Friday at Eight by Polka brothers [web]
screenshot added by z5 on 2003-06-13 16:22:49
platform :
type :
release date : august 1994
release party : The Gathering 1994
compo : amiga demo
ranked : 3rd
  • rulez 115
  • is ok 6
  • sucks 0
popularity : 1%
  • rulez 0.95
  • cdcs 3
alltime top: #740
added on the 2000-10-19 18:45:41 by Wavemaker Wavemaker

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raaaaaaaaaah !! one of my favourite amiga demo ! a must !! the effects are awesome, the music kick-ass and the synch is dementia !
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch it !
added on the 2000-10-20 04:26:50 by rez rez
yaaahh ! i found it ! very original, perfect synchro, very amazing demo from da wonderful polka bros ! check it absolutely !!
added on the 2001-01-26 16:17:26 by redribbon redribbon
As anything coming from polka brothers, synching is the name of the game. It's one of my all time fave prods, it's flawless.
added on the 2001-04-13 05:54:46 by sin sin
nice fast effects :)
rulezadded on the 2001-06-28 22:00:57 by robotriot robotriot
Crazy professional job. Intense, fast and the synchro is indeed perfect: all polka brothers productions set a very high standard of quality =)
rulezadded on the 2001-10-21 10:46:27 by _-_-__ _-_-__

Nice, fastforward demo with lots of blablabla and more of blibliblib but all in traditional Polka Bros style.
rulezadded on the 2002-01-26 22:43:47 by melw melw
Polka brothers really kicked the demoscene off with this and other wonderfull productions. setting the standard from day one should have been their slogan.
rulezadded on the 2002-01-26 22:55:01 by NoahR NoahR
Inventors and masters of the so called "blink-blink-demostyle". My favourite ECS demo.
rulezadded on the 2002-04-06 12:06:48 by Spin Spin
Agreeing with all comments above. Fantastic stuff from Polka Brothers. Fast in yer face.
rulezadded on the 2002-05-09 12:12:50 by z5 z5
an all-time favorite. simply brillant.
rulezadded on the 2002-05-10 10:38:02 by fiver2^fB fiver2^fB
rulezadded on the 2002-09-25 14:20:37 by Zone (leZone) Zone (leZone)
I second that.
rulezadded on the 2002-09-26 00:17:25 by exocet exocet
I clearly remember that one, yes. Rocked my miggy years ago.
rulezadded on the 2002-09-26 00:18:54 by elend elend
I think this is an AGA-prod, but who cares as long as it's superdupercool!
rulezadded on the 2002-09-26 16:55:36 by Korvkiosken Korvkiosken
rulez! rulez! rulez!
move ur ass and put it in the top 10 prods ;p
rulezcdcadded on the 2002-09-26 16:59:04 by spengler spengler
rulezadded on the 2002-09-27 17:27:33 by tomaes tomaes
polka bros for ever.
rulezadded on the 2002-09-27 18:38:19 by gloom gloom
Blah Blah Blah Blah
rulezadded on the 2002-09-27 20:26:26 by Jare Jare
Polka Bros at their best. Great style, and damn fine music, as always.
rulezadded on the 2002-10-02 20:52:00 by Wade Wade
this one definitely !RULEZ!
rulezadded on the 2002-10-22 17:08:48 by dodke dodke
Second that !
rulezadded on the 2002-11-14 15:17:56 by nufan nufan
Yeah! Polka rocked the halls!
rulezadded on the 2002-11-14 15:34:23 by ghandy ghandy
Yeah! Polka rocked the halls!
added on the 2002-11-14 15:34:39 by ghandy ghandy
rulezadded on the 2002-11-30 09:48:04 by Optimus Optimus
My #1 classic demo.
rulezadded on the 2003-03-12 14:55:17 by sp^ctz sp^ctz
Great synch, great polka!
rulezadded on the 2003-03-12 15:18:45 by sprocket sprocket
thumb up to polka brothers arse :D
rulezadded on the 2003-03-15 19:28:02 by uns3en_ uns3en_
one of my all time favorites
rulezadded on the 2003-05-30 13:29:51 by psonice psonice
Very entertaining :)
added on the 2003-05-31 01:17:22 by Crest Crest
rulezadded on the 2003-07-16 11:29:08 by jar jar
airwalk, we all miss you
rulezadded on the 2003-07-17 10:46:22 by chromag chromag
Rocking Shit!
added on the 2003-07-17 10:56:45 by elend elend
Shitting Rock!
rulezadded on the 2003-07-17 10:59:00 by britelite britelite
my little polka icecream! :) ... will be a fantastic production ever!
rulezadded on the 2003-08-18 23:52:07 by humphr3y humphr3y
rulezadded on the 2003-08-19 00:09:50 by loaderror loaderror
This demo continues to age like fine wine (instead of losing its sparkle like an old bottle of champagne), and proves that even a demo that's nearly 10 years old can still look damn good in spite of the productions coming out today. The mid-90's were a great time for demos... not only technically, but in spirit. This demo in particular is a classic... thumb's up all the way.
rulezadded on the 2003-09-01 13:09:10 by VindicatioN VindicatioN
Impressive first part.
When I see again demos like this I remember how much I liked this group. No one could beat their style.
Hands up!
rulezadded on the 2004-01-12 05:26:49 by ithaqua ithaqua
Wow, cuberotation with fading. \o/
rulezadded on the 2004-09-23 17:36:44 by René Madenmann René Madenmann
so awesome
rulezadded on the 2004-11-03 20:27:53 by NuKem NuKem
Music and synch
rulezadded on the 2004-11-08 18:10:49 by Frozzy Frozzy
rulezadded on the 2004-11-08 18:30:06 by quisten quisten
Impressive v_v
rulezadded on the 2004-11-08 19:17:21 by Buckethead Buckethead
rulez for a life-time
rulezadded on the 2004-11-08 20:15:33 by [EviL] [EviL]
Even better than Chirpat's Delight!!!
rulezadded on the 2004-11-09 01:33:13 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
Pure genius. Great "design".

rulezadded on the 2004-12-16 09:43:25 by Kodoichi Kodoichi
lovin' it!!
rulezadded on the 2004-12-16 10:13:58 by faaret faaret
The demo even Spengler likes :)
rulezadded on the 2004-12-16 10:37:33 by Preacher Preacher
rulezadded on the 2005-01-16 19:46:24 by tck42 tck42
rulezadded on the 2005-02-06 04:01:17 by parcelshit parcelshit
Unimpressive as ever.
added on the 2005-02-06 10:21:29 by break break
WTF? I don't get any music and a guru after 2 minutes....
added on the 2005-02-22 23:22:47 by beavis77 beavis77
Quite probably my favourite AGA demo!! It was the first one I've seen and it really was something completely different back then. Original in every aspect, it is an absolute all-time classic for me!
rulezadded on the 2005-08-15 17:58:33 by EarlGrey EarlGrey
rulezadded on the 2005-08-15 18:58:11 by p01 p01
I watched it so many times ...
rulezadded on the 2005-08-16 01:43:21 by bonzaj bonzaj
Simply great.
rulezadded on the 2005-11-14 17:18:10 by StingRay StingRay
Nice one!
rulezadded on the 2005-11-14 18:27:26 by RRR RRR
rulezadded on the 2005-11-14 23:09:53 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
rulezadded on the 2005-11-21 19:13:26 by Quarryman Quarryman
oh yeeeeeeeee! a real kickass
rulezadded on the 2006-02-19 19:49:49 by Spewk Spewk
This one is fantastic, very well synchronised and all... Thumb up! :)
rulezadded on the 2006-03-03 11:07:25 by baah baah
i like it:) nostalgia...
rulezadded on the 2006-04-29 19:30:21 by petgridus petgridus
blah blah blah blah !!!
rulezcdcadded on the 2006-04-29 21:49:08 by bLa bLa
This one is workin':
another great prod. POLKA :)
rulezadded on the 2006-08-10 00:17:17 by wayne wayne
rulezadded on the 2006-08-19 11:52:41 by aegis aegis
best polka bros. prod. i see 1994 and jesterday at my god old 1200er.
rulezadded on the 2006-08-30 01:39:44 by FOSTER FOSTER
rulezadded on the 2006-09-16 11:24:50 by ԹHΞΞ ԹHΞΞ
rulezadded on the 2007-01-06 08:21:24 by chavez chavez
Simply perfect timing!!!! this one rewls!
rulezadded on the 2007-03-03 03:19:20 by Muerto Muerto
a bit of a trip, some cool sync
rulezadded on the 2007-06-10 09:50:56 by Gaia Gaia
what bLa said
rulezadded on the 2007-08-02 21:58:08 by cruzer cruzer
rulezadded on the 2007-09-03 01:01:02 by xeron xeron
I miss the Polka-style.
rulezadded on the 2007-12-09 00:02:57 by Maissi Maissi
anarchistic sound, minimalistic design, generally uptempo = pleasure in watching.
rulezadded on the 2008-02-13 15:13:42 by fishwave/scx fishwave/scx
kickass soundtrack! modern design! "sync"! progressive! clean nice effect!

gotta love it! whats not to like? okay I didnt like the endtrack ;)
rulezadded on the 2008-02-21 01:12:46 by Prot-DHS Prot-DHS
just YEZZZZ-!!!! :))

CDC #2 goes here forever.!!!
rulezcdcadded on the 2008-03-13 06:00:32 by ɧคɾɗվ. ɧคɾɗվ.
some really pleasant effects and great style, timing... feels all so good :)
rulezadded on the 2008-03-15 13:26:47 by fiveofive fiveofive
Just a part of the oral phase.
rulezadded on the 2008-03-28 13:17:01 by visy visy
Fast and Nice =)
rulezadded on the 2008-04-27 01:37:47 by Princess_Luna Princess_Luna
rulezadded on the 2008-06-02 14:41:08 by hoplite hoplite
pure demo.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-01 23:09:32 by maytz maytz
Great stuff! Cool syncing and cool music.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 14:00:55 by d3pth d3pth
rulezadded on the 2008-09-20 00:00:42 by RufUsul RufUsul
Oh yes.
rulezadded on the 2008-12-13 16:51:23 by arcane arcane
Crazy! There are so many good effects. :-)
rulezadded on the 2008-12-28 23:49:05 by branch branch
A horde of delicious oneframe effects. I especially like the line tunnel. It was originally the plan to have a remake of that effect in Planet Loonies, but sadly it had to be discarded due to lack of space.
rulezadded on the 2009-02-18 20:34:56 by Blueberry Blueberry
indeed one of the demos I still remember
rulezadded on the 2009-05-12 22:08:17 by Eliecan Eliecan
awesome and still fresh!
rulezadded on the 2010-06-07 01:42:19 by toxie toxie
essential cool
rulezadded on the 2010-06-07 01:50:32 by superplek superplek
rulezadded on the 2010-06-07 18:37:49 by Grimmy Grimmy
polka for helve!
rulezadded on the 2010-06-07 23:51:42 by dwarf dwarf
yeah. You know - sometimes demos that actually run on a stock Amiga 1200 are just so much more lovable than the 060 debarkle of new PSU's and stupendous amounts of additional RAM and so much copying of data. Maybe I'm just drunk, but tonight, this demo was 020 easy bliss :-) And regardless, it's a rocking demo. PB respect.
rulezadded on the 2010-07-23 20:10:32 by cTrix cTrix
if you think about they started it fridays at eight at the partyplace this is even more awesome :)
i just ♥ this one ! ( there it is: 2nd CDC ! haha )
So dynamic, so great. One of my favourite ECS demos.
rulezadded on the 2010-09-19 16:13:16 by jack-3d jack-3d
rulezadded on the 2010-09-19 16:16:07 by Mystra Mystra
Here is my thumb :)
rulezadded on the 2010-09-19 16:32:51 by rez rez
rulezadded on the 2010-09-19 17:06:27 by dv$ dv$
rulezadded on the 2010-09-29 23:03:30 by Frequent Frequent
massive thumb of course!
rulezadded on the 2010-09-29 23:26:29 by substrate substrate
very ossom indeed :)
rulezadded on the 2010-09-29 23:37:40 by Alpha C Alpha C
ligesom at som dwarf sagde!
rulezadded on the 2010-11-13 21:18:05 by cheesytbc cheesytbc
nice sync but thats it. never liked very much
added on the 2010-11-13 21:27:50 by leGend leGend
Polka bros... I was a big fan of that team ! Always great ambiance, cool fx, and strong sync ! Perfect demo ! I think this one was coded by Merge (ex-Laxity IIRC), but I'm not sure...
rulezadded on the 2010-12-07 21:25:01 by skp skp
I just see it again at demoscene.tv and it is not Merge that coded it, it's Airwalk.

But well I think this demo was coded by ex-Laxity. (I hope I do not get it wrong again, else sorry to Merge, Airwalk and Laxity ^^!)
added on the 2010-12-08 18:34:58 by skp skp
rulezadded on the 2011-01-08 23:25:18 by BackSpace BackSpace
rulezadded on the 2011-03-12 19:24:41 by tomba tomba
HQ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6zDkih1Cyk
added on the 2011-04-22 12:04:40 by tomba tomba
Still Love it so much
added on the 2011-04-22 12:39:50 by elend elend
Mal was anderes ... ;)
Another youtube is notified in BBS ... Enjoy it!
rulezadded on the 2011-09-04 10:11:27 by FreeClipTV FreeClipTV
for sure needs more glops :] still one of my amiga favs
rulezadded on the 2011-11-29 10:30:48 by comankh comankh
Good music and synchro
rulezadded on the 2012-03-22 22:48:36 by grip grip
rulezadded on the 2012-05-05 13:52:59 by las las
great demo! one of my favourites in the 90's.
rulezadded on the 2012-08-11 14:09:39 by kimi kandler kimi kandler
Yep this is great, both music and design especially are exceptionally sophisticated for their time. Every effect flows perfectly to another.
rulezadded on the 2012-08-11 14:17:17 by noby noby
good one
rulezadded on the 2013-10-27 09:28:18 by Ok3anos Ok3anos
Love dynamic demos on A500!
rulezadded on the 2013-11-29 10:17:41 by Flops Flops
Cool :)
rulezadded on the 2013-11-30 15:36:56 by kjb kjb
best polka demo !
rulezadded on the 2014-04-16 14:24:20 by Black Dragon Black Dragon
rulezadded on the 2014-04-16 14:36:09 by Sir_Lucas Sir_Lucas
a500 style effects on a1200 = more lines, more dots, more polygons, more everything. not that excited as the guys above, but still a very enjoyable demo.
rulezadded on the 2014-12-04 11:06:21 by bonefish bonefish
one of polka bros best demos, still rocking!
rulezadded on the 2015-01-13 16:16:36 by keito keito
A Reference!
rulezadded on the 2015-01-14 00:14:42 by Soundy Soundy
Great demo!
rulezadded on the 2015-02-16 16:42:13 by prowler prowler
rulezadded on the 2015-02-16 17:08:06 by Oswald Oswald
Very very cool!
rulezadded on the 2015-03-03 11:47:05 by Manwe Manwe
Sehr sehr gut.
rulezadded on the 2015-03-03 13:44:23 by lsl lsl
Fast, hard, loud, AMIGAAAAAAH!
rulezadded on the 2015-03-04 08:52:04 by axis^oxy axis^oxy
obvious thumb
rulezadded on the 2015-03-28 13:01:41 by Sir Sir
rulezadded on the 2015-04-28 23:15:12 by mccnex mccnex

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