Chaos Theory 4k (KK remix) by DMA [web]
screenshot added by KK on 2011-09-06 00:10:34
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release date : september 2011
release party : Riverwash 2011
compo : pc 4k
ranked : 1st
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  • KK KK [Code, graphics, music]
added on the 2011-09-06 00:10:34 by KK KK

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Have fun!
added on the 2011-09-06 00:11:28 by KK KK
Really love this remix!

Here's a FullHD Rip (1080p):
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:15:00 by anni anni
Rulz! Gratulacje KK.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:24:23 by sim sim
Had a constant smile while watching this, really well done! :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:25:16 by zoom zoom
Looks great, visually a lot closer to the original than FRequency's attempt (the soundtrack less so). Mad props for such a good remake in 4k.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:32:00 by Alpha C Alpha C
All parts from teh original are here, awesome amount of content is a so tiny file :D

And yes, the music is not good as FRQ 4k remix ;)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:38:20 by rez rez
Awesome KK!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:42:10 by V0yager V0yager
Visually, this kicks some serious ass !!! The tune, though, is not violent enough in my taste. Could have been way better just by tweaking the snare a bit. Still a huuuuuge thumb up though !
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:42:28 by xtrium xtrium
now THIS is pod racing
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:52:18 by noby noby
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 00:52:19 by chock chock
what the fuck seriously, my mind is blown, the most technically impressive 4k I've seen in a while

hats off
added on the 2011-09-06 00:55:33 by noby noby
Hats of indeed.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:01:01 by raer raer
+ an extra f
added on the 2011-09-06 01:01:40 by raer raer

(FRequency had better sound tho ;)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:05:35 by Gargaj Gargaj
visually very closer to the original than the other remix, also the colors, shaking cam and flashing is nicely done. you can feel the chaos :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:06:12 by gopher gopher
Really neat visuals.

Though, I prefer FRequency's remake atmosphere, mainly because of the soundtrack.

Maybe you can collab on a new ultimate remake? :p

Congrats for the work!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:09:37 by wullon wullon
Wasn't there another 4k remake attempt? Woot!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:19:02 by Optimus Optimus
Let's produce now several 4ks of Second Reality :)
added on the 2011-09-06 01:19:16 by Optimus Optimus
yep. good. but the sound ;)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:19:52 by yumeji yumeji
This is one nice remix ! I even prefer this over FRequency's.

And thanks again anni for the fast HD Rip!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 01:40:34 by Olivier Olivier
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 02:13:11 by xernobyl xernobyl
too bad it didn't work on my laptop. I can hardly believe this is 4k
added on the 2011-09-06 02:27:45 by imbusy imbusy
very nice work. congrats!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 03:01:38 by las las
Wow. Just wow.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 05:34:24 by deathyepl deathyepl
Disruption in chaos theory. Spox intro
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 05:48:18 by magic magic
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 07:00:49 by psndcj//tbk psndcj//tbk
Really nice remake. Sound could have been better.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 08:08:05 by maytz maytz
When I was watching this, I was constantly annoyed by the small things from the original that were missing. But of course once you get to the level where that happens, it just means that the remake is awesome :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 08:17:56 by Preacher Preacher
What Preacher and other said.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 08:33:23 by p01 p01
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 08:35:15 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
Is great!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 08:45:53 by pommak pommak
well done!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 09:14:52 by bstrr bstrr
Very good remake (I would not say remix), when I see the effort of making this I would thumb this up for sure but I cannot do that cus the king is the only one and it is not better then the original (nothing will ever be better).

I might change my opinion in the future.
added on the 2011-09-06 09:30:46 by jack-3d jack-3d
Again?! :-D

Geometry, scenes, camera moves... This is really impressive for a 4k indeed.

Though in my opinion it fails to convey anything close to the intensity. I guess this is due to a wide range of details.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:00:59 by Zavie Zavie
Though in my opinion it fails to convey anything close to the intensity

of the original
added on the 2011-09-06 10:08:00 by Zavie Zavie
impressive! compared to the visuals of the FRequency remake, thise one is lightyears ahead!

sound is awesome as well, but ya, what others said
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:10:04 by pro pro
Outstanding 4K remix of outstanding and unbeatable 64KB intro
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:16:43 by Trauma Zero Trauma Zero
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:22:46 by Emod Emod
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:41:48 by pista pista
Sweet remix! I was a bit irked by misfit notes in the soundtrack, but then again, FRq's wasn't entirely correct either and this one has WAY better visuals.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 10:59:48 by moozooh moozooh
Thank you.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 11:12:55 by BoyC BoyC
whooohoo.. yes! best chaos theory 4k atm..
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 11:40:50 by mad mad
Usually not a fan of these remixes but this was class ;) well done
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 12:28:29 by cg_ cg_
Maybe Gargaj should do the music for next one :)
added on the 2011-09-06 12:47:21 by V0yager V0yager
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 12:56:11 by emha76 emha76
Actually, I'm considering asking Gargaj whether he would like to help with sound for the final version.
added on the 2011-09-06 12:57:17 by KK KK
Can it wait until I'm done with Function? :D
added on the 2011-09-06 13:04:49 by Gargaj Gargaj
No problem! =)
added on the 2011-09-06 13:07:36 by KK KK
I wasn't a big fan of the original, but for 4k this is pretty awesome :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:07:58 by psonice psonice
finally, a proper 4k remix
well done!
(big up for amount of content also)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:15:31 by unc unc
:O nice remix !!!!!!!!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:17:12 by panic panic
jak tak sobie patrzę, to myślę, że wkrótce odezwie się do Ciebie pan z google lub innej dużej korpory :D
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:23:34 by kbi kbi
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:42:11 by marsel84 marsel84
what Preacher and Optimus said.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 13:48:03 by Defiance Defiance
Music seriously lacks the rawness and... ok, basicly what Preacher said, nice work!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 14:18:22 by Serpent Serpent
congratulations and respect
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 14:29:01 by asmCode asmCode
ROXX! very kewl work :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 15:44:56 by csio csio
great work!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 16:50:40 by Skate Skate
I prefer the original one but for 4k it's brilliant!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 16:54:42 by Cj Cj
sure, technical impressive, some more bytes on the visuals than the frequency prod which results in less of a good sound.
still those 4ks dont reach the original (dunnió if its even possible in that size) so i somehow fail to see the point of these remakes from a techincal and asthetical point of view.
but as a tribute to one of the greatest 64ks out there it works i guess, so thumb.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 17:32:22 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
impressive work.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 17:50:49 by Ok3anos Ok3anos
Great remix of a great 64k :) But it failed to give me the shivers that I usually get from watching the original ;)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 18:26:59 by Zeila Zeila
Much better than "Another theory" in everything except sound.

Totally, totally fantastic.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 18:53:12 by closed closed
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 19:10:26 by fyrex fyrex
fuckin a.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 19:20:55 by comankh comankh
Biggest disappointment for me was the wrong bass melody in the climax. Overall the general mood was missing, but it looked good and was enjoyable. Oh, and really nice background textures.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 19:27:50 by ferris ferris
errr, didnt i see a 4k version of chaos theory by dma already like 2 years ago or so?
added on the 2011-09-06 19:37:37 by Maali Maali
what the fuck!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 19:39:17 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
Iha jees
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 20:07:40 by leGend leGend
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 20:37:43 by Pirx Pirx
Well, wow!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 20:38:22 by -SP- -SP-
Yay, really good remix!
The original still is better, but not by far!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 21:02:08 by baah baah
@Maali: you probably refer to http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=55794?
added on the 2011-09-06 21:08:47 by baah baah
This is a very good work!

You'll get my thumb once you've updated the sound, with Gargaj's help. :)
added on the 2011-09-06 21:23:48 by LLB LLB
Visuals : Okay, "Sync" well iam searching it, Sound : OUCH !
Did not catch me at all ... When the original was so kickass cool !
added on the 2011-09-06 21:35:13 by _H2o_ _H2o_
state of the art 4k for 2011, IMHO.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 21:35:53 by friol friol
added on the 2011-09-06 22:11:12 by Maali Maali
nice to see another prod running smooth on my pc. nice sync of music.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 22:48:15 by fluor fluor
What wullon said!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 08:28:29 by highlife highlife
this could have been a pretty decent 4k if it wasn't a remix. remixes sucks.
Pretty sweet remix
rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 09:37:36 by cxnull cxnull
great remix of a great intro
rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 10:20:30 by v3nom v3nom
oh, and it's visually really close to the original, including subtle things like the klickering at the edges etc and more importantly colourschemes etc.. very well done!
added on the 2011-09-07 10:22:58 by v3nom v3nom
Oj Krzysiek, Krzysiek. Za serce chwyta ;-) Pozdrowienia!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 19:28:03 by tomkh tomkh
rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 19:35:17 by Mystra Mystra

WOW !!!

rulezadded on the 2011-09-07 20:25:28 by BiTbUsTeR BiTbUsTeR
impressive quality, nice timing too
rulezadded on the 2011-09-08 00:58:25 by hornet hornet
a 4k remix with proper emulation of gargaj's awesome LFO work is yet to be seen, but otherwise this is pretty nice.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-08 18:43:59 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
rulezadded on the 2011-09-08 21:42:54 by stan_1901 stan_1901
sucks ;) !
rulezadded on the 2011-09-08 23:10:53 by XT95 XT95
Wow. One of the best 4k.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-09 08:41:02 by Manwe Manwe
I don't quite see the point of this, and find the 64k a lot more enjoyable. While this is more of a technical achievement, it is probably a lot more fulfulling for the coder than it is the spectator.
added on the 2011-09-09 10:23:30 by xeche xeche
frequency: +music, -gfx
DMA: -music, +gfx
you should work together :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-10 00:36:47 by stfsux stfsux
pretty unbelievable that its 4k. Wow!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-10 11:30:10 by CONS CONS
toch jammer dat het een remix van zo'n kut64k is :)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-10 12:22:06 by superplek superplek
Awesome job, was impressed with the amount of content you sqeezed in there!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-10 14:28:53 by Zonbie Zonbie
rulezadded on the 2011-09-10 14:56:07 by stefa stefa
Not bad.
added on the 2011-09-10 19:59:35 by AntDude AntDude
Great decreasing.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-11 00:00:27 by BackSpace BackSpace
This sets the 4kilo bar pretty high. First of all very wise sequencing of the scenes.

It's by the way fast both performance and precalc, much much
faster precalc than most intros out there, so you can remove the warning...

In the middle of the show I could actually pick one frame (where it stops
for a while animation but intendedly of course)
which looked to me like a painting!!

The moon scene is very very beautiful,
especially as you didn't went concentrating on the finger but the intro
and had that heavenly glory there.

It's full of material, colors and
futuristic star feeling and what is the best you could trick it so it
looks not generated (look all those unique backgrounds).

Extremely cool to see this wasn't a funny ride at the expense of your synth,
since the audio proves aswell itself to be just what was needed.

Summary: Skilled master talent and looks like the size-limited intros throne
is now quickly sliding to different sides. (Exciting watch)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-11 01:29:39 by funkdoobiest funkdoobiest
Cool stuff!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-11 11:18:50 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
what kernel_error said...
rulezadded on the 2011-09-11 11:32:15 by moqui moqui
the effort is good, even though i've always disliked these kind of copycat prods "i can do it in smaller filesize", perhaps because it lacks any creativity and originality?

you've got the skill, please do something of your own. :) that's why it's a piggy for me.
added on the 2011-09-11 13:04:54 by nystep nystep
One More Theory.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-12 01:42:19 by Jakim Jakim
Technically good. But use your skills to create something original. :/ It's the second remake of Chaos Theory I see.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-12 10:06:02 by Danguafer Danguafer
super awesome yeaaaaaaaaa
rulezadded on the 2011-09-12 12:16:06 by nekomono nekomono
I don't have all too much relationship to the original one, and I'm not really that touched by this one either, but the sheer amount of _stuff_ in 4k is of course impressive.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-12 12:20:35 by Sesse Sesse
yes, kewl!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-14 20:38:59 by hArDy. hArDy.
Oh man Oô Tho' missing that "punch" the original had.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-16 01:53:56 by stage7 stage7
sure: sound is quite flat. But incredible anyway! nice work done here!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-16 18:27:15 by ewerybody ewerybody
doesn't reach the original quality at all, but still awesome 4k
rulezadded on the 2011-09-17 08:16:22 by toxie toxie
rulezadded on the 2011-09-17 09:56:32 by mEDiA sENtRY mEDiA sENtRY
very well done
rulezadded on the 2011-09-17 11:00:34 by blala blala
wow awesome :D
rulezadded on the 2011-09-18 15:56:47 by pera pera
Just like the original, it is a purely technical achievement of its days (without visual aesthetics and real direction).
added on the 2011-09-18 16:49:15 by Hoild Hoild
Good shit! Love the original, this is good too.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-18 21:46:59 by aricz aricz
added on the 2011-09-19 07:17:18 by Shatiaf Shatiaf
very nice. kwl.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-19 13:25:24 by nhi nhi
rulezadded on the 2011-09-20 19:20:26 by yandexx yandexx
Good for 4k.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-21 10:32:37 by RA RA
haha, awesome
rulezadded on the 2011-09-22 10:24:39 by morten morten
I loved this one on bigscreen. This one was true winner of the compo, congratz KK :-)
rulezadded on the 2011-09-22 22:34:48 by maq maq
rulezadded on the 2011-09-25 20:23:20 by MidKnight MidKnight
me gusta
rulezadded on the 2011-09-28 20:23:39 by AzzaroMWI AzzaroMWI
Not quite as punchy as the original, but kudos for reducing the filesize by 60k. (:
Works fine out of the bix on my FirePro card!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-29 23:42:19 by Exin Exin
rulezadded on the 2011-10-02 07:12:54 by kyv kyv
rulezadded on the 2011-10-04 18:39:34 by iks iks
rulezadded on the 2011-10-05 13:08:41 by phobium phobium
rulezadded on the 2011-10-06 00:09:25 by Grimmy Grimmy
Impressive imitation of visuals! What others said about the music.
rulezadded on the 2011-10-09 00:31:06 by Blueberry Blueberry
rulezadded on the 2011-11-04 04:20:25 by blackpawn blackpawn
rulezadded on the 2011-11-21 09:54:56 by ٩๏̯͡๏۶ ٩๏̯͡๏۶
<4096! Well deserved winner.
added on the 2011-11-21 10:10:32 by JAC! JAC!
... and thumb
rulezadded on the 2011-11-21 10:10:54 by JAC! JAC!
nice one!
rulezadded on the 2011-12-17 21:50:29 by zerkman zerkman
rulezadded on the 2011-12-17 23:24:47 by frag frag
Great job squeezing the different effects in - very impressive!
rulezadded on the 2012-01-03 17:13:49 by cxw cxw
Great stuff
rulezadded on the 2012-01-04 13:30:52 by indigo indigo
rulezadded on the 2012-04-01 14:23:37 by Frequent Frequent
rulezadded on the 2012-05-22 15:57:43 by Fell Fell
Haha, very cool!
rulezadded on the 2012-06-13 21:18:24 by l1nk4kman l1nk4kman
Congrats, guys! :)
added on the 2012-08-03 20:49:07 by BoyC BoyC
BB Image
added on the 2012-08-06 15:08:38 by Pirx Pirx
rulezadded on the 2012-08-20 09:41:18 by seppjo seppjo
rulezadded on the 2012-09-16 18:59:44 by RCL RCL
rulezadded on the 2013-07-25 16:09:01 by provod provod
Amazing work. Especially, the amount of time going into recreating the soundtrack must have been pretty massive.
rulezadded on the 2013-07-26 10:12:39 by Punqtured Punqtured
nice !
rulezadded on the 2013-08-30 22:20:54 by Xyl2k Xyl2k
good work
rulezadded on the 2013-12-30 21:11:59 by T$ T$

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