Braindamage by Aggression & Kruz
screenshot added by exocet on 2001-12-15 21:21:07
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release date : july 1993
release party : The Computer Crossroad 1993
compo : atari demo
ranked : 2nd
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added on the 2001-12-15 21:21:07 by exocet exocet

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This is a STE only demo, and it won't work either on STF or Falcon (emulator users : use STeem)...
It's one of the few demo using STE capacities and that means a (good) soundtracker tune, extended palettes, lots of glenz objects and flat 3D and even a wolfenstein-like part (with no textures though)... Actually it's quite close to what could be seen in Amiga 500 demos...
excellent stuff!
rulezadded on the 2001-12-15 21:31:27 by exocet exocet
yeah, this one rocks...
rulezadded on the 2001-12-16 01:49:45 by britelite britelite
I just love it.
rulezadded on the 2001-12-16 10:00:05 by Sceez Sceez
rulezadded on the 2002-04-03 13:42:01 by p01 p01
oh yeah...
rulezadded on the 2002-08-22 18:56:51 by Torsf@ntti Torsf@ntti
brilliant demo. no more to say :)
rulezadded on the 2003-01-16 15:24:51 by earx earx
It was an STE demo, not ST(F). One cant compare this demo to any ST(F) demo technically speaking.
It rocked though!

It's like amiga ECS and AGA, there should be 2 separate platforms for Atari as well on pouet because the hardware was pretty different.
rulezadded on the 2004-03-17 23:55:15 by keops keops
Some really impressive code here!
I also like the introduction part a lot :)
Does it end abrupptly at the end after a grey image of a bug or something? Or is that emulators suxx???
rulezadded on the 2004-03-28 14:17:40 by Optimus Optimus
Working link : http://atari-ste.anvil-soft.com/html/archivdemos1.htm
Awesome! Wish I hadn't thrown away me STE now
rulezadded on the 2004-06-16 19:50:07 by Pete Pete
Aggression rocks! I can't wait to see their new demo!
rulezcdcadded on the 2004-06-16 19:50:51 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Saw this one at the TCC'93, just a bit of it as their HDD crashed in time for the compo (now isn't this a classic?). If the full stuff had been shown, it would certainly have won the compo.

With some luck we'll see a new aggro ST(e) demo this year, preliminary reports look good..

rulezadded on the 2004-06-17 10:03:25 by evil evil
wooow ... this kicked ass ... I remember !
rulezadded on the 2004-07-25 14:17:29 by slippy slippy
I like this one =)
rulezadded on the 2004-09-11 00:53:49 by [ProToS] [ProToS]
Maybe one of the best STE demos.
It just kicks ass!
rulezadded on the 2004-09-28 04:48:24 by strider strider
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rulezadded on the 2004-09-28 21:26:51 by Buckethead Buckethead
fabulous !!!!
rulezadded on the 2004-10-08 20:58:49 by HerrV HerrV
rulezadded on the 2005-04-20 15:56:13 by すすれ すすれ
For STE lovers its a must have. Just great stuff from Aggression as alway!
rulezadded on the 2005-04-20 19:03:21 by Zweckform Zweckform
Aggression just showed the world that Atari doesnt suck.. sort of ;)
rulezadded on the 2005-07-01 00:38:29 by fiveofive fiveofive
And, oh, Aggression is from Finland ;)
rulezadded on the 2005-10-08 11:25:20 by moredhel moredhel
good STE demo
rulezadded on the 2005-10-08 11:50:38 by RA RA
Very, very impressive... Probably the best atari STe demos! :) Years later i still wonder how the deformation of the "fire star" is made... Maybe they are using eor-fill and a lookup table in the lineroutine? Someone can answer?
rulezadded on the 2006-02-10 11:35:31 by baah baah
my only answer is... who cares anyway, the demo rocks, it doesn´t matter how it was coded ;)
rulezadded on the 2006-02-10 16:23:20 by moondog moondog
its very fine ;) i wish it could be longer!
rulezadded on the 2006-02-10 16:58:11 by gwEm gwEm
This is still the king of STe demos!
rulezadded on the 2006-02-11 00:50:00 by CiH CiH
killer demo.
rulezadded on the 2006-02-12 00:07:47 by havoc havoc
added on the 2006-02-12 00:19:29 by keops keops
Great STE classic.
rulezadded on the 2006-02-23 10:05:39 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
rulezadded on the 2006-03-19 21:04:06 by Preacher Preacher
Simply the very best STe demo.
rulezadded on the 2007-01-20 00:09:10 by micdune micdune
Nice, but the tune is not my cup of tea! overall nice stuff!
rulezadded on the 2007-01-20 00:30:55 by Premium Premium
Amazing stuff!
rulezadded on the 2007-02-05 15:05:03 by JvB JvB
fucking good and better than second reality imo
rulezadded on the 2007-03-24 13:32:35 by uns3en_ uns3en_
rulezadded on the 2007-06-20 14:17:06 by freddek freddek
I loved this one
rulezadded on the 2007-07-19 21:54:07 by slippy slippy
Best STE demo so far ... 'Nuff said.
rulezadded on the 2007-10-03 13:17:19 by Paranoid Paranoid
I miss my STE
rulezadded on the 2008-05-12 15:05:30 by Carbon- Carbon-
Great demo!
Inspired by amiga's style (I think) gives a kicking, full of energy STe production.

Like the tune, glenzzzzzzz (rulezzzzzz), plots and logos.
rulezadded on the 2008-05-29 10:21:08 by sim sim
very nice, but a STf port would uberrule! :)

rulezadded on the 2008-06-07 17:20:07 by lsl lsl
lsl: I bet you are one of the only persons left to do this :)
added on the 2008-06-07 17:22:06 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Here are some video captures:
MPEG-4 AVC video
added on the 2008-06-07 23:21:55 by evil evil
great cdc :)
Seems I missed this sofar! I really like it _D
rulezadded on the 2008-06-20 19:27:35 by simonsunnyboy simonsunnyboy
rulezadded on the 2008-06-20 19:47:05 by xernobyl xernobyl
Watched it on Capped.TV [/shameless plug] - Was rather nice. :) [Thanks for capping it, evil]
rulezadded on the 2008-06-21 00:06:32 by micksam7 micksam7
Some nice effects, but i guess i'm going against the grain here by saying it dragged on a bit for me. I realyl liked the start though, and i like the dotball and landscape :)
added on the 2008-06-21 12:13:26 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
late better than never isn't it ?
rulezadded on the 2008-06-21 18:06:44 by tobé tobé
top notch
rulezadded on the 2008-06-21 18:20:05 by parcelshit parcelshit
very nice flow! effects are polished in a very decent way!!
rulezadded on the 2008-06-21 23:05:35 by ԹHΞΞ ԹHΞΞ
wow. I had no knowledge at the time that any Atari machine could do something like this.
rulezadded on the 2008-06-21 23:09:10 by bigcheese bigcheese
Now I see what Setok was talking about (:
Damn... really awesome stuff!
rulezadded on the 2008-06-22 16:08:45 by Agilo Agilo
rulezadded on the 2008-06-22 22:53:42 by v3nom v3nom
rulezadded on the 2008-06-23 03:40:43 by Shockwav3 Shockwav3
The music was abysmal! The demo was nothing special as far as I could see, but maybe it pushed the ST more than I realise.
added on the 2008-06-23 14:00:02 by Wade Wade
Wade, this is an STe demo and compared with the ST there were not many demos produced for it. This certainly one the few that really pushed the STe hardware...
rulezadded on the 2008-06-23 15:29:35 by visy visy
f*ck.. this is kinda like 2nd reality, but on STe.. :)
rulezadded on the 2008-06-23 17:11:02 by toxie toxie
added on the 2008-06-23 20:21:51 by moredhel moredhel
neat indeed. I dont know much about the different between STe and ST but this looked darn nice.
rulezadded on the 2008-06-24 04:10:39 by Prot-DHS Prot-DHS
Btw, the music was not a soundtrack, but only very well designed samples... Fits very well to this energetic demo!
added on the 2008-06-24 09:49:25 by baah baah
rulezadded on the 2008-06-25 15:11:35 by YERZMYEY/H-PRG YERZMYEY/H-PRG
Great demo, with some excellent effects/screens, but the ending is a bit abrupt. Is this unfinished?
rulezadded on the 2008-06-26 12:59:31 by Heavy Stylus Heavy Stylus
rulezadded on the 2008-06-27 14:49:39 by seppjo seppjo
rulezadded on the 2008-06-27 15:24:51 by TMB & ReeBoK TMB & ReeBoK
Some of the scenes reminded me of old school demos (e.g., Second Reality). =)
rulezadded on the 2008-06-28 17:53:25 by AntDude AntDude
You do realize that this is just as much oldskool as is Second Reality (actually older than it), right?
added on the 2008-06-28 18:42:11 by Preacher Preacher
Shows off the STE pretty well; plenty of hardware blitter, lots of colours, nice music.

I would love to believe that the animation at the start is rendered when it says 'rendering...', but this demo does require 2 disks... :)
rulezadded on the 2008-06-29 03:53:57 by Insectecutor Insectecutor
rulezadded on the 2008-06-30 19:12:22 by HarryPotter HarryPotter
Ketä kiinnosstaa joklu uncle-x?
Tämä demo rules big time ja ilman asmun julia morpheria.
added on the 2008-07-09 15:24:21 by moredhel moredhel
Awesome ATARI prod.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-12 12:40:27 by Baudsurfer Baudsurfer
nice prod!!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-26 23:07:53 by sINk sINk
rulezadded on the 2008-07-29 17:17:40 by zefyros zefyros
Definitely one of the best Ste demos of all times ! It'll never die !
rulezadded on the 2008-08-10 14:22:40 by stsurvivor stsurvivor
best STE demo ever
added on the 2008-08-10 17:25:16 by lsl lsl
thumb doesn't work.. :(

added on the 2008-08-10 17:26:58 by lsl lsl
just forget the previous post... :)

added on the 2008-08-10 17:34:00 by lsl lsl
Top STe prod !! so, waugh !
(reached A500 standards ... congrats !)
rulezadded on the 2009-02-20 11:43:45 by sunb34mm sunb34mm
I love the faint praise, sunbeam ;-)
added on the 2009-02-20 22:28:37 by CiH CiH
This one is WOW ... love like the Omega ones for the STE ... real good piece of code ... Wizdom during an Outline party explain me lot of parts of the code and this guys are really mad ones ;-) Love too much so Thumb up too ;-)
rulezadded on the 2009-03-05 09:26:12 by chuckdun chuckdun
Damned, can't believe I never thumbed that one before !
One of the very few demos to really exploit the STe hardware :'(
rulezadded on the 2009-04-06 14:52:43 by Dbug Dbug
Pretty special
rulezadded on the 2010-01-21 23:57:25 by the-other-pigpen the-other-pigpen
lsl, like me, wonder why we can't double thumb up a prod! ;p
added on the 2010-03-15 15:56:12 by baah baah
Hngh .. the music.. horror
added on the 2010-04-25 17:09:29 by leGend leGend
a classic :)
rulezadded on the 2010-09-13 10:32:52 by spiny spiny
missing thumb!
rulezadded on the 2010-09-13 10:36:11 by substrate substrate
This I remember... Intro anim reminds me a bit of Hardwired... Cool fire-star + smooth dotlandscape. Endpart a bit too long I think. All in all, a Finnish classic.
rulezadded on the 2010-10-13 15:17:20 by lennart lennart
music esp rulez
rulezadded on the 2011-05-31 21:06:45 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
One of the best demos ever released for the Atari STe, featuring both great code and design!
rulezcdcadded on the 2011-06-02 16:14:47 by Daniel Daniel
good one
rulezadded on the 2011-06-07 18:45:06 by gibs gibs
one of the best STe demo
rulezadded on the 2011-06-07 18:56:59 by Pandafox Pandafox
Great STE classic
rulezadded on the 2011-06-11 22:38:20 by Strider Strider
rulezadded on the 2011-08-20 00:22:07 by Frequent Frequent
What keops said :)
rulezadded on the 2011-12-11 00:06:38 by rez rez
awesome vector maze
rulezadded on the 2012-03-13 23:02:45 by grip grip
Totally ownz!
rulezadded on the 2013-11-06 18:22:31 by zoolum zoolum
the download link above for disk 2 doesn't work.. but both disks are in the excellent fujiology_archive_v1_0.iso fwiw :-)

Brilliant demo this !
rulezadded on the 2014-04-15 15:52:41 by applecrypt applecrypt

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