another one? by Brainlez Coders! & The Planet of Leather Moomins [web]

        another one?
        a brainlez coders! production
        the year is nineteenninetynine
        the place is ambience 1999 @ netherlands

        code design gfx by sliver\bC!
        musical scoring by distance\tpolm
        adnmod96 engine by beta\a-men

hi there bob.
        a short and _quick_ demonstration for ambience `99, just to show
        we are still alive and too stoned\drunken to code anything good
        looking. it`s short and it was made in few days. `enjoy` (:

        `thank you`s to wosh\bC! for getting this piece of something into
        the compo. `thank you`s to distance, shalafi, apollo, heap and
        others for additional design, ideas, comments, etc.

        probably this one won`t work on your multimedia pentium2 or
        p\mmx computer. buy an AMD processor for joy joy joy. run from
        plain dos with xms\ems configuration if possible. )ems is required
        if you want to hear sounds from your soundblaster( anyways,
        this will probably NOT work on the compomachine, but so what?

        this is compiled with turbo pascal 7. requires a 386 compatible
        processor with math coprocessor. a soundcard would be nice. vga
        compatible graphics card is required, vlb or pci, doesn`t really
        matter since we are using only 8bit mode 320x200. oh yes, it isn`t
        slow, it`s just haaard synchronizing ..

        sound support is provided by adrenalin moduleplayer v0.96 and
        gives nicest performance with gus\gusmax boards. also soundblaster
        family is supported from version 1.0 to awe32 - maybe even the
        newest ones work, tho we didn`t test those. sb vibra is known to
        suck big time and crash this demo.

        this should run quite nicely with a amdk5\pr133 computer, running
        on dos6+. this runs SOMETIMES properly under win95\98, but timer
        gets busted if you don`t have GUS.

        produced on:
                amd k5-pr133\100mhz
                40megs of memory
                s3trio64\pci 2mb wired to a compal 14" svga monitor
                gravis ultrasound\max 1mb )gf1 drivers 1.2beta(
                windows95\dos 7.0
                quantum 5.1gb hdd

        produced with:
                scream tracker 3.something
                impulse tracker 2.something
                paintshop 5.something
                photoshop 5.something
                deluxe paint 2e.something
                turbo pascal 7.something

see us flying
        www.brainlez.org if you are a multimedia websurfer.
        ftp.brainlez.org if you want to be elite trader bob.
        ircnet#bC! if you see colours.
        sliver@brainlez.org for general email.

hello world!

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