cleaning, even the 'cleaned' partyplace after everybody else had left. Not that i would expect to be thanked for this in any way.
added on the 2006-10-23 18:28:59 by mentor mentor
I see and take back what I said in the other 4k. I only got the text without the 3d in here.
added on the 2006-10-23 19:36:09 by Optimus Optimus
very very cool ... looks amazingly polished for 4k

love the cracksmoking torus !!
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 20:01:03 by Weyland Yutani Weyland Yutani
uncompressed: shows the hourglass cursor for a while, then crashes.
compressed: runs with only text and noise.
added on the 2006-10-23 20:38:02 by bhead bhead
Tried the uncompressed version now as well, doesn't make any difference. Still only lines, text and music. :) So it doesn't seem to be a Crinkler problem. :) Anyone who can make a video? I'd like to see it since the screenshot looks pretty cool.
added on the 2006-10-23 20:49:41 by StingRay StingRay
rulez added on the 2006-10-23 23:34:23 by Skate Skate
(more than) just noise =)
rulez added on the 2006-10-24 00:24:53 by T$ T$
I find it a little painful on the eyes to watch but nontheless, great effects in 4k. Works fine on x800 laptop and x1600E, winxp sp2.
rulez added on the 2006-10-24 13:17:20 by auld auld
maybe the issue with the core 2 duo is caused by crinkler (dunno if it's the core 2 duo, but it could be). it crashes before rendering anything. that's why i asked for an uncompressed version. will try it on my core 2 duo at home...
added on the 2006-10-24 14:23:11 by las las
rulez added on the 2006-10-24 19:11:26 by iks iks
uncompressed version works perfect.
check your mail ;)
added on the 2006-10-24 20:06:28 by las las
rulez added on the 2006-10-25 12:25:48 by src src
ok that kicked muchos ass!
rulez added on the 2006-10-25 22:08:47 by keito keito
good enough
rulez added on the 2006-10-25 22:33:59 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
rulez added on the 2006-11-03 15:30:03 by Quarryman Quarryman
noise and text for me aswell.. win xp, X800, catalyst 6.9

looks like in the old days on the amiga, when the bitplane modulo was way off..
only text and lines on my 7900gto

seems to really kick ass so thumb up !

rulez added on the 2006-11-04 12:45:22 by Tigrou Tigrou
rulez added on the 2006-11-05 22:29:26 by blackpawn blackpawn
Don't know if I got the intended result since my gfx card is in the low end and I used an old .dll but big thumbs for the music.
rulez added on the 2006-11-09 21:24:25 by El Topo El Topo
fullscreen filterz!
rulez added on the 2006-11-11 17:01:08 by dila dila
rulez added on the 2006-11-11 17:06:27 by dairos dairos
rulez added on the 2006-11-11 23:20:17 by texel texel
Boring. Only saw static and texts.
sucks added on the 2006-11-12 00:59:46 by AntDude AntDude
Does it work on any card at all? All i see is comments that say they got the same as me: only static and text. Music rules though, and i like the style.. but nonetheless a piggy because it doesn't work anywhere but the coder's own machine.
6800GT here btw.
added on the 2006-11-14 03:53:31 by Remboooo Remboooo
Strange, i have a standard girlfriend 6600 and it works totally well. Perhaps one should never use the "High Performance" mode, but this is a general advice.

It's a good 4k, but i think way too long, and i cannot say i like the style - it's way too schwarzrotwobbelig.
added on the 2006-11-19 22:59:34 by eye eye
Forgot the thumb.
rulez added on the 2006-11-19 23:00:44 by eye eye
I have updated the archive with the hopefully final version of this intro. I hope it fixes the issues some of you have experienced.

Special thanks to Puryx for letting me do some remote debugging on his machine.

p.s. There is not supposed to be anything but lines and noise in the first part of the intro.
added on the 2007-03-02 00:33:47 by mentor mentor
Now it works.. looks and sounds pretty cool!
rulez added on the 2007-03-02 00:42:10 by Preacher Preacher
pretty fresh
rulez added on the 2007-03-02 22:32:10 by hollowman hollowman
Nice music and even nicer visuals
rulez added on the 2007-05-09 18:45:44 by jix jix
The fixed version works fine now. Very cool 4k, great tune and cool visuals.
rulez added on the 2007-05-09 19:03:39 by StingRay StingRay
stylish 4k.!
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 05:50:54 by ɧ4ɾɗվ./Lemon. ɧ4ɾɗվ./Lemon.
good enough for a thumb up.
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 06:08:27 by ryg ryg
very stylish. reminded me of teh futare si now!
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 09:59:06 by v3nom v3nom
Wow very nice :D
rulez added on the 2009-04-08 00:17:05 by ferris ferris
Strange once again. I miss something here, but what ?
added on the 2009-04-08 12:42:29 by Zweckform Zweckform
Really good but scanlines almost made me thumb down.
rulez added on the 2009-04-08 13:58:13 by kaoD kaoD
Different but good.
rulez added on the 2009-04-19 16:34:08 by Wuwu Wuwu
is this available anywhere, even a video?
added on the 2013-01-03 06:52:34 by noby noby
rulez added on the 2015-02-09 11:24:25 by p01 p01

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